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Chat Specials APRIL SPECIAL 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Chat Specials is the monthly series spin-off from one of Britain's best-loved magazines. With eight ‘Seasonals' and five ‘Best Ofs', the series captures the very best from Chat. with the most gripping and moving stories that will get everyone talking. There's much more than just explosive real-life, though, with fabulous fashion, bargain beauty, health advice you can trust, top travel tips, reliable recipes, and laughs and surprises galore. Plus there's 12 prize puzzles to pit your wits against. A fun package to keep you truly entertained.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
13 Issues

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Happy spring everyone! Here at Chat, we’re just as excited as you are to see the sunshine, and we’ve packed this issue full of springtime cheer. With a beautiful floral guide, we’re sure you’ll find something to add to a fresh new wardrobe (pg34). We’ve also got some handy tips on spring cleaning (pg14). Still not in the mood? Take a look at some adorable animals for inspiration (pg54). Sometimes it’s easier to show our true feelings by writing them down. This month, our hearts go out to Joyce (pg10). She’s written a letter to her daughter Hayley, who she spent years trying to protect. In the end, though, there was only so much she could do. Rhona (pg36) has also written a letter this month, to her darling husband. Despite the difficulties life…

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living in the present

Mindy*, 36 Seeing a friendly face, I took my chance. ‘Excuse me, do you know where the lifts are?’ I asked the kind-looking gent in the office corridor. ‘Oh, I actually don’t, sorry, I’ve just started today!’ he replied. ‘That’s weird, me too!’ I giggled. Tom* and I got on straight away, and in a very short space of time, it felt like I’d known him for years. Our office friendship at the construction company we worked for quickly became romantic. Tom admitted after a few months that he was in the process of divorcing his wife, who he described as ‘abusive’. ‘I’m so sorry, I’d never treat you like that,’ I reassured him, feeling sad for what he’d been through. But when I met his family, his sister confided in me that she knew he was still seeing…

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caught in the act

Marie Cole, 38, Plymouth Walking through the door, I called out to my nan. ‘Hello!’ I cheered. I was just popping in to check on her – I always worried she’d get lonely living alone since my grandad died. I visited as much as possible and we’d become even closer since she’d moved to Plymouth, to be nearer to us all 10 years ago. My sister Jodie, 34, and I often took it in turns to nip in. I bumped into Sue, 60, one of Nan’s carers on my way to the living room. ‘Hi love, I’m just making a tea - do you want one?’ she offered. ‘No thanks Sue, it’s only a flying visit,’ I smiled. Sue had been caring for Nan for more than six years. Although I only saw her on the odd occasion, as she…

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animal lover

John Yates, Plaistow Putting together the final touches to my cart, I was ready to set off on my next challenge. It was September 2019, and I was about to embark on a 300-mile cart pulling challenge, to raise money for Brooke, the working horse and donkey charity. I’ve always been a big animal lover and after completing a 900-mile cycle last year for the Senior Staffy Club, I decided I would take on a big challenge each year. So, with my 50kg cart behind me, I made my way through Shrewsbury, Kidderminster, Worcester, Gloucester, Cirencester, Swindon and Salisbury. Trekking for anything up to 12-hours a day, it took me a month to get back home. Due to the early autumn flooding, I was pushing my way through inches of water. But with just my cart to…

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pretty in pink

June Amos, 80, Kent Walking around London Zoo, I skipped past the tigers and lions and ran straight towards the panther enclosure. Since the cartoon Pink Panther landed on our screen’s way back when, I was obsessed. I may not have been watching in HD on a 40-inch screen, but I absolutely loved the panther. And my husband, Don, fully supported my love. Before leaving the zoo, he bought me an adorable big pink cuddly toy based on the cartoon character. It didn’t cost him much, but it was the perfect gift. Once home, I absolutely loved having Panther perched on the sofa. Our two children, Stephen and Suzy were now in their 20’s, so cuddly toys were no longer part of my life. It was nice having a cheeky little face staring back at me – and it…

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luck of the irish

St Patrick’s Day is the one day of the year when everyone is a little bit Irish, but how much do you know about the holiday? For many years, blue was the colour most associated with St Patrick. Green was actually considered unlucky. Blue was considered symbolic of Ireland for many centuries. In Chicago every year, the city dyes the river Kelly green. The dye lasts for about five hours, attracting thousands of spectators. Traditionally, every year, the Irish leader hands a crystal bowl full of shamrock to the US president. The shamrock, grown in Kerry, is immediately destroyed by the secret service after the exchange. Unsurprisingly, Guinness sales soar on St Patrick’s Day. Recent figures show that 5.5 million pints of the black stuff are downed around the world every day – on St Patrick’s Day,…