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Chat Specials FESTIVE SPECIAL 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Chat Specials is the monthly series spin-off from one of Britain's best-loved magazines. With eight ‘Seasonals' and five ‘Best Ofs', the series captures the very best from Chat. with the most gripping and moving stories that will get everyone talking. There's much more than just explosive real-life, though, with fabulous fashion, bargain beauty, health advice you can trust, top travel tips, reliable recipes, and laughs and surprises galore. Plus there's 12 prize puzzles to pit your wits against. A fun package to keep you truly entertained.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
13 Issues

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Christmas is a time of giving. No matter how big or small, it’s a chance to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us. Pennie and Frank (pg14) know that even the smallest detail can show someone just how much you care. Creating delicate, handmade cards, they make for the perfect Christmas gift. From cats and dogs to a sassy Santa, you’ll never want a boring Christmas card again! Giving doesn’t have to be in the form of a gift though. It can be a gesture that shows your love and commitment to a person. With his marriage on the rocks, Paul (pg56) was determined to make his wife happy. Switching the couch for the gym, he transformed his life and showed his wife just how much he cared. Determined…

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the party’s over new hope

Emily Casey, 24, from Darwen Rifling through the kitchen drawers, I cursed myself for not being organised. ‘There must be a pen in here somewhere,’ I said. Finally, an old biro popped its little head out from under a pile of old bills. ‘Yes! Got ya!’ I sung. I was compiling a list of things I’d need for my singledom celebration party and I wanted to make sure it went without a hitch. My ex, Luke Clark, 24, and I had recently parted ways after nearly eight years together, due to his aggression and terrible mood swings. I threw a Christmas party to celebrate We’d met when we were both just 16 and had quickly settled down together, and made a lovely life for ourselves. The two of us really were the best of friends. But when I fell…

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new hope

Landing on the ground with a thud, I banged my shoulder on the hard concrete, but I bit my tongue, tried my best not to cry out in pain. I didn’t want Luke to hear me from upstairs. I had no idea where he was, whether or not he was looking for me. I knew it was only a matter of time before he found me if I didn’t move. Scrambling to my feet, I ran to the next road. I didn’t dare look behind me. Thankfully, as I turned the corner, the taxi that Terri had called was waiting for me as she promised. Hauling myself in, I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I collapsed in the back seat. ‘Hospital, please,’ I whimpered softly. The poor cab driver looked shocked at the sight of me, but…

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do what you love

Kate Bryant, 52, West Sussex Walking down the street in my hometown, something caught my eye. I gained so many friends There was a flyer announcing that the local pantomime was looking for new members to join. I turned to my friend Tracy, 52, with a grin on my face – she raised her eyebrows back at me. ‘You’ve wanted to get back into it for years! We should join.’ ‘True’, I replied as I pondered over the flyer for a moment. ‘We’d only get small roles anyway,’ I said. I had always had a love for the pantomime, since I was a child – I’d always take part in local shows. Unfortunately, as I grew older my performing days had become a distant memory. But, now was the time to get back into it. Why the heck not? I thought…

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steps ahead

Amy Baddeley, 35, Stokeon-Trent Giving birth to my precious son Ben, I was glad when the experience was finally over. I’d had an awful pregnancy and the birth was really traumatic for both of us. In my third trimester, Ben had dropped dangerously low in my pelvis and he was being starved of oxygen. Unfortunately, doctors only picked up on this once he was born and was fighting for his life. Thankfully, Ben made it through, but me and my now husband, Gary, 43, noticed he was missing important milestones. Despite being our first child, we knew that something wasn’t quite right. He couldn’t sit up by himself and he constantly cried – the only time we could get him to stop was in the bath. For the next two years we were back and forth to the…

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picture perfect

When it comes to vintage auctions, you never quite know how they’ll go. With the likes of Antiques Roadshowand Cash in the Attic, viewers are often blown away by the amount collectables can sell for. An album containing the oldest ever photos of southern England, dating back to 1848, has been discovered and could fetch up to an astounding £70,000. Images of nature, scenic buildings, and portraits of workers were all captured by a technique developed by photographer Captain Thomas Honywood in a ‘historically important’ and ‘breathtaking’ collection. The earliest is a rural farm scene with a man standing by a fence from 1848. In another shot, is a group of men and boys in a study captioned, ‘Horsham Woodcutters’ dated back to 1850. Austin Farahar, Head of Photographics at Chiswick Auctions, where they will…