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Classic Bike Guide April 2021

Classic Bike Guide is a down to earth, practical - and sometimes irreverent - magazine that gets right to the heart of the classic bike world. With a mixture of features, tests, reviews and event reports it is the title that has become a must for the active rider and restorer. Classic Bike Guide magazine - with the biggest and best readers adverts - FREE! Enjoy the digital edition - and save over 50% on the print susbcription price.

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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helping bsa riders go in the right direction

BRING YOUR BSA twin’s steering up to date with SRM’s steering head taper roller bearing kit. It includes the upper and lower bearing sets and is a direct replacement for the original ball bearings, cups and cones. The taper roller bearings are specifically designed to locate and support the steering head and front-end weight. They give a light, positive feel to your steering and will improve the general handling. If kept adjusted and well lubricated, they will last for years SRM say that one customer did 250,000 miles on a set of SRM taper roller bearings before he had to replace them. The set fits swinging arm, plunger and rigid models including A7, A10, B31, B33, Gold Star, M21, A50, and A65 models up to 1970. The set costs £49.22. Visit srmclassicbikes.com.…

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‘we will be back!’

A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO, A malfunctioning TV-monitor caused a disaster for the TOP Mountain Crosspoint motorcycle museum, in Austria. Many enthusiasts, including myself, had never heard of the museum; but it boasted almost 300 unique exhibitions. Tragically, the first time this amazing place was seen by many was when it was ablaze, and unfortunately was almost completely destroyed: the exhibits in the main hall were all irretrievably lost; 15 years of passionate work destroyed. Only the exhibits of the special exhibition “Indian Motorcycles” on the ground floor could be saved. “I had tears in my eyes and the hairs on my arms stood up. Devastating news, one of Europe’s most beautiful museums was on fire, I was shocked, just like the rest of the world. A big loss for all motorcycle…

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2021 triumph bonneville range

MOST MEN, WOMEN AND THEIR dogs know the rejuvenated Triumph brand has a parallel twin motorcycle styled and named after the ubiquitous Bonneville. Starting life at the Meriden factory, the bike that entered production in 1959 is not only the epitome of the British twin but, as far as many folk are concerned, was also the bike that dragged Triumph, kicking and screaming, from the Seventies into the Eighties. That bike not only saw the end of the Meriden concern, but it was also a Bonneville that has helped to support John Bloor’s Hinckley Triumph revival (though ironically he didn’t want a Bonneville at first) and, for 2021, there’s a new range. The first Hinckley Bonneville was launched in 2001, 11 years after the Hinckley Triumph was born, as a 790cc model…

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brough superior ss100

‘HA-KIDS, EH? DON’T KNOW they’re born’. Those often-ridiculed rug rats, wage-eaters, spoiled brats, call them what you will – but one of them, a young, vociferous lad by the name of George Brough, brought us and generations before us a range of motorcycles the likes of which we hadn’t seen, and never will see again. The Brough Superior was born from a young man’s enthusiasm – and a little egotism – to break away from the well-made and respected bikes and then motorcycles that his father, engineer William Brough was making in Nottingham. This was a momentous time, with industrial advances the likes no one had seen before. Coal was powering most moving machines and an intelligent engineer like William not only built his own house, but saw the revolution of personal…

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more ethanol in petrol from september

CLASSIC RIDERS WILL need to pick their petrol carefully from September. E10 petrol containing up to 10% ethanol will become the standard fuel available at petrol stations across the UK. The increased volume of ethanol could cause issues for classic riders. Ethanol attracts water, causing tanks to rust internally and rot out glass fibre and distort plastic tanks, damaging seals and destroying fuel pipes. To reduce the risk of damage, riders can use a range of fuel additives or move to E5 ‘super’ blends (Super unleaded), which will remain available at many filling stations but are more expensive. Not all super type petrols are ethanol-free and some use extra ethanol to increase their octane and RON ratings, so pick your fuel carefully. Esso Synergy Supreme petrol is ethanol-free in most of England and…

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optimate’s charger gets a boost

JUST AS HOOVER has become the eponymous word for a vacuum cleaner, OptiMate is a brand name that among motorcyclists has become a generic term for a battery charger. The latest model, the OptiMate 5 Select will save, charge and maintain all 6V and 12V lead-acid, AGM and Gel batteries for motorcycles, cars and vans, as well as recreational vehicles, like golf buggies and ride-on mowers. Connect the OptiMate 5 to the battery, select the appropriate voltage and it does the rest. If you accidentally choose the wrong voltage, the OptiMate will ask you to check before starting. Once confirmed, it will start diagnosing, recovering, charging, checking and maintaining completely automatically. There’s no risk of over- or under-charging and the OptiMate5 Select has built-in spark suppression, with automatic shut-down, if short-circuited or…