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Coins March 2021

Since its inception, in 1955, Coins magazine has been a hobby leader in providing collectors with important and timely information key to making wise decisions on what to collect and how to collect. With monthly contributions from leading hobby experts, it's your one-stop hobby source. Get market trends, buying techniques, and historical perspectives on all aspects of coins (numismatics). Each issue delivers in-depth analysis, up-to-the-minute valuations, answers to all of your coin questions and more!

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3 min
2009-s proof jefferson nickel

Hello, I have been trying to find out if anyone else has found a 2009-s proof Jefferson Nickel with this clashed die. It is strongly clashed on the obverse and reverse with the most prominent clash showing both of Jefferson’s eyes visible in the word Monticello on the reverse. There are many more besides that. I would advise everyone who has a 2009 proof set to check the nickel for this clashing. I had mine certified by the ANACS. Please let me know if you find one. I can’t seem to get any information on it which may show how rare it is. Thank you for your help. John Dunkle jdunkle45@gmail.com Hi, hope you all are doing well, healthy, and safe. Received this quarter in change today and as you can see the…

3 min
1878 morgan $1 varieties all worth owning

THE 1878 Morgan dollar is extremely historic, but it can get confusing because there are a number of different 1878 Morgan dollars. All are worth knowing – and probably owning. The Morgan dollar had been created by the Bland-Allison Act. Many people today may overlook the fact that it was not warmly received at the time. The Morgan dollar was replacing the Trade dollar. The Congress in 1876 had revoked the legal tender status of the Trade dollar allowing them to trade it as 420 grains of .900 fine silver. The price of silver had dropped and many were unpleasantly surprised to find that they would get far less than the $1 face value. Under the circumstances, no silver dollar was going to be well-received. The first Morgan dollars were produced in March…

7 min
gold we might still afford

THE PRICE of gold in the year 2020 jumped to over $2,000 per ounce, at least for a short time. It has settled down since then, but plenty of us think this “settling” may be a lull before some greater storm. And while the cynics among us will routinely comment that the best time to buy gold is always six months to a year ago, it might be possible to put together a collection of modern or classic gold coinage today, even without a time machine or crystal ball. Let’s see just which series of gold coins might have some potential to them, even while gold rests at about $1,750 per ounce. First, the United States gold Eagles If we have the cash on hand, the United States one-ounce gold Eagles are…

8 min
u.s. mint receives five coin of the year nominations

This global pandemic we are finding ourselves living through has put a damper on many things. But, the annual Coin of the Year Awards is not one of them. The nomination process for the 2021 Coin of the Year Awards did look a bit different this year, as travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines did not allow the nomination committee to meet in person. Despite that, the committee came together virtually on November 3, 2020, to consider 400 coin nominees curated by more than 45 issuing entities from around the world. In the end, 100 nominees – 10 coins in each of 10 award categories – emerged. “Our COTY Nominating Committee traditionally has met in person to review and nominate coins from a large printed catalog of potential candidates,” explained Tom Michael,…

11 min
draped bust cents, 1796-1807

WHEN COIN COLLECTING became a national hobby in the 1850s, the first coins to be saved were the old large cents struck before 1857. And then, as now, the most popular series was the Draped Bust design made from 1796 through 1807. Despite their fame among serious collectors, we know little about how the artwork was created and even the name of the artist for certain. It all began in the early summer of 1795. The first director of the mint, David Rittenhouse, had taken the job in April 1792 at the insistence of President George Washington despite bouts of ill health that kept him away from the Mint days at a time. Finally, in the spring of 1795 Rittenhouse realized that he could no longer function effectively and submitted his…

10 min
collecting saints on a budget

A COUPLE OF decades ago, I read Ken Grimwood’s fascinating science fiction novel, Replay. Even though my wife is no fan of science fiction, she also read Replay and found it quite entertaining. Improbably, the book begins with the death of its main character, Jeff Winston, at the age of 43. Unlike all other deaths, however, Winston’s demise marks the beginning of his next life, as he resurfaces in his 18-year-old self, back in his college dormitory room with all his previous memories intact! Actually, Winston’s replaying happens repeatedly, with Winston making different decisions each time. This, of course, begs the question, “What would you do if you could live your life over knowing what you know now?” Would you do as Winston does during his first “replay” and bet on horse…