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best is yet to come

@MattCBoxingNews Editor A LOOK at the Boxing News rankings on page 15 shows Tyson Fury listed as the world heavyweight champion. Regardless of the WBC belt he owns, or the WBA, IBF and WBO straps he doesn’t, the “Gypsy King” inarguably stands tall as the leader in the most watched division in boxing. Some will dispute Fury’s claim to the throne. Namely Oleksandr Usyk, who of course owns the sanctioning body trinkets that Fury does not. For those who are new to BN, or the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board that we’re a part of, the reason why Fury is champion is fairly simple. The only way a new champion can be crowned is if an existing champion is beaten, or numbers one and two meet to fill the slot in a weight class without…

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‘the excuses are cause for suspicion’

Psychologist, Deliver Your Ability ON Saturday, for the first time in his professional career, Deontay Wilder will make his way to the ring as a fighter who no longer has an undefeated record. Whether or not he continues to believe he has never fairly been beaten is another matter entirely. The sheer volume of excuses for why Tyson Fury so convincingly stopped him last February is cause for suspicion. They speak of a fighter struggling to accept a first defeat. It’s not unusual for fighters to struggle to understand and accept those emotions for the first time, and those struggles can lead to searching for any reason that preserves their self-esteem by offering an alternative to accepting they were beaten by a superior opponent. A common refrain is that they were beaten by…

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usyk is a fascinating addition

A GOOD big ‘un beats a good little ‘un. But a truly great little ’un takes a good big ’un to school. Oleksandr Usyk’s stunning defeat of Anthony Joshua at the spectacular Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, where it was a pleasure to witness 68,000 cheering fans again, was a veritable masterclass. Indeed, had the fight continued for a few more seconds, the referee might well have been justified in stopping it. Our man certainly met more than his match on Saturday night, and he was even made to look ordinary, chasing shadows. Although the British boxer cannot resist a rematch, what does the brilliant Ukranian have to prove against him, as this victory by unanimous decision was assuredly no fluke? Tyson Fury, with his own superior ring skills, must now be still…

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the panel

WHAT CAN DEONTAY WILDER DO DIFFERENTLY IN HIS THIRD FIGHT WITH TYSON FURY? Thomas Stalker Former GB boxing captain Wilder needs to get Fury’s respect early, not let Fury push him back as much and get the centre of the ring. Wilder has a puncher’s chance so needs to land it. But I’m expecting the same outcome with Fury coming through okay. Micky Helliet Manager & promoter Wilder’s inability to keep his shape and box while moving backwards was his undoing in his last fight with Fury. He needs to have learned how to slip inside and stay there without getting hit and how to fight inside and counter to have any chance. Paul Smith Former British champion While I’m sure he can do things different stylistically and tactically, I’m not sure anything will be different enough. Wilder’s best…

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three times a charm

1. MUHAMMAD ALI VS JOE FRAZIER The first 1971 fight between Ali and Frazier was known as the ‘Fight of the Century’, the second saw Ali avenge his first pro loss, and the third, the ‘Thrilla in Manila’, might be the most iconic and brutal fight in heavyweight history. 2. ARTURO GATTI VS MICKY WARD Some may look down on Gatti and Ward for not being world-class fighters at the time of their trilogy, but the action they produced between 2002 and 2003 ensured they would forever be linked and forever revered by those lucky enough to watch. 3. MARCO ANTONIO BARRERA VS ÉRIK MORALES Bitter rivals back then, Mexicans Barrera and Morales participated in one of the greatest fights of all-time in February 2000, a fight won by Morales, who then tried repeating the…

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@BigDaddyBunce Voice of boxing BOXNATION is a decade old and it all started on a Friday night at York Hall. Could it have started anywhere else? On that first night, Liam Walsh was in the British fight of the year when he retained his Commonwealth super featherweight title at the end of round 10 against Paul Appleby. Walsh was over in the seventh, Appleby in the 10th before it was stopped. It set the agenda and in the 31 days of October 2011, I truly believe the channel changed the shape of boxing coverage in Britain. Look at the facts and figures for the first full month of live shows. It is stunning. Eight live boxing nights, including the AIBA World championship finals, Marco Huck and Bernard Hopkins in world title fights, the best of…