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Coins October 2021

Since its inception, in 1955, Coins magazine has been a hobby leader in providing collectors with important and timely information key to making wise decisions on what to collect and how to collect. With monthly contributions from leading hobby experts, it's your one-stop hobby source. Get market trends, buying techniques, and historical perspectives on all aspects of coins (numismatics). Each issue delivers in-depth analysis, up-to-the-minute valuations, answers to all of your coin questions and more!

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the morgan dollar part i

ALTHOUGH NOT always true, one of the most popular silver coins today is the Morgan dollar of 1878–1921. In the early 1980s these coins in high grades were subject to a fast-paced demand; at the present time the interest is still there but at a more relaxed tempo. As with most coins the Morgan dollar did not spring unannounced into the monetary system but instead had a long history behind it. The first United States silver dollars were struck in October 1794. These pieces were based on the Spanish 8 reales, a coin which was in widespread use in America, before and after the Revolutionary War. The U.S. version was heavily exported to China, however, and regular coinage was suspended from 1804 until 1840. During the nineteenth century silver played a crucial…

3 min
always check your change

This dates all the way back to 1971. My mother worked as a bookkeeper for a full-service gas station. I would tag along to see what cool cars they were working on at the time. One hot afternoon, I wanted a Coke, put my quarter in the slot, opened the and pulled out my Coke. Waited for my change, yes that is right, change. Out dropped two Buffalo Nickels, 1915 D and 1914 D. I hadn’t ever seen one before. Asked the mechanic and he said they quit making those back in ‘38. I ran off the local library and did some research. Wow was I surprised. Went back to gas station and proceeded to empty the Coke machine. I had an upset stomach for the next two days. In…

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ngc celebrates 50 million coins, tokens and medals certified

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC® ) has now certified more than 50 million coins, tokens and medals, becoming the first third-party coin grading service to reach that major milestone. Fifty million coins represents numismatic rarities from the dawn of coinage to the modern day, some recovered from the depths of the ocean and others that have been flown to the moon. Founded in 1987, NGC is the world’s leading and largest numismatic certification service, employing an expert team of more than 35 full-time graders and hundreds of support staff with offices in the United States, Great Britain, Germany and China. NGC also has a network of over 20 Official Submission Centers and thousands of Authorized Dealers in countries around the globe. “NGC is honored by the incredible support of collectors and dealers over…

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the arizona collection of u.s. large cents to be offered at heritage auctions

A discerning eye taking advantage of important opportunities led to the formation of The Arizona Collection of United States Large Cents, a special collection named after the home state of the shrewd collectors who assembled it. The trove features more than 150 coins, mostly within the Condition Census for their individual varieties. These coins carry the provenance of many collectors including Boka, Eliasberg, Holmes, Husak, Koshkarian, Naftzger, Pogue, Reiver, Starr, Twin Leaf and several others. This Arizona collector chose some of the best examples out of those past collections. The collection spans from 1793 to 1857, including exceptional quality and historically important examples of all types that will be offered without reserve during Heritage Auctions’ Florida United Numismatic Convention U.S. Coins Auction in January 2022. The FUN Convention is slated for…

7 min
saint-gaudens lesser known gold

VIRTUALLY EVERY collector who has any knowledge of classic United States coins knows that the famous sculptor, Augustus St. Gaudens, designed the $20 gold double eagle image that bears his name today. This St. Gaudens design is routinely touted as one of the most beautiful coins ever minted, with an artistry plucked straight from classic Greco-Roman imagery. There are some high rarities at both ends, the early ones of 1907 being those in terms of design elements, and those at the tail end in 1933 being in terms of the legality of private ownership. Yet Mr. St. Gaudens did more than design a single type of gold coin for the United States. His work extends to what are often called the Indian Head $10 eagles. Let’s take a look into…

5 min
we’re all gonna die!

Isn’t that a catchy title? It certainly caught my eye at the top of a CoinTalk (CT) thread I joined recently. The original poster (OP) began by recounting the story of a recent COVID-19 victim, a physician, who willed his $20 million sports card collection to his family. The collection is going to be or has been auctioned. The OP’s question? “I’m curious to know if you already [have] some arrangements’ about your coin collection in the event of your death. Or maybe you just want your family to liquidate it in a big yard sale?” The first answer came from a collector of ancient coins. He wrote, “Bury me somewhere in Gaul in Roman legionnaire clothing with all my coins. Hope I’m not found for a while. Future historians [will] think…