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Camper Trailer Australia Issue 136

Relaunched in May 2017, and specialising in the world of campers and adventure trips, CAMPER magazine is for those who ‘have a penchant for good banter around the campfire and beer tasting in five-million star locations’. With a bold new design and revitalised content line-up, CAMPER will showcase the best in campers, feature characters, hero destinations, gear and technology, DIY hints and techniques and a celebration of an adventurous lifestyle through Aussie eyes.

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conditions are perfect

The baking heat is subsiding, the grape-purple tropical monsoon thunderheads clearing. Even a stopped clock tells the time twice a day, and similarly, even someone with only rudimentary knowledge of camping will, by pure chance, happen upon perfect conditions twice a year. In Camper’s humble opinion, Autumn and Spring are most definitely the best times to pack up and head out. And of those two seasons, we prefer Autumn. Astro-physics boffins call the region they think is capable of sustaining life on planets orbiting faraway stars in distant Solar Systems the Goldilocks Zone.Not too hot, not too cold. It’s a region that consists of only us, Earth, in our own Solar System. And similarly, in terms of camping, we think Autumn is Goldilocks time. So if you go into the woods one…

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tow likea pro

If you are holding this magazine in your hands, it’s most likely that you’re either a camper trailer enthusiast or you’re contemplating the camper trailer lifestyle. Whatever the case, you’re in the right place; Camper magazine has grown to be a reliable, wonderful and entertaining source for all things camper trailer. Over many years, the knowledgeable contributors who live and breathe campers have conducted hundreds of camper and hybrid reviews, openly sharing their expertise for all to read. I, on the other hand, am a real 4WD tragic. That has historically been my domain, my speciality. Of course, there’s a lot of overlap between camping and 4WD lifestyles; they exist side by side. So naturally I’ve always been interested in campers – but to be honest, when it comes to actually…

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making the most of the golden months

The parable of Goldilocks can teach us many things. Firstly it can teach us that we can’t simply help ourselves to anything that takes our fancy, because of the dire consequences doing so could bring about. Secondly it can teach us to stay away from bears at all costs (an important lesson during the current drop bear plague). Thirdly it can teach us how harmful our actions can be upon others. This final interpretation may indeed be the most common. It vilifies Goldilocks as some sort of break-and-enter cretin, begging for a firm police response. Listen in to the final moments of Goldilocks recounts around our country’s campfires and you’ll hear parents laying it on thick: “That’s why you shouldn’t be greedy”; “Hasn’t she seen The Revenant?”; “Goldilocks is the scum…

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crossing borders

When people think of the Nullarbor they think of the longest stretch of straight road in Australia. After having recently travelled with my family from the red mountains of the Gawler Ranges in South Australia, along the staggering Bight, through Israelite Bay and across to Albany in Western Australia, I’m here to tell you that this part of our country is so much more than unbending bitumen. GAWLER RANGES Our last adventure ended at the northern end of the Googs Track, so naturally that’s where our next quest should start. We had planned to go and explore the stunning Gawler Ranges, which is around a three and a half hour drive east of Ceduna and has some insane wildlife and rock formations. There is definitely something for every member of the family to…

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opus, an offroad o riginal

When it comes to offroad touring, the laws of physics are beyond dispute. The greater the force downward through the wheels the less likelihood of smooth forwards momentum. If Isaac Newton were alive today he’d, arguably, be in the camper trailer manufacturing caper. I can imagine a modern-day Isaac, his verdant locks tied back to prevent them from catching in table-mounted grinding discs, off to buy a kransky and choc milk for lunch in between hammering together yet another top spec camper. Like Isaac, most 4WD experts agree with physics. Two of the key factors in determining the offroad-ability of a camper trailer are: its overall aggregate trailer mass (ATM) and the latent power of the tow tug to which it’s hitched. Of course, this assumes the trailer is well made, with…

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cta specs air opus

TRAILER Tare 1340kg (tent included) ATM1800kg Suspension Independent coil spring Brakes12” electric brake & hand brake & electric breakaway Coupling Articulating poly block Chassis/drawbar Galvanised steel Body Main body aluminium frame & composite panel exterior Wheels/Tyres 235/75R15 offroad Style 15” alloy Tent340g micro-weave polycotton. Waterproof and UV protected tropical roof included DIMENSIONS Body size (lid closed) 5100 (5600 inc spare wheel) x 2100 x 1450mm Length (lid open) 6140 x 2100 x 3200mm ACCESSORIES Gas cylinders 2 x 9kg adjustable holders Water 2 x 80L stainless steel tanks Cooktop Four-burner gas with quick connect fittings and wind deflectors Kitchen Stainless steel construction with sink, pressurised cold water, utensil and implement drawers, lighting and pull-out food prep bench Battery 2 x 100Ah deep cycle with 240V chargers PRICE AS TESTED $28,990 ENQUIRIES Opus Campers Phone 03 9588 2959 Address 12 Capital Court, Braeside, VIC 3195 Webopuscamper.com.au campertraileraustralia.com.au More pictures Specs to compare…