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CAR UK October 2018

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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this month on planet car

Toe-in? Ah, sorry, tow in Views you might imagine from the hot seat of a BMW CSL racer: the Eau Rouge/Raidillon complex at Spa, or the speed-blurred forest of the Nürburgring, perhaps. Or how about a taut tow strap, a golf buggy and a hairy Englishman? Says Sam Smith: ‘Laguna has strict quiet hours, but also, the CSL was ’ pretty quick to foul its plugs if you just farted around at idle. BMW 8-series and CSL racer, p58 Conspicuous wedge ‘The Quail’, California’s drenched-in-dosh version of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, draws some incredible cars, from box-fresh Bugatti hypercars to priceless Ferraris. But our star of 2018? This ultra-rare Japanese Dome Zero, a ’70s Geneva showstopper with lines so sharp you fear for your eyes. Bugatti Divo preview, p8 Lash that man to the roof! What…

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‘skoda can’t have our yeti for its museum display: we need it’

WE’RE ON THE BRINK of 100,000 miles – a milestone that, unless you’re getting about in an ’80s Merc or perched on a Honda Cub, usually heralds an accelerated decline into non-functioning entropy. Our family Skoda Yeti has been with us for the vast majority of those miles and, sadly, it shows; dog hair is inseparable from strands of actual carpet, L-plate scrapes lend unwelcome topography to its corners, and the steering wheel rim’s glossy like buffed marble. But it shows no sign of bowing out, and neither do we fancy letting it go. In August, Skoda built its millionth SUV (Yeti shifted 680,000 units). But if they’re after a nice example for their museum they’re going to have to make me a very silly offer (and get a really good…

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bugatti: the king of straight-line speed takes a turn

Divo is lighter, grippier, and promises a more engaging drive than the Chiron UNVEILING THE DIVO at the The Quail – an event held during Monterey Car Week that values pedigree and history above all else – was no coincidence. After all, Bugatti’s new hypercar is based on the already legendary Chiron, and named after ’20s Bugatti racer Albert Divo. But it breaks new ground for the French marque, by focusing more intently on dynamics than top speed. Costing £4.4m and limited to 40 units, it also marks the first chapter of Stephan Winkelmann’s Bugatti, former Lamborghini and Audi Sport boss. ‘The Divo was a decision we took internally, without comparing us to anybody else,’ says Winkelmann. ‘We want to set the pace and I think the Divo does something nobody else…

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vauxhall’s fresh start

THIS ISN’T JUST A BIT of eye candy for Vauxhall to wheel out at motor shows. No, the GT X Experimental concept has the heavy burden of signalling both a new era of Vauxhall design and the official start of its new status as part of France’s Groupe PSA, not America’s GM. ‘The change meant a massive opportunity for us,’ says Mark Adams, Vauxhall and sister brand Opel’s design chief. ‘Not only are we clearly in the process of moving our vehicle architectures to a different set of platforms, but we had the opportunity to think about what we do as a brand from a design point of view. This is an opportunity for us to redefine what we wanted to be.’ If the new concept looks a little familiar, that’s because…

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‘you expect me to balk?’ ‘no, mr customer, i expect you to buy!’

THE BOND FILMS are full of mad schemes. But few can match this: Aston Martin is building 25 DB5s to the specification of James Bond’s gadget-laden spy car from Gold-finger. Yes, really. Aston Martin has worked with Eon Productions and Oscar-winning special effects boffin Chris Corbould to create the new cars, built at the DB5’s original home in Newport Pagnell and painted in the same Silver Birch as the real thing. Like the recent DB4 GTs, they’re ‘continuation’ cars – newly built to old specifications, rather than restored originals. The Goldfinger DB5s are said to include functioning gadgets, but the only one confirmed is the revolving number plates. Much as we’d love to see the movie car’s oil slick squirter, ejector seat and machine guns, we’re not expecting them. Still, at least…

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adios alonso: f1’s best driver* moves on

*Except maybe Lewis Hamilton. Or Max Verstappen. Or Vettel TWO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and 32 wins. It was a good knock, but there’s no doubt that Fernando Alonso underachieved in Formula 1. His talent deserved more and he could have won more, had he played a better hand out of the car. Make no bones about it: Alonso was one of the best drivers of his generation. But his off-track outbursts and politicking alienated him from the top teams, to the extent that they no longer wanted to employ him. Where did it all go wrong? Alonso had a meteoric rise through Minardi and Renault, culminating in world titles in 2005 and ’06, when he beat Kimi Räikkönen and Michael Schumacher respectively. He also became the darling of Spain, where interest in F1 exploded. More…