Boxing News 14 October 2021

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the true king

THERE has never been a world heavyweight champion like Tyson Fury. Furthermore, there has never been a fighter of any size, race or gender like The Gypsy King. He is a one-off, the kind who comes along once in a lifetime. One we must cherish and appreciate for as long as he’s at the top of his game. His story is not without controversy or bad behaviour. But to dwell on anything other than his latest triumph would be wrong. What Fury continues to achieve in the confines of a boxing ring is mesmerising, almost beyond comprehension. No, he may not be as graceful as Muhammad Ali, as adept at following a gameplan as Lennox Lewis or as fearsome as Mike Tyson. But anyone now suggesting that Tyson Fury could not…

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‘every time i’ve delivered’

THIS has been a well, well deserved victory and I’m going to enjoy it, not think about anything else. All the way through, people were trying to overlook Deontay Wilder but not for one moment did I say that I’m going overlook him and look at somebody else. Because if I would have looked past Wilder, he’d have been sat here and not me. He improved. He worked on his boxing and stuff. It was a different fight. It was a much different fight from fight two and a much different fight from fight one. He came in real heavy, like 238lbs, and I believe that helped him, he was definitely hitting solid. He caught me twice in the fourth round but I was never thinking, ‘Oh this is over.’ I…

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a gift from the boxing gods

FOLLOWING boxing is very much a love/hate relationship. Elation one minute, devastation the next. Well, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have just served up a gift from the heavens. My months and years of frustration at the heavyweight division have been erased. I tip my hat to both men, and thank them for putting the division, and the sport, positively back in the public spotlight where it belongs. Alex Springer SPELLBINDING WHAT is truly frightening – and astonishing – about Tyson Fury is not his ringcraft, nor his punch power, nor his jab, nor his unpredictability. It is not his size, nor his resilience, nor even his natural intelligence. It is his unnerving, God-given ability to find the energy to sing his own version of Walking in Memphis in a victorious post-fight interview,…

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the panel

WHAT SHOULD TYSON FURY DO NEXT? Barry Jones Analyst & former belt-holder Pretty much whatever he wants, he’s earned that right now. I think fun fights for him. I think Usyk might be a bigger test for him but that’s not going to happen next. I would say the Dillian Whyte fight’s a really fun fight. I know he has to deal with ESPN but if he could get it in the UK that would sell out a stadium. Darren Barker Analyst & former belt-holder I think chase Usyk but that would be autumn of next year realistically. He’s been so inactive, he’ll want to get in the ring sharpish, body permitting. Does he want to fight Dillian Whyte? In an ideal world it would be Usyk but a long layoff won’t do him any favours…

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heavy duty

1. TYSON FURY VS OLEKSANDR USYK It’s the natural fight to be made now that Fury has seen off Wilder once and for all and Usyk has emerged as a genuine heavyweight force after beating Anthony Joshua. 2. OLEKSANDR USYK VS ANTHONY JOSHUA II Joshua has been quick to trigger his rematch clause and set the wheels in motion for a Usyk sequel but few will be as keen to back him as they were first time around. 3. TYSON FURY VS ANTHONY JOSHUA It should have happened long ago, and it may never be as important as it once could have been, but an all-British showdown between Fury and Joshua still arguably represents the biggest fight in the heavyweight division. 4. TYSON FURY VS DILLIAN WHYTE This seems next on the agenda for Fury, the fight…

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THE exile for the boxing business is officially over in the wonderland of fights. Las Vegas is not quite as glittering, not quite as confident and not quite as clean as it has been when boxing’s circus has come to town. It still needs a bit of healing, trust me. Thankfully, the boxing entourage is back in force, arriving slowly during last week, shifting from cameos at Bob Arum’s office to full-blown pageants of the former, the fallen and the rising stars of the business. A preening Andre Ward, a bubbly Tim Witherspoon, Big Lennox Lewis, some sparring partner royalty and feathers from the Eighties who are now super-heavies. “I was here for Pacquiao a few weeks ago,” Dan Rafael, the reporter, told me. “This feels different – it feels like we are…