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Camper Trailer Australia Issue 146

Relaunched in May 2017, and specialising in the world of campers and adventure trips, CAMPER magazine is for those who ‘have a penchant for good banter around the campfire and beer tasting in five-million star locations’. With a bold new design and revitalised content line-up, CAMPER will showcase the best in campers, feature characters, hero destinations, gear and technology, DIY hints and techniques and a celebration of an adventurous lifestyle through Aussie eyes.

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a long, hot summer

This first issue of 2020, like all January issues of Camper magazine, contains the first segment of Camper Trailer of the Year judges’ summaries. As you read through their considered conclusions, it’s worthwhile understanding how they went about forming their perspectives. Firstly, it’s no walk in the park; tilling the soil, making all in readiness, for an ambitious event like REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year takes a huge collaborative effort. The team at Camper started preparing for the event you’ll read about in this issue more than 12 months ago. Each year, we make it our mission to independently assess and scrutinise every new camper in Australia. We produce every review at cost to us. All the camper reviews you read in these pages — and in each and every…

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double up with lithium d.i.y. 4wd dual battery install

If you’re handy on the tools, a whole new world of D.I.Y. 4WD upgrades opens itself up before you. If you actively nurture your skill set, this world of endless possibilities is only really limited by your imagination. Being able to take something into your own hands, save on labour costs, challenge yourself and have fun while doing so is a big win in anyone’s books. Of course, there are some mods best left to the experts. For example, I recently swallowed my pride and allowed the folks at Out of Town 4WD, better known as Long Ranger, to install an auxiliary fuel tank. The trip out to Barnsley, New South Wales, was certainly worth it. But in this month’s column, I’ll be focussing on a favourite D.I.Y. modification of mine —…

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everything you need to know

At the tail-end of 2019, Camper magazine invited 13 of the best camper trailers to the Gold Coast, where they were rigorously assessed by four experienced judges over the course of a week. In this issue and the next, we collate the judges’ commentary and scores to reveal which campers have earned the title of Camper Trailer of the Year. The 2020 event featured four competitive categories — under $25k, $25-50k, over $50k, and hybrids — and also invited judges to assess a class-leading Wedgetail slide-on camper. Every year, we organise our flagship event to ensure it accords with our key principles as a magazine and as a business. We invite judges and camper trailer manufacturers on the basis of their experience, qualifications and track record. We adhere to the system…

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meet the judges

DAVID COOK David is undoubtedly a familiar face. He’s been writing for Camper magazine since its inception, bringing us stories from outback destinations country-wide, penning our monthly ‘Beneath the Surface’ column, and reviewing camper trailers by the dozen. David, who turned 70 this year, is married with three kids, three grandchildren, and a dog, but before all of that, he started out in magazine publishing aged 18, as a freelance journalist and photographer. Camping has always been a huge part of his life, ever since his childhood, and he stepped up his game when he bought his first camper trailer 14 years ago. A born handyman, David knows his way around a toolbox, and he’s not afraid to bring this technical knowledge to bear upon the campers he reviews. SCOTT HEIMAN Scott was…

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scoring explained

Judges rate the campers against a set of strict, longstanding criteria. Aside from a few small changes in wording, tightening of criteria and (many years ago now) the addition of extra criteria to give readers a more comprehensive picture, the way reviewers have been assessing campers has remained the same since the inception of Camper magazine. The criteria used at the REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year event are exactly the same as those used by our reviewers throughout the year in our regular Camper issues. Across ten different measures, explained in depth below, the reviewer gives a score out of ten. For the REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year competition, these scores are then added up, to form a score out of 100. All of the four judges’ scores are…

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secondary awards

While the title of ‘Camper Trailer of the Year’ is the most eagerly sought after, there are other ways in which campers can earn recognition. On the basis of the judges’ assessments, Camper magazine also awards a range of subsidiary awards, which recognise campers for excellence in their own particular field. Every camper is special in its own way and some excel in a specific measure or at promoting a particular, niche lifestyle. To give an example, self-sufficiency is something that means a lot to many of our readers, but high scores on self-sufficiency alone will not secure the main prize. Aspects like this deserve to be recognised in their own way. That is why this year we have recognised the campers which are the Most Innovative, Most Self-Sufficient, Most…