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Boxing News 02 September 2021

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mountainous task

@MattCBoxingNews Editor JOSH WARRINGTON was waiting so patiently for the biggest fight of his life he didn’t see it coming. It arrived unexpectedly, quietly at first, inside an empty Wembley Arena in the shape of unknown Mexican Mauricio Lara, seven months ago. By the time Warrington realised he was in the midst of it, probably at the point he was crawling off the canvas in round four, he could do nothing about it. The pair rematch at the weekend in one of the most intriguing bouts of the year, and this time, Warrington is acutely aware of it. But the question remains: Even when bracing for it, even when better prepared for it, even with his vociferous fans in attendance watching it, will the outcome be any different? Rematches of this nature are…

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‘we need to raise awareness’

Former 175lb contender IT was a tremendous honour to be awarded the Humanitarian Award from the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame recently for the work I am doing for ex-boxers here in America. It was both a surprise and extremely gratifying for that work to be recognised, because I believe the sport needs to do more in that regard. After I made my speech, I sat down at my seat and a married couple behind me tapped me on my shoulder. They handed me $50 to send to a boxer in need. I go out of my way for the fighters and do what I do because, for my whole life, I have always idolised boxers on every level. More than anyone else in the sport, they’re the people I relate…

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a must-read, if hard to read

I WAS so glad to read that Gary Sykes is doing okay and managing against his mental problems. I saw him win the British title in Huddersfield and have always followed him since then. He seems to be a really genuine guy who has just struggled. It seems obvious that fighters really need more help after they retire. He still has a fan in me. Really great article but hard to read at times. Adrian Meagher OFFENDING THE NOSTRILS I HAVE loved boxing now for 57 years and to a degree I still do, but there is a stench coming off the sport. Let’s start with the proposed David Haye-Joe Fournier ‘fight’ and the Oscar De La Hoya-Vitor Belfort ‘fight’. These are not fights, they are purely money-making excercises to screw money from those…

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the panel

WHAT CAN BOXING LEARN FROM THE POPULARITY OF JAKE PAUL? Dan Rafael Fight Freaks Unite publisher I’m not sure there’s anything to learn other than marvel at it. He’s an anomaly for sure, but what he does show is that if you have a following, and are willing to put the hard work in, as Jake does, and also market yourself beyond the niche boxing bubble, anything is possible. But I don’t think he has any blueprint that can easily be copied. Steve Lillis Journalist and analyst That the TikTok generation must be embraced. Paul is proof that a brand is as important as boxing whether we like it or not. Promoters and boxers need to talk clickbait like Paul. Talk a range of boxing topics. Amanda Serrano was on the bill and Paul spoke of…

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king james

1. IRAN BARKLEY A performance that has to be seen to be believed, Toney’s viciously beautiful nine-round dissection of Barkley in February 1993, to win a super-middleweight belt, stands as one of boxing’s great masterworks. 2. VASSILIY JIROV After stepping up to cruiserweight, Toney put on a clinic against skillful southpaw Jirov in April 2003, outboxing him for much of the fight and adding another strap in the process. 3. MIKE MCCALLUM Toney and McCallum, two grandmasters of the sport, would fight three times during the course of their careers (drawing one, with Toney winning two) but most notable of the three was their second fight, which took place in August 1992 and ended in a majority decision win for Toney. 4. CHARLES WILLIAMS As dramatic a final-round knockout as you’ll see, Toney left Williams collapsed on…

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the perfect wake

@BigDaddyBunce Voice of boxing A FEW hours after Bernard Hopkins beat Felix Trinidad, I was having poached eggs with Budd Schulberg and he was telling me about arresting Leni Riefenstahl. “She was beautiful,” Budd told me that morning. “But she mixed with evil men.” I was in a city where other evil men had done their work a few weeks earlier and forced the fight to be pushed back two weeks. The dust was still heavy from the fallen towers during my unforgettable five days in New York City. Budd had coughed as we emerged that Sunday morning, the sun bright and the memory of a truly epic fight, 12 rounds at middleweight, the night before at the Garden fresh in our heads. “It really was one of the finest,” Budd added. I agreed. The words…