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CAR UK September 2019

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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For the disrupters – Tesla, Lucid, Rivian – their first electric car is simply their first car. For them, there’s no decision to make with regard to wiping the slate clean or otherwise: there is no pre-existing slate to wipe. But for the world’s more storied automotive players, the nature of their first mass-produced battery-electric vehicle is an interesting indicator of their state of mind. The content are tending toward conservatism, the more restless toward radical re-invention. Mercedes’ EQC is the product of a company pretty happy with its lot. Profits may have slipped in 2019 (in part because of the vast investment electrification and autonomous tech demands, recently retired CEO Dieter Zetsche has admitted) but Mercedes is confident: confident that it’s making the right kind of cars, and confident in the…

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new glory

America’s sports car becomes a global challenger with the imminent arrival of the C8 version of the Corvette: still powered by a pushrod V8, still fibreglass bodied, but now mid-engined and ready to rival high-performance European two-seaters. And for the first time, Corvettes will be built at the Kentucky factory with right-hand drive. Born in 1953 as America’s MG TF, Corvette’s once tawdry reputation, based on poor build quality and boorish manners, is ancient history. Fending off import and domestic challengers – Ford’s Thunderbird, Dodge’s Viper, every Porsche – has been the Corvette’s cause for ages. But now it goes up a division, as the 2020 model will be the long-rumoured mid-engined edition. Corvette patron saint Zora Arkus-Duntov – not the car’s creator, but its champion within GM for two decades –…

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a corvette for the uk

Yes, you read that right. We asked GM Europe, and they told CAR: ‘We can confirm that the next generation Chevrolet Corvette will be built as a right-hand-drive variant and will officially be sold in the UK. This is a milestone for us, with the UK being one of the most important sports car markets in the world.’ But at the moment GM is not offering any details on UK price, timing, spec or distribution channels. The challenge there is that since GM sold Vauxhall/ Opel to PSA, GM in Europe has been little more than a maker of diesel engines, so there’s no established dealer network through which to sell the Corvette.…

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bugatti eyes ev… stretched flying spur rumoured… dieselgate still haunts audi

The Bugatti Chiron is hitting its sales targets, but CEO Stephan Winkelmann wants a second product to consolidate the well-being of the marque. Two main options are currently rumoured. One is a million-euro electric crossover, developed with the help of R&D specialists EDAG and built by Magna, or perhaps involving a collaboration with Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac, who might be interested in selling Bugatti his 1850bhp C002 rolling chassis, complete with batteries and performance electronics. The plan is to build between 600 and 800 dynamic three-door crossovers a year. Alternatively, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche could share a new, still undefined electric hypercar architecture. It would take three forms: Porsche’s pending 918 replacement, an EV follow-up to the Chiron, and the tentative Lamborghini Superelletrico. An all-new Bentley will arrive in 2024 at the earliest.…

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new golf mk8: it’s your eight-point briefing

1 GTI AND R GET FASTER VW is preparing three fast Golfs; GTI, GTI Cup and the all-wheel-drive R. The 232bhp GTI is an evolution of the original concept, complete with cloth upholstery. The 286bhp Cup adopts the more extrovert livery of today’s TCR, including bigger wheels, more spoilers, extra warpaint and a go-faster interior. The Golf R retains the 2.0-litre engine but power leaps to 328bhp. Aided by a 37lb ft torque boost, 0-62mph drops to 4.5sec. 2 THEY DON’T ALL LOOK THE SAME Big-ticket Mk8s get more chrome, five-point LED lights up front, twin exhausts (round or rectangular, depending on engine) and bigger rims. The GTI gets a standalone visual treatment with added black and red accents, bespoke wheels, diamond-shaped daytime running lights, a wider track and lowered suspension. All GTIs…

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it’s the new 911, more and less

The new 911, the 992, was introduced in Carrera S and 4S forms, and has since seduced everyone who’s been anywhere near it. Blame a stunning interior, bewitching driving dynamics and such weight of desirability you wonder why anyone else even bothers. Now the new 911 is here in non-S Carrera guise, both as a coupe and as a convertible. Much stays the same. Same elegant cockpit, complete with 10.9-inch touchscreen, same handsome exterior (the 992 Carrera and Carrera S use the same body), same ultra-safe Wet mode and same fundamental engine hardware: a twin-turbo 3.0-litre flat-six and eight-speed twin-clutch transmission. While the Carrera retains split front and rear wheel sizes, those wheels are an inch smaller: 19s up front, 20s at the rear. The Carrera also carries smaller brakes within those wheels,…