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CAR UK November 2019

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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‘re-read those sentences; in both, the word you is absolutely key’

Almost exactly a century ago, in the summer of 1919, John Alcock and Arthur Brown climbed into their Great War bomber (a Vickers Vimy, powered by a couple of Rolls-Royce engines) and took off to fly the Atlantic – the first time it had been crossed by aeroplane non-stop. Challenging from the moment their wheels left the rough Newfoundland airfield, the flight saw the two airmen face down the full force of one of this planet’s most hostile environments, ‘safe’ in the knowledge that, if they went down, well, that would be that. They were so overloaded they barely cleared the first line of trees. Later, fog made navigation impossible, and when that gave way to a snowstorm the effect of the freezing temperatures on their minds and bodies (their heated flying…

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luxury’s new dawn

Forget the EQC and the plug-in hybrids Mercedes has released over the past two years – it’s the all-electric Vision EQS Concept that marks the real start of the three-pointed star’s bid for battery-electric domination. The four-seater is a gorgeous preview of Mercedes’ future in the luxury sector, with a zer0-emissions production version due in 2022 to sit alongside, rather than replace, the S-Class. Where the EQC hedged its bets, using a modified platform designed to take engines, the EQS is designed from the battery up as an EV. What’s more, the ideas showcased here will trickle down to smaller, future electric Mercs – the EQS’s platform can be adapted with different wheelbases and track widths. But the range-topping electric saloon will be first. While large luxury cars aren’t big sellers –…

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what the rivals are plotting

AUDI A8 Jan-Aug ’18 sales: 10,700 Jan-Aug ’19 sales: 13,428 Rumours circle about Audi killing off the A8 entirely, with product planners favouring an electric A9 based on the e-Tron GT concept. If an internal-combustion A8 does survive past 2021, the next gen will lean heavily on the Porsche Panamera. BMW 7-SERIES Jan-Aug ’18 sales: 34,115 Jan-Aug ’19 sales: 27,382 Like Mercedes, BMW plans to split its limos into 7-series and all-electric i7 derivatives for the next generation, with similar design cues to the upcoming i4 (pictured). It’s likely to be less dramatic than the EQS/S-Class mix. Expected in 2023. JAGUAR XJ Jan-Aug ’18 sales: 3961 Jan-Aug ’19 sales: 3145 Jaguar has confirmed that the XJ will live once more, this time as an EV built at Castle Bromwich, with production starting in 2021. Like the EQS, the XJ will use…

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concept 4: a designer’s defence

Even by recent BMW standards, this near-production-ready preview of 2021’s 4-series has an unpredictable twist, with a kidney grille so drastic it’s like dropping a California Reaper chilli on your Michelin-starredlunch. CAR spoketo Domagoj Dukec (pictured below), head of BMW brand design, to get his take on the polarising look. Dukec explains that the design can be traced back to 2017’s i Vision Dynamics concept, which had the same outline of a tall, slim kidney grille, albeit blanked off. ‘The i brand helps us to reinvent and see how far we can go with our icons. You have to make a big impact like a water bomb – you want to shock people.’ Dukec highlights the criticism drawn by the i3 and i8. ‘The reactions were all kinds, but that’s okay because…

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cayman and boxster: from flat-fours to full electric

1 IS THE ELECTRIC 718 SIGNED OFF? Not yet. The plan is still in its early stages, but engineers have a deadline looming before they must present something to execs. CEO Oliver Blume told CAR the brand has 12 months to ‘go right or go left’ and either fully electrify the Cayman coupe and Boxster roadster or retain a more conventional powertrain. 2 WHO THEY GONNA CALL? Porsche’s investment in Rimac is a big deal for its future electrified cars. While the Croatian electromobility start-up has had little to do with the Taycan, the first project to come from the partnership will be the electric Macan, ahead of any further developments with the small sports car project. 3 WHEN WOULD THE 718 GO ELECTRIC? Today’s 718 Boxster and Cayman twins will soldier on until 2023…

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time machines: the past in bugatti’s future

Last month in CAR , Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that the EB110-inspired Centodieci hypercar will be Bugatti’s last Chiron-based special. The third project of its kind under Winkelmann’s charge, it – together with the Chiron’s new speed record, 304.77mph – signals the end of a period of experimentation and the dawn of a new chapter, one that might aptly be called ‘getting down to business’. ‘The Divo was an exercise to get my people working on ideas they love, and to test how well we could work together,’ explains Winkelmann, who joined Bugatti from Audi Sport in 2018. ‘We saw a great reaction, and it was the same story with the Centodieci and La Voiture Noire. Essentially it was coachbuilding. Ettore Bugatti did the same, of course; he was one…