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Chat Specials HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2019

Published by TI Media Limited Chat Specials is the monthly series spin-off from one of Britain's best-loved magazines. With eight ‘Seasonals' and five ‘Best Ofs', the series captures the very best from Chat. with the most gripping and moving stories that will get everyone talking. There's much more than just explosive real-life, though, with fabulous fashion, bargain beauty, health advice you can trust, top travel tips, reliable recipes, and laughs and surprises galore. Plus there's 12 prize puzzles to pit your wits against. A fun package to keep you truly entertained.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
13 Issues

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Sometimes all we need to get ahead in life is a little motivation, something that Aggie (pg32) proves. She never imagined what a cold would do to her little boy, but with a little motivation from his loving family, he performed a miracle. For years, Laura (pg40) was in denial about her weight, and never had the time to do anything about it. In the end it was her mum’s last words that motivated her to make a big change, and now she’s a completely different woman. Nothing will stand in the way of Melissa (pg10) doing whatever she can to give her little boy the life he deserves. He may be small, but he’s certainly proved that he is mighty. Even our pets need a bit of motivation at times, as we’ve seen with…

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what the doctor ordered

Rosalie Holland, 70, Leamington Spa Choosing my favourite picture of myself, I uploaded it to my new online dating profile and paid for my membership. My best friend Carol had convinced me to get back on the dating scene after I’d lost my husband Martin a few years earlier to kidney cancer. Me and Martin had gone on holiday to Turkey when he became ill on the flight out. Suddenly I felt so very lonely He’d been suffering with stomach pains for the entire journey out there, so when we got to the hotel, we headed straight to the hospital. Martin never used to complain, so we figured it was best to get it checked out. When we arrived, doctors ran a range of tests before giving us the devastating diagnosis. ‘I’m sorry, but Martin has kidney cancer,’…

5 min
no smoke without fire

Colin Jarvis, 55, Newton Abbot, Devon Sat at the dinner table with my fiancée Catherine, 54, tucking into a roast dinner, the atmosphere was tense. ‘You don’t even care about this wedding,’ she huffed. The food got stuck in my throat as I tried to swallow. She’d been off on one for the past few weeks and I was beginning to dread our special day. ‘Of course I do, love, please, let’s not get into another argument,’ I pleaded. ‘You’ve done absolutely nothing to help!’ she shrieked. She was getting herself more and more irate. I knew what was coming – she was about to snap. She picked up the bowl of roast potatoes and flung them at my head in fury. ‘I’m marrying a complete buffoon!’ she yelled in a rage. ‘Cath, stop!’ I cried. Moments later she came over to…

2 min
at first sight

Gemma Wilkes, 35, Bromsgrove Sipping a cup of tea, we made ourselves at home on the sofa. ‘Is that Ken Barlow?’ asked Eunice, 84, squinting at the telly as Corrie came on. My husband Matt’s nan had been suffering with blurry vision for a while. In February 2013, she was diagnosed with cataracts in her left eye. Me and Matt, 33, were lucky enough to have eyes like hawks. But the same couldn’t be said for our daughter Alice. The surgery had risks Born in February 2017, Alice had to see a doctor at just two days old. ‘We’re concerned about her right eye,’ he said. There was a problem with her red reflex – when shining a light into her eye, there was no red flash back. We were referred to a specialist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. ‘I’m afraid Alice…

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delivery man saved my life

Bunty Petty, 77, Taunton, Somerset I woke up in a daze and looked around me. ‘You’re in Musgrove Park Hospital, Mum,’ my daughter Diane, 54, explained to me. ‘What happened?’ I gasped, looking round at the ward. ‘You’ve had a stroke,’ she said gently. As the news sank in, I tried to recall my last few moments. I remember waking up and making myself a cuppa – milk, no sugar – and a biscuit. It was the same thing I did every morning. Before drinking it, I popped to the back garden to top up the bird bath. I didn’t want the birds going thirsty. As I went back inside, I left the back door unlocked. I needed to listen out for the delivery man, as I’d ordered some fence posts for the garden. I passed out on the floor That was…

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feline good

Meet the adventurous moggie who loves going walking with her owner. Charlie the cat has just started to be let off the leash by owner Fiona Milne, 50, when they go for long hikes together. Fiona introduced two-year-old Charlie to hillwalking slowly, first of all using a lead, but now lets her run free, picking her up if they see dogs on the path. Fiona, from Glasgow, says: ‘I started taking her out on a little harness, and we only take her to safe areas. ‘We tend to take her to places which are quite open, so we can see if there’s a dog coming and pick her up. ‘People stop us and say that they’ve never seen anything like it. ‘Being off the lead, she sticks by us. ‘We want to show people what a cat…