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Camper Trailer Australia Issue 134

Relaunched in May 2017, and specialising in the world of campers and adventure trips, CAMPER magazine is for those who ‘have a penchant for good banter around the campfire and beer tasting in five-million star locations’. With a bold new design and revitalised content line-up, CAMPER will showcase the best in campers, feature characters, hero destinations, gear and technology, DIY hints and techniques and a celebration of an adventurous lifestyle through Aussie eyes.

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redarc camper trailer of the year goes off in mudgee

Copping an eyeful of Australia’s best campers, tuned to perfection, polished-up and show-ready is always an annual highlight — and this year, at show-stopping Mudgee proving grounds, excitement levels were, once again, ramped to the max. For Sam and myself, editors of the mag, it’s humbling to realise how much work goes into preparing a camper for an event like REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year. Certainly, the diligence and passion of all camper manufacturers we meet and speak with during the year is present twenty-four-seven, 365 days a year, but at CTOTY, all the passion and hard work is crystallised into one event over nine action-packed days. For me, the emotion and passion on show during CTOTY belies a belief held by pretty much every camper manufacturer. It’s a truth…

9 min
servicing your electric winch

If you’re a serious 4WD owner and enjoy your remote travel, having the correct recovery equipment is vital. Headlining any serious recovery arsenal is the 4WD winch. Over the past few decades, the 4WD winch has evolved, introducing various designs to the market, the most common among these being the Power Take Off (PTO), high mount electric and low mount electric. In 2019, you won’t see too many PTO-style winches; over the years, several negatives aspects have forced them out of favour. Still, a few diehards swear by them because of their simplicity and strength (they run off the engine via the gearbox). Nowadays, it’s the electric winches (both high and low mount) that dominate the market. This type runs off a 4WD’s battery. Of the two, the high mount is less…

8 min
wrangling rellies in the rig

It was an epic trip of a lifetime: two weeks from Darwin to Uluru with three generations of family squeezed into the LandCruiser, and we made every moment count. We dangled our fishing rods with crocs at Cahills Crossing, snorkelled Bitter Springs, and cruised through Katherine Gorge at sunrise. Roaring campfires, mad camel races, champagne sunsets and crazy-busy camping routines turned this into the most cherished trip of the year, especially for my then six year old who lapped up all that generous grandparent-time. Behind the scenes though, days were filled with endless packing up and setting up, and a rigorous routine of driving, cooking and playing host to family members unused to camping. At trip’s end we bid them farewell – worn-out and weary – but my parents had such a…

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the best in the business

We often forget why it is we endure the hassle of going offroad, away from the crowds, to places of quiet peace and beauty. If it’s these things we value, why do we place such emphasis on the suspension, build-quality and effectiveness of the hitch systems of campers? Why do we rate the capability and efficiency of off-grid power generation and storage systems? Why do we peg the kitchen, tented roof and cleverness of storage options so highly? Going offroad requires both 4WD and camper to be a well-balanced combination of engineering and design characteristics. Solid engineering to counter the challenging and variable terrain often encountered offroad, and thoughtful design to ensure the camping experience, once the track is conquered, becomes memorable for all the right reasons. Granted, the-time-the-roof-gave-way-in-themiddle-of-the-night is likely a…

2 min
introducing the judges

Ali’s been all over our fair wide land. She’s bounced over knobbly tracks in the back of a troopy, slept under canvas in pouring tropical rain, and huddled up tight and warm in a top spec full-bling motorhome. Her experience and output mean she’s one of Australia’s best camping and travel writers. Her passion for the Aussie bush extends to having an astute awareness of what makes a well-made camper. We’re sure David won’t mind us calling him one of Australia’s most experienced camper reviewers. He’s been writing for Camper magazine since its inception and been a judge on many stagings of Camper Trailer of the Year. He could spot an outstanding camper in the dark. He’s an invaluable part of the camper team and a go-to reviewer. As well as…

7 min
x marks the spot

The Austrack Simpson X is a camper to suit adventurous types. Equipped to take on the most rugged tracks, light enough to suit a range of vehicles, and affordable enough to suit a range of budgets, the Simpson X wowed judges with its versatility, commitment to high standards and, unsurprisingly, its X-factor. “I WOULD HAPPILY THROW MY GEAR INTO THE SIMPSON X AND LEAVE A TRAIL OF DUST BEHIND ME” – ALI MILLAR COSY CAMPING Austrack’s Simpson X makes a great little base camp for those with a sense of adventure. I really like the simplicity of this compact camper, which features a spacious rooftop tent for your sleeping quarters, a stack of storage space in the camper box, a simple pull-out kitchen and fridge slide, a 270 degree wrap-around awning to cover your…