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Camper Trailer Australia Issue 147

Relaunched in May 2017, and specialising in the world of campers and adventure trips, CAMPER magazine is for those who ‘have a penchant for good banter around the campfire and beer tasting in five-million star locations’. With a bold new design and revitalised content line-up, CAMPER will showcase the best in campers, feature characters, hero destinations, gear and technology, DIY hints and techniques and a celebration of an adventurous lifestyle through Aussie eyes.

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set course for adventure

Easily the question most asked of Camper magazine is how Camper Trailer of the Year works. As we go to print with the results and findings from Part II of our 2020 event, we also begin the search for the 2021 finalists. Next year’s finalists will be selected from more than 40 camper reviews we will be publishing between March and November this year. Myself, Sam and our stable of independent automotive journalists will be spending a good chunk of 2020 crisscrossing Australia testing the best camper trailers in the land. As mentioned in January’s editorial, we organise and produce these 40 plus reviews at cost to us. This is a crucial aspect to consider. Funding and paying for all review content published across Camper’s platforms is how we arrive at our…

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essential winching kit every accessory you need to winch

If there’s one thing that epitomises an adventurous 4WDer, it’s having an electric winch at the front of your 4WD. A winch is more than a recovery tool for pulling your 4WD out of a sticky situation. A winch can be used to recover your fellow 4WDer if their vehicle is not equipped with one. And even if the Navara belonging to your stranded buddy has a huge WARN sitting in the bullbar, he or she might still be trapped if they need to recover backwards. Provided they have a rear recovery point, that’s where you step in. On top of this a winch can change where your 4WD is pointing by utilising various accessories. It can even move that errant log that may have fallen in the path of…

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other things you need

So you’ve got your winch and the controller in your hand, what else do you need? The number one priority when using your winch or undergoing any recovery is safety, followed by ease of use and maximising the winch’s capabilities. There are huge forces involved, even in a modest recovery, and this is multiplied a hundredfold when a heavy rig is involved or you’re sunk to your chassis in sticky mud or negotiating a steep gradient. So in no particular order, these are the things I carry. While they’re bulky and heavy, it’s better to have them when you need them rather than needing something that you don’t have. 1. Winch extension strap Most electric winches hold about 26 to 30 metres of rope and in most cases that would be sufficient to reach…

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camping’s gold standard

Late last year, the Camper team headed to the Gold Coast Hinterland with 13 of the finest camper trailers on the market. Over the course of seven days, our hand-picked team of four judges assessed the campers. Each of the four brought their own breed of offroad touring knowledge, informed by a lifetime’s experience. The results are now in, presented to you in this magazine and the recently released January edition. The Camper team extended the attending camper trailers the invite only after they’d been deemed eligible throughout the course of our in-magazine review schedule, which runs March through to December every year. With anywhere from three to six reviews in each issue, that equates to 40 to 50 regular reviews per annum. The regular reviews do not stand alone, but…

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meet the judges

Every year, we carefully select the team of four judges to attend the REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year event. As a prerequisite, no judge is allowed to be sponsored by the industry in any way. Firstly, we elect on the basis of experience. That means our judges have been camping and travelling for a bulk of their life and that they’ve established themselves as rigorous reviewers with a wealth of industry knowledge. Secondly, we choose our judging team so that it reflects a range of different approaches, perspectives and industry-specific skill sets. That way, we can achieve a more balanced outcome than would be possible with a single reviewer. Here is a closer look at the four who adjudicated this year: David is undoubtedly a familiar face. He’s been writing…

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scoring explained

Judges rate the campers against a set of strict, longstanding criteria. Aside from a few small changes in wording, tightening of criteria and (many years ago now) the addition of extra criteria to give readers a more comprehensive picture, the way reviewers have been assessing campers has remained the same since the inception of Camper magazine. The criteria used at the REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year event are exactly the same as those used by our reviewers throughout the year in our regular Camper issues. Across ten different measures, explained in depth below, the reviewer gives a score out of ten. For the REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year competition, these scores are then added up, to form a score out of 100. All of the four judges’ scores are…