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Chat Specials July 2021

Published by TI Media Limited Chat Specials is the monthly series spin-off from one of Britain's best-loved magazines. With eight ‘Seasonals' and five ‘Best Ofs', the series captures the very best from Chat. with the most gripping and moving stories that will get everyone talking. There's much more than just explosive real-life, though, with fabulous fashion, bargain beauty, health advice you can trust, top travel tips, reliable recipes, and laughs and surprises galore. Plus there's 12 prize puzzles to pit your wits against. A fun package to keep you truly entertained.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
13 Issues

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It’s the season we’ve all been waiting for! Warmer weather, never-ending barbecues, and spontaneous dips in the sea – what’s not to love? This month’s magazine is packed full of seasonal inspiration and entertaining reads for you to enjoy in your back garden or on the beach. Find the tastiest treats for al fresco dining on page 61 and learn how to whip up a delicious chocolate pavlova for your dinner guests on page 56. If you are heading out and about, read our expert summer health hazard tips (pg50) and discover picturesque destinations in the UK that look like they are abroad (pg40). We hope to brighten your day with the tale of a pet duck called Spencer (pg58), who was left in a Primark bag on a brick wall last year. Fidelma’s…

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snap happy

On our jollies My pals and I had the loveliest day together swimming in the sea and sunbathing. Lauren, Cardiff Time for a tipple There’s nothing better than a cool pint in the sun on a Saturday. Monica, Bristol Feeling free This hike up Pen Y Fan was amazing until I realised I’d left my car keys up there once we’d already got to the bottom of the mountain. Immy, Barry Blooming beautiful I cannot get over how gorgeous my dad’s Wisteria is – it smells as good as it looks, too. Julie, Warwick Made with love This was the first homemade apple cake I’ve tried, and it was incredible. Max, Seaford Garden treats You cannot beat homegrown tomatoes, they’re so much sweeter than shop-bought! Amy, Falmouth Rock on! Look how gorgeous the sea looks through this tiny peephole. Donna, Luton1 Tasty treats I tried…

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pet crackers

Peekaboo! My pet gerbil, Vanilla, loves playing hide and seek inside my sleeve. Bryony, Wadhurst Naptime The second I stroke my cat’s head she falls straight to sleep, every time without fail.Stacy, Bournemouth Wakies! This little maniac goes berserk if you say the ‘W’ word. Soph, Glasgow Partner in crime My dog, Scamp, always insists on coming with me on a drive, even if he’s not invited. Tina, Cirencester THAT’S SO BRITISH GOING CAMPING AND THEN COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING COLD ALL THE TIME. WEARING SUNGLASSES OVER THE TOP OF YOUR READING GLASSES. LIVING IN FEAR OF SEAGULLS WHEN YOU’RE NEAR THE COAST.…

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up in flames

Standing next to my older brother Peter, 11, we looked up at our mum, Barbara, with big eyes. ‘Please can we camp in the garden tonight?’ Peter pleaded. ‘Go on then,’ Mum laughed as she played with our twin siblings, Robert and Sally, six. ‘Just stay in sight of the house!’ she said. Elated, we ran to tell our friends the good news. It was a beautiful summer’s evening in August 1969. We lived in the countryside in Mellor, Greater Manchester, and we were good mates with the kids on our street. Gathering our tent and sleeping bags, we headed down to the field at the bottom of our garden and set up camp. ‘Look what my mum’s given me,’ our friend, John*, 14, said, showing us a cooking stove fuelled by methylated spirits. ‘And I’ve even brought tea!’…

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the biggie!

When she was in Sixth Form at school, for what did BBC presenter and newsreader Fiona Bruce act as a model for? To find out, solve the crossword then read down the letters in the shaded squares to find the answer. ACROSS 11 Strong type of coffee (8) 12 Compact middle of a cabbage or lettuce (5) 13 Intense and often irrational fear (6) 14 Depend upon (4) 15 Small peach-like fruit (7) 16 Royal female, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana being the latest (8) 17 Indications displayed by a student driver (1,6) 18 Operating-theatre doctor (7) 19 Lupine animal (4) 21 Years in a golden wedding (5) 23 Nunnery (7) 24 ‘Sunshine’ state of America (7) 28 - - - The Engine, children’s story character (4) 29 Chest bone (3) 30 Sharp-witted (6) 33 Jumbled-up letters puzzle (7) 35 Automobile (3) 36 Wicked, bad (4) 38 Tolling item (4) 39 Navy drink…

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Swimming in the pool, I was having the summer holiday of a lifetime. It was 2011 and my family and I were on a one-week getaway in Egypt At 11-years-old, I was having the time of my life. The day before we were due to leave, I decided to go and get some food from the pool bar. Getting out of the water, I didn’t think anything of it – I’d done it plenty of times before on the trip. Only, this time, a wire tripped and I was electrocuted. The shock sent me flying six feet backwards into the air. Thankfully, I was deemed fit to fly home, but things were worse than they seemed. It turned out, I’d completely smashed up my femur and had extensive injuries. I’ve been a constant patient under the NHS ever since. Since…