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Camper Trailer Australia Issue 135

Relaunched in May 2017, and specialising in the world of campers and adventure trips, CAMPER magazine is for those who ‘have a penchant for good banter around the campfire and beer tasting in five-million star locations’. With a bold new design and revitalised content line-up, CAMPER will showcase the best in campers, feature characters, hero destinations, gear and technology, DIY hints and techniques and a celebration of an adventurous lifestyle through Aussie eyes.

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redarc camper trailer of the year opens up a world of potential

Stories we all know and love that help define who we are as Australians pretty much all involve some form of camping. One of the key stories of Aboriginal Australia is ‘walkabout’ and one of the key white fella stories of European Australia involves drovers camping by a billabong. During the frenetic pace of the recent REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year, one of the key conversations doing the rounds was about the importance of camping – not just for our local folklore, but also for the development of other, overseas cultural landscapes. In North America, for instance, there seems to be many similarities to our historical development as a modern nation. In Canada and the US, extensive indigenous populations had to deal with a sudden influx of Europeans. The way they…

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your maiden 4x4 voyage

You’ve just driven into your driveway with a recently acquired 4WD, and regardless of its state – brand new or second generation, stock or fully kitted out – you’re itching to get it offroad, dirty and exploring dusty tracks. The excitement can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to four wheel driving, but before you jump in and engage low range, there are a few hints I’d like to share, in support of the old adage: “not just getting there but getting back in once piece”. WHERE AND WHEN You’ve got some holidays owing and the family is eager to start exploring destinations and attractions beyond the norms like Sea World or putt-putt. Getting out bush can be a great way to educate the kids and uncover the wonderful Australian bush – its…

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servicing tips

When servicing your 4WD prior to departure, follow these tips: • Have the tyre servicer use stick-on balancing weights, as they’re less prone to detaching. • If travelling remote areas, think seriously about adding a pre-filter, for under $200. It’s an assuring way to sift an unpredictable fuel source, especially for modern diesel vehicles. • Have the service centre report back concerns in writing and ask them to include part numbers for future reference. It’s better to know these before departure, rather than discovering an issue in the middle of the never-never.…

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adjusting tyre pressure

Adjusting your tyre pressures is one sure way of improving the 4WD’s capability, traction and safety when things get a little tougher. It’d be plain wasteful to get new tyres but not make the most of them in this way. Carry a tyre pressure gauge, which you can pick up for around $10 to $30. Also carry a quality air compresser; I’ve had the same ARB one for six years, which cost me $450. Don’t bother with cheap compressors; they simply won’t last the distance and are as slow as a week spent in a mud hole. And of course, don’t forget your trailer’s tyres! They’re just as important for getting you there smoothly.…

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future focus

Since 2012, according to statistics from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA), total sales of new campers, Australia-wide, has tracked consistently at around 2,500 to 2,800 units sold every three months. For instance, in the period between July to September, 2012, 2,634 new campers were sold, Australia-wide. Fast forward six years to the same period in 2018 and sales figures are nearly identical, with 2,593 new campers sold. Deeper investigation of year by year quarterly new camper sales figures reveal a similarly consistent sales trend. Parsing these figures and contemplating what this trend means is an interesting exercise. To us at Camper, it suggests that hungry manufacturers who wish to reach a larger pool of eager campers should perhaps look to forge new market opportunities overseas. Rather than elbow and bustle…

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reintroducing the judges

A rugged and regular visitor to Australia’s most magnificent outdoor destinations, Ali’s been all over our fair wide land, bounced over knobbly tracks in the back of a troopy, slept under canvas in pouring tropical rain, and huddled up tight and warm in a top spec full-bling motorhome. She’s one of Australia’s best camping and travelling writers. Her passion for the Aussie bush extends to having an astute awareness of what makes a well-made camper. We’re sure David won’t mind us calling him one of Australia’s most experienced camper reviewers. He’s been writing for Camper magazine since its inception and been a judge on many stagings of Camper Trailer of the Year. He could spot an outstanding camper in the dark. He’s an invaluable part of the Camper team and a…