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CAR UK September 2018

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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this month on planet car

All of the layers The SUV is not, in itself, the end – it’s the means to an end. And that end, if you buy the hype, is an active lifestyle of feed to die for. Which great explains -looking how friends James and Taylor an found Instagram himself with a CR-V and a mountain bike at the top of Pikes Peak. The Honda was toasty on the way up; the bike less so on the way down. Honda CR-V versus Pikes Peak, p104 World’s strongest Pollard Evergreen, unstoppable, highly ’ G profitable -Class and – so CAR striking ’s Tim are Pollard the similarities between Mercedes that, when our request to go ran inside to one G HQ name was . Perfectly green lit happy , our in shortlist his Audi of A8…

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‘beyond its cars’ black armbands, ferrari’s loss was palpable’

WELL, SERGIO, credit where credit’s due – you proved us wrong. In December 2016, CAR published a story on the parlous state of Formula 1’s most celebrated team. Ferrari had squandered a fine racing car that year and, what’s more, we were pretty convinced things were set to go from bad to worse. In part our concern stemmed from Ferrari management’s (team principal Maurizio Arrivabene and president Sergio Marchionne) obvious penchant for ‘motivational’ threats and a culture of fear. In F1, such tactics have rarely borne fruit. Turns out that, like many before us, we’d underestimated Marchionne. While he had indeed told his own Formula 1 team the previous winter that it ought to be ‘terrified of the spring’, behind the scenes he was working to re-engineer the way in which…

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jaguar’s revolutionary transformation plan

F-TYPE MK2 The slow-selling F-Type will be replaced in 2020 by a roomier yet lighter sports car, built on an evolution of the current chassis. Offered as a convertible and a 2+2 coupe, it’s tipped to have a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 at the top of its engine line-up. There is talk of a purely electric version, but that might need to wait for solid-state battery tech to reach the next level. NEW C-PACE Expected in 2023, the C-Pace is a new crossover, likely to be sized in the potentially very big-selling space between the BMW X1 and X3, sitting above the E-Pace and below the new F-Pace (set to get bigger). Built on MTA architecture, it’s tipped to have an engine line-up that includes a 1.5-litre triple as well as the familiar 2.0…

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jlr’s non-identical twins

Key to Jaguar’s future is increasing the already high level of collaboration with Land Rover. Most of the new models will share engines, chassis components and pretty much everything you don’t see – putting huge pressure on the designers and driver-interface teams to bring the necessary differentiation. Next year’s replacement Evoque (coupe and convertible) and Defender will use evolutions of old underpinnings. But 2020’s next-gen Range Rover will be twinned with the Jag J-Pace, built on MLA, while 2021’s C-Pace could well be followed by a Land Rover partner, codenamed L361, using the MTA architecture.…

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speedster, the 991’s fast finale

PORSCHE IS JUST WEEKS away from unveiling the next-generation 911, codenamed 992 – but before that hits the showrooms you can expect one final flourish from the current 991-gen car. It will be closely based on this Speedster concept, unveiled at Porsche’s 70th anniversary bash at Zuffenhausen and then shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Officially, no decision has yet been made on whether or not it will go into limited production, but it’s clearly ready to get some numberplates screwed on in place of that elegant gold ‘Concept’ script. It joins a long line of Porsche Speedsters, united by a short, sharply inclined windscreen and lowslung profile. There’s no roof, just a tonneau cover that can clip over the parked car’s cockpit to keep the rain off that lovely brown…

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18 new mclarens in just seven years

MCLAREN HAS PLENTY of experience in creating new variants from familiar ingredients, but even the most ardent McLarenophile may struggle to guess how the booming British sports car company will come up with 18 new models or derivatives by the year 2025. But that’s the key figure in the Woking-based company’s newly announced Track 25 plan. Most will be petrol-electric hybrids – but McLaren says its Ultimate Series cars could be the exception. The 600LT (previewed in our August issue) won’t count as one of the 18, but the three-seat BP23 hypercar will. And it now has a proper name: Speedtail. Thought of internally as the McLaren F1 reborn, the Speedtail is set to be the fastest and most powerful McLaren yet – squeezing even more power from the 814bhp Senna…