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CAR UK March 2019

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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this month on planet car

Hump day Between hot laps on the Lamborghini Huracan Evo’s launch in Bahrain, CAR’s James Taylor managed to test this locally-made hybrid. What it lacks in horsepower it more than makes up for in ground clearance. Regular CAR photographer Charlie ’ Magee was on hand to grab the slowest panning shot we ve ever asked him to take. First Drives, p34 Pizza wheel A busy month for European editor Georg Kacher: he was involved in a hot Bugatti news exclusive, our super-SUV Giant Test and ’ the Porsche 911 test with Gavin Green and Ben Miller. So you ll understand that when he briefly stopped for a pizza in Lucca ’ , Tuscany, on our Italian – supercar for a moment twin test, – part he wasn of him ’t driving couldn a t…

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‘the 911 has rarely looked better than in 996 turbo guise’

IT’S THERE MOST mornings. In summer its black paint is lustrous in the morning sunshine; in winter its Coke-bottle curves brood beneath beaded ice. But it always looks stop-and-stare sensational. There isn’t much wrong with the 911’s profile, hence Porsche’s steadfast refusal to even think about changing it, but I’d argue – contrary to the rose-tinted accepted wisdom, perhaps – that it’s rarely looked better than in the 996-generation Turbo guise. So if I had the means, that’s a car I’d buy tomorrow. Actually, scratch that: this afternoon. Complex and expensive to maintain, certainly, but I don’t think I’d struggle to find a way to keep fit a car so good to drive, so handsome and so exhilaratingly versatile. £50k will get me a nice one, and it stars in our…

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bugatti: a new horizon, approaching less rapidly

STUTTGART HELPS OUT Upcoming Bugatti Royale saloon to be based on new J1 architecture, as developed for the new Porsche Taycan. It’s Bugatti’s first shared platform, though the luxurious Bug will be much longer than the Porsche. IT’S ELECTRIC Unlike the 16-cylinder Galibier saloon concept shown a decade ago, the new Royale is a pure EV. Expect triple electric motors delivering around 870bhp via all four wheels, and juiced by solid-state batteries. ‘FIRED, MY LADY?’ Royale will use carbonfibre and exotic metals to help trim weight, and may be available in a range of bodystyles. Your chauffeur should be worried – Level 4 autonomy is on the cards, meaning eyes- and hands-off at times. ANOTHER WORD FOR SUV Boss Winkelmann says SUVs are banned, but those semantics allow for a lower, curvier crossover, due 2023. Will tap…

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renault turns itself inside out with new clio

‘TO NOT DO a revolution is a revolution for a French car!’ jokes Laurens van den Acker, Renault’s vice-president of design. So it’s less guillotine, more photocopier for the exterior of the all-new Clio 5. You might need a second glance to spot the sophisticated sculpting of the body panels, the much tighter panel gaps, and the evolved headlamp shape that now includes the Megane’s C-graphic. ‘But inside it is a revolution,’ says van den Acker. ‘With Clio 4, we were so busy reinventing the Renault design language we didn’t have time to sweat the details. This time I spent 70 per cent of my time on the interior.’ To ensure Clio owners don’t feel like second-class citizens, materials and tech have taken a step forward. ‘We needed to dramatically improve perceived…

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the engineer’s time has come

THE SEEDS OF doubt had been swirling around Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene since the middle of 2018, when the team’s world title campaign went off the rails. The Scuderia had the best car on the grid, yet Mercedes – under the technical leadership of James Allison, sacked by Arrivabene two years previously – repeatedly embarrassed them. Instead of leading the team forward during these difficult moments, Arrivabene withdrew into himself and rebuffed the media. He criticised team members and became embroiled in intra-team politics, most noticeably with technical director Mattia Binotto. When decisions started to be made over his head, such as the hiring of Charles Leclerc, it was clear that the long-term prospects of the 61-year-old from Brescia didn’t look good. And then, a week into 2019, the inevitable…

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3 more reasons why ferrari will be strong in 2019

THE DRIVERS With Charles Leclerc joining Sebastian Vettel, the team has the strongest driver line-up on the grid. Leclerc is good enough to challenge for the title in his first season, if the car is still good enough. THE CAR Although the results didn’t always reflect it, Ferrari had the fastest car in 2018. Technical continuity means the 2019 car should be strong as well. THE RULES Ferrari’s engine was believed to be thirstier than Merc’s last year. With an increased fuel allowance this year, from 105kg to 110kg, the boys in red will be able to spend more time on full gas.…