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Chat Specials Festive 2018

Published by TI Media Limited Chat Specials is the monthly series spin-off from one of Britain's best-loved magazines. With eight ‘Seasonals' and five ‘Best Ofs', the series captures the very best from Chat. with the most gripping and moving stories that will get everyone talking. There's much more than just explosive real-life, though, with fabulous fashion, bargain beauty, health advice you can trust, top travel tips, reliable recipes, and laughs and surprises galore. Plus there's 12 prize puzzles to pit your wits against. A fun package to keep you truly entertained.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
13 Issues

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Christmas is all about being there for those we love and we’re celebrating some amazing bonds in our festive special. Jade (pg34) helped her dad through his cancer battle, without a clue that soon she would be the one relying on his support. We honour the greatest of love stories this month. After 65 years of marriage, Hilda and Roy (pg16) were an utterly devoted couple, so it was no surprise that at the end, they couldn’t live without each other. Joanne (pg14) is facing the first Christmas without her mum this year, but from her grief has come a desire to save lives from her experience. There’s plenty of rejoicing this month. Katy (pg10) nearly lost both of her twin girls but even though Darcey and Eden were tiny – their…

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boxing day bloodbath

Teresa Bialy, 55, Wellingborough Sitting down for dinner with my daughter Daria, 25, she gave me a suspicious look. ‘So, what’s going on with you and Jan?’ she asked, smiling. ‘Nothing,’ I said. Daria raised her eyebrow at me. ‘Well, nothing yet!’ I laughed, turning red. A few weeks before, I’d put an advert out for my spare room. He kissed me and I felt like a teenager I lived in a big house and couldn’t afford to pay the rent on my own, so when my other tenants moved out, I was stuck. A few days later, there was a knock on the door. Wow! I thought, as I opened it. Standing in front of me was a handsome stranger with a friendly smile and gorgeous twinkling eyes. ‘Hello, I’m Jan,’ he said, reaching out his hand. ‘I’ve come about the…

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learning to fly

Renata Hozova, 48, Vancouver, Canada As I cooed over the tiny squirming bundle in my arms, a familiar rush of love washed over me. It was July 2010 and I’d just given birth to my second daughter, Raquel. ‘Isn’t she beautiful?’ I grinned to my husband Ryan, then 38. He was beaming. Then a doctor noticed Raquel had wounds on her hands and was missing a layer of skin from her knees down. As our baby was whisked away for tests, our happy bubble popped. Raquel was transferred to British Columbia Children’s Hospital and diagnosed with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare genetic skin condition that causes painful blisters. Sufferers lack collagen cells and are known as butterfly children… My little baby’s skin was as fragile as the wings of a butterfly. She’d have trouble swallowing and her skin…

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allergic to gravity

After feeling unwell for weeks, I was so frustrated. ‘What’s happening to me?’ I exclaimed. ‘I don’t know, love,’ my mum Claire, 52, admitted, worried. I was 14, and I’d had pneumonia for months. For a while, I’d started to recover, but then I just got worse again. Standing up, I’d get dizzy and feel sick. I had non-stop headaches and I felt exhausted. I’d been living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) – a connective tissue disorder – since birth, so I was fairly used to painful joint dislocation and not being able to walk great distances all the time. But this was something new… Lying down seemed the only way to stop the dizziness. But, as the years passed, I became increasingly frustrated. I had low blood pressure and just couldn’t concentrate anymore in the classroom. Doctors were baffled. And, by the time…

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that’s nuts!

These hilarious photographs show a wild red squirrel pushing a tiny shopping trolley filled with monkey nuts. Photographer Craig Doogan spent three weeks patiently waiting for the right shot after dropping his children off at school each morning. Craig, 38, said: ‘I dropped the kids off at school and went along to the woods for three weeks and left nuts on a log. I used different food each day so they weren’t getting the same thing, including hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, grapes and bits of apple and carrot. I captured a few pictures of the squirrels knocking the trolley over, but it took a while to get the one with the squirrel pushing the trolley. I was really chuffed when I got that one. Father-of-two Craig, from Dundee, captured the picture at Templeton Woods…

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picture this!

Cara Farrant, 28, Folkestone, Kent Handing me a small brown envelope, my dad, Ian, 55, smiled shyly. ‘I finally got them done,’ he said. Sitting next to him in his silver Seat Leon, I peeled opened the envelope. Inside were four passport photos – the one’s I’d been nagging Dad for weeks to get done. He needed them for a qualification card that allows him to drive the lorries for the removal company that I ran. But, pulling out the photos, I couldn’t help but giggle. ‘You look like a criminal in these!’ I laughed. Dad never really cared how he looked in photos, and he was always pulling funny faces and turning our family pictures into funny snaps. I’d never seen him looking so serious. ‘It looks like a mugshot!’ I said, giggling. ‘You’re not allowed to smile for passport…