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June 8, 2020

Closer Weekly reports the latest news about a generation of celebrities who deserve to be called "stars"- from Dolly Parton and Doris Day to Michael Douglas and Paul McCartney. Along with health tips, decorating advice and delicious recipies, each issue is packed with features that you won't get in any other magazine.

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news now

REBA MCENTIRE Opens Up About Life in Quarantine In her recently rereleased single “What If,” Reba McEntire sings, “Feels like I’m living in a world gone mad.” But the country queen has found meaning in the coronavirus crisis. “My heart goes out to the folks who have been ill, who have lost loved ones, but it has been wonderful for me,” says the singer, 65, who sheltered in place with her sister Susie and brother-in-law Mark in Oklahoma, where the family had been planning the funeral of Reba’s mother, Jacqueline, who died of cancer at 93 on March 14. “To get to be with my little sister for the last two months is priceless. I’ve loved every minute of it.” The siblings stayed together at their late mother’s house. “We went through…

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hellos & goodbyes

● URBAN OUTFITTER He’s in with the in-crowd. On May 14, country star Keith Urban, 52, hit the stage at the Stardust Drive-In in Watertown, Tenn., to show his gratitude to healthcare workers, who were safely hunkered down in their cars. Said Keith, “Playing to people in cars was really the baseline of it. And the fact that drive-ins still exist? Who knew, man? I knew there were a handful of them around, but not to the extent that I started discovering them everywhere.” ● PLAYING A PART No He-Man is an island. Expanding on their Thank You Heroes initiative, toymaker Mattel has introduced more items honoring pandemic frontline workers, including a new Matchbox set featuring an ambulance, garbage truck, grocery delivery van, news helicopter, mobile hospital, package delivery van and police car;…

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picture perfect

PHIL DONAHUE Wears It Well Talk about devoted husbands! “My brother Tony sent this [shirt] to Phil today and he loves it,” Marlo Thomas, whose paternal grandparents were immigrants from Lebanon, revealed May 6. The couple celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on May 21 and co-authored a new book, What Makes a Marriage Last. “Marlo is very good at shortening disagreements,” Phil tells Closer, “and I’m grateful.” LEEZA GIBBONS Struts Her Stuff “Rewinding some classic dances and trying to lose my inhibitions for our [May 21] Leeza’s Care Connection Virtual Senior Prom,” she said May 18. “The jerk? The monkey? The pony? Yep…bringing ’em all back!” MARIA MENOUNOS Drinks in the Fun “Mom-arita, anyone?” Maria shared May 9 — and she also shared the recipe to this delicious drink on her Instagram page! BINDI IRWIN Heads Up! Looks like Bindi and…

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what i’ve learned at 90

Actors who are directed by Clint Eastwood always talk about how quickly he works — one or two takes, and they’re on to the next scene. “Everybody accuses me of moving fast,” Clint says. “I don’t move fast. I just keep moving.” Maybe that’s why he’s still going strong, even as he turns 90 on May 31. “You’re as young as you feel, as young as you want to be,” explains Clint. “You have to enjoy getting older — that’s the most important factor. It’s a mental attitude.” To keep himself mentally sharp, Clint has practiced meditation for more than 40 years. “I do it twice a day, and it works great because it gives you a chance to gather your thoughts,” he says. “I’m religious about it when I’m working.” Of course,…

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his amazing untold story

With his powerfully deep voice, William Conrad immediately commanded attention. Now imagine being his son. “As a kid, it was something getting yelled at by him — he was particularly effective,” Christopher Conrad tells Closer of his father. “You wouldn’t guess it, because his voice came off as so gruff and intimidating, but he was a loving, wonderful, sweet man.” Short and rotund, William didn’t look like a traditional star, yet he found success in films (playing one of the title roles in 1946’s classic The Killers), radio (he was the original Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke) and television (with the crime dramas Cannon and Jake and the Fatman). “He was just a fascinating man with a lot of charisma,” Charles Tranberg, author of William Conrad: A Life & Career, tells Closer.…

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cannon’s canon

THE KILLERS “He preferred villains” like in 1946’s film noir to “boring best friend roles,” says biographer Charles Tranberg. GUNSMOKE William lost weight and posed for photos in hopes he could reprise his radio role as Matt Dillon on TV, but producers went with James Arness. CANNON “He was unfazed by what people thought of him,” Tranberg says of William’s TV P.I. JAKE AND THE FATMAN William’s son, Christopher, says his dad and co-star Joe Penny “did not like each other, but they were professional.”…