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CAR UK January 2019

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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this month on planet car

Jake (plus entourage) What happens when you drive an electric BMW around a shopping centre in Northampton to gauge public reaction? You attract plenty of attention from the security crew, for a start. Jake Groves was in charge of the i3 when we filmed one of CAR’s Electric Powers videos, and if he looks a little nonplussed, it See ’s because the video they at ’ car ve just -mag refused .uk/bmw to get his lunch. Fruity transactions In need of fruit and on the road, managing editor Colin Overland didn’t have anything smaller than a 200 dirham note. He also didn’t have a very clear grasp of the exchange rate, and so ended up paying 200 dirhams – nearly £17 – for a small paper bag of for them in the prickly…

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‘i almost give a solo standing ovation in the press conference’

REVIEWING THE YEAR assumes you can remember much about it: difficult given the mad scramble with which 2018 passed. Fully-formed memories and opinion continue to elude me, so it’ll have to be snapshots. Southern France, beginning of the year. The sky’s leaden, the ambient temperature near-freezing and the lonely, rain-slicked road ahead about as inviting as solitary confinement. But in our Alpine A110, contributor Ben Barry and I couldn’t be happier. Beneath us, one of the most hotly anticipated sports cars of recent times is wasting little time in making it clear it’s sensational. Waiting for the flight home, Ben and I also waste no time – the A110 is a five-star car and a work of some genius; no arguments. London, mid-summer. In an art gallery Singer Vehicle Design shows its…

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the eighth wonder of stuttgart

CORE STRENGTH The 992-generation 911’s bodyshell is all aluminium. Design is confidently muscular, as you’d expect given this will be the only body for all future derivatives. ‘It’s been to the gym,’ says CEO Blume. APP ATTACK Porsche Impact app tracks your CO2 so you can work to offset it, while Road Trip plots routes with suggested restaurants. NOW GTS FAST The Carrera S and 4S – the first cars out of the blocks – still use a 3.0-litre turbocharged flat-six, just like the 991.2 911, but power is up a not insignificant 30bhp to 444bhp. OLIVER BLUME, Porsche CEO, is addressing the assembled media at the Los Angeles Auto Show. ‘Continuity doesn’t mean stagnation,’ he says, delivering a polite middle finger to accusations of same-again laziness on Porsche’s business-as-mostly-usual 911 evolution. And he has a…

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extrovert newcomers from the la show…

Jeep Gladiator A spin-off of the latest Jeep Wrangler, inspired by the 1963-1972 Gladiator J-series pick-up, the new Gladiator is a soft-top, twin-cab pick-up with load-hauling ability as serious as its off-road credentials. It’s longer than the regular Wrangler, and has a fold-down windscreen, removable doors, electric front and rear diff locks and disconnectable anti-roll bars. Inside there’s a good amount of sophisticated tech, including a pinch-and-zoom touchscreen, and there are already more than 200 official Mopar custom parts available. Expect it in the UK in 2020. NEED TO KNOW > What is it? Wrangler goes pick-up > Aimed at Those who like to transport their jetski/prunings with the doors off > Under the hood? Petrol or diesel V6 > Tech highlights Rubicon version gets forward-facing off-road camera > Worth getting excited about?…

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audi’s ev charge gathers pace

IT STARTS AT THE FACE ‘Our competitors have almost no air intake, but it would be a mistake because it’s our signature. This is the face of all of our future EVs,’ says Lichte (below). ‘We dropped the shoulder between the wheels to emphasise the muscle.’ WHERE DOES IT FIT IN? The e-Tron GT shares more with the Porsche Taycan than with Audi’s own e-Tron SUV. As Audi expands its electric offering – 12 EVs by 2025 – there will also be high-volume models using the new PPE platform. AND INSIDE? ‘We’ve never done a show car interior as close to production as this one,’ Enzo Rothfuss, Audi’s head of interior design, tells us. ‘There will just be a few very little details that will be different.’ So we can look forward to a mix…

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gran turismo: from ps1 to fia-certified

KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI ISN’T the most recognisable figure, but when it comes to creating and inspiring car enthusiasts he’s as important as the likes of Gordon Murray and Colin Chapman. Why? Because he’s the creator of Gran Turismo, one of the most popular racing game series of all time. ‘While Gran Turismo’s a video game, it’s also a movement,’ Yamauchi begins. ‘That’s something I can be proud of.’ It’s true, GT Sport isn’t just a game any more – and it’s not ‘the real driving simulator’ either, as its old tagline used to claim. Now GT Sport can be anyone’s ticket to an FIA-certified world championship – all you need is a PS4, a copy of the game and some serious talent. But it all started quite inauspiciously with Motor Toon Grand Prix,…