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CAR UK November 2018

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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Upstaged en France Arrive at a French fuel station with six ferociously expensive supercars and, naturally, the Senna will go all but unnoticed descends , as will the GT2 RS 911 and the Ferrari Pista, as everyone on the Alpine A110. And then, what do you know? In pulls a lady driving a spotless V6 Alpine A310. Tim Pollard pressed his French into action to arrange the upcoming twin-test… Sports Car Giant Test 2018, p88 Enzo woz ’ere Like your eldest – having returned from university and – then an ill-fated stint in London trying to pay Shoreditch rents taking residence in the box room they last occupied as a child, it up ’s fair to say Ferrari’s outgrown its home town. But amid the ’ modernisation and the expansion, at the heart of…

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‘peugeot’s e-legend is fresh but familiar, cool but comforting’

WHEN SOMEONE glides back into the office after a day or two out and reminds you that they were looking at a ‘future electric Peugeot concept’, you don’t instantly spring from your seat to gather around the art editor flicking through the images. No offence, but Peugeots to fire your deep, significant lust on looks alone have been a little thin on the ground since, well, the one I own: the 205. (A 120,000-mile XS that hasn’t run for five years but that will be spotless and restored and driven to the Goodwood Revival before the end of this decade. Honest.) But the e-Legend Concept is a gorgeous creation. Like Honda’s Urban EV, the Peugeot swerves the idea of the electric car as a progressive, futuristic harbinger of change and opts…

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the lion roars (silently)

PEUGEOT’S NEW E-LEGEND Concept is an electric, autonomous show star inspired by the 1968 504 Coupe. It shows what a 2025 production Peugeot could look like and what features it could offer. There’s the connectivity and big-screen infotainment typical of show cars, but there’s also a much greater emphasis on dynamism and desirability than has been the case with recent Peugeots. It’s an electric, autonomous concept car designed to appeal to car enthusiasts – mission accomplished, we’d say. Overall dimensions are close to the new 508’s – the concept is slightly lower and shorter – and the wheels are a plausible 19 inches in diameter. It’s a two-door four-seater with frameless windows and a glasshouse that closely resembles the classic 504’s. The elegantly concave flanks blend into muscular wheelarches, while at…

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aston martin’s £5 billion miracle

I HAD DINNER WITH ANDY Palmer in Paris a few days after he was appointed boss of Aston Martin. It was September 2014. The ex-Nissan chief operating officer spoke of his desire (‘since I was 20’) to be a car company CEO, and of his passion for Aston Martin. ‘Am I ever going to be remembered for being number two or three at Nissan? No. But I would be remembered for turning around Aston Martin? Absolutely!’ There was another incentive for this former Rover engineer. Namely, a juicy bonus, agreed with Aston’s private equity owners. ‘My job is to make the company as valuable as possible as quickly as possible,’ he later told me. With Aston Martin about to float on the London stock market, valued at around £5bn, Palmer should collect about…

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and for his next trick…

THE THIRD HYPERCAR The petrol-electric hybrid hypercar codenamed ‘Project 003’ coming in 2021 will be road-legal and steal tech from not-road-legal Valkyrie. Just 500 will be made; so far, it’s just a doodle. ZAGATO TWOFER Aston is teaming up with Italian coachbuilders Zagato to offer 19 pairs of cars: a continuation of the ’60s DB4 GT Zagato and the Superleggera-based DBS GT Zagato. RAPIDE CHARGER Before the electric SUV and electric Lagondas, Aston’s first electric road car, late-2019’s Rapide E, is being developed with Williams. There will be 155 of them, built at the St Athan factory. THE BOND VILLAIN SUBMARINE Aston is working with Triton to provide budding baddies with their own subaquatic tyrannical transport. It will be based on the Triton 1650/3 ‘Low Profile’ three-person submersible. THE ACTUAL PLANE Volante Vision Concept isn’t another convertible grand tourer…

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purosangue, profit and ferrari’s most powerful v12 yet

CONFIDENCE breeds success. But this summer Maranello wasn’t exactly swimming in the stuff, as its Formula 1 team squandered the fastest car on the grid and the storied car maker reeled from the sudden loss of chairman Sergio Marchionne. Ferrari and FCA share prices wobbled in the wake of Marchionne’s passing (on July 25), not helped by comments from new CEO Louis Camilleri that the plan he inherited was both ‘aspirational’ and faced ‘risks’. Boosting investor confidence was therefore the primary objective as Camilleri took to the stage at Ferrari’s Capital Markets Day in September, even if it looked for all the world like the main event was the unveiling of the new SP1 and SP2 Monza barchettas – the first cars from Maranello’s new Icona programme. With his crowd giddy…