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Bilingual magazine Italian/English. The most complete compendium on modern sportswear and streetwear. Research fashion labels, trend setting brands, the most innovative designers. From street to international catwalks, passing through trade exhibitions, a three monthly which gathers together and previews all the sector trends. 4 issues per year. Il più completo compendio dello sport e dello streetwear contemporanei. Le fashion label di ricerca, i marchi che fanno scuola, i designer più innovativi. Dalle strade alle passerelle internazionali, passando per i saloni specializzati, un trimestrale in grado di raccogliere e anticipare tutte le tendenze del settore. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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faraway and yet always current times

I RICORDI E I RETROTERRA DEGLI ANNI ’80 E ’90 NELLA NUOVA COLLEZIONE DEI DANESI LE FIX Memories and passions for their own background in the period between the mid-Eighties and the beginning of the Nineties are the basis on which the s/s 2016 collection by Le Fix has been conceived and created. By making use of a clean and unmistakable image, the brand has successfully tried to recreate those special feelings, lifestyle and culture that have captured its creative minds and trained them both as single individuals and as a collective. A recent age where art and hip-hop style were growing at the same time, supplied, some years later, by the rise of casual football culture. The general visual identity has been achieved through tones like white and contaminations of navy…

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made in italy from hawaii

NO KA’ OI, L’ACTIVEWEAR ITALIANO CHE SI ISPIRA AL RINOMATO ATOLLO USA E AI SUOI PARADISIACI COLORI The design is Italian, to be more precise from Bologna as the trademark holder is Rilievi Group, but the inspiration is 100% Hawaiian. The brand No Ka ‘Oi incorporates the spirit of actionwear couture in the Resort 2016 collection. Launched in 2014, No Ka ‘Oi means “the best” in Hawaiian language, a goal that the label is pursuing when it comes to design and lifestyle. The new collection features four signature ranges: ‘Color Block’, ‘Color Wave’, ‘Black Pack’ and the fashion collection with a classic couture inclination. Influenced by twentieth century modern art, the Resort 2016 collection uses an engaging, energetic, cool palette that includes lime green, pink, orange, aqua. Silhouettes are colourful, cheerful,…

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a new (and old) menswear philosophy

CAMIEL FORTGENS, UN DESIGNER OLANDESE CONTRO LA CULTURA DEL COPIA-E-INCOLLA Born in 1991, Camiel Fortgens is a young designer who already has very clear ideas. He argues that we all struggle to be the next and the new, no matter how. Any combination of materials, colours, patterns, references to periods and cultures is permitted as long as it has the appearance of the new. In fashion this approach translates into a total mashup and a celebration a the copy-and-paste culture. The rapid duplication of images, aided by new media, makes it impossible to trace their original source and context. Today’s fashion, according to Camiel, no longer serves to protect, to support or even to break taboos. It only serves consumerism, it only satisfies an infinite appetite for something new. We have…

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the aftermath of dystopia

3.PARADIS, UN AFFASCINANTE VIAGGIO FASHION TRA LA TECNOLOGIA E IL SUO OPPOSTO, LA NATURA ‘Post Dystopia’ is the title of the Spring/Summer 2016 by 3.Paradis, the Canadian label founded by Emeric Tchatchoua, French of Cameroonian origin, and Raymond Cheung, born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents. Dystopia is, as a matter of fact, the opposite of utopia: an imaginary community where life is not desirable and can even be frightening. Dystopias are often characterised by dehumanisation, environmental disasters and general social cataclysm. In short, mankind in a dystopian scenario faces rather critical situations because of too much dependance from machines and the loss of “its own world”. Technology nowadays dictates the timetables of our lives and steals away our freedom. In addition, according to 3.Paradis, one cannot distinguish between “good technology”…

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a cornucopia of originality

UN’ALTRA SORPRENDENTE EDIZIONE DI LONDON COLLECTIONS: MEN The four days of undiluted originality of the last edition of London Collections: Men made my head spin in the best possible of ways. Why? Because of the appearance of unmistakeable new trends like wide fluid trousers, long linear overcoats and the return of monochrome for example. Because of J.W.Anderson pattern tops and denim pieces. Because of Alexander McQueen tailored elongated silhouettes and bold Op art motifs or delicate floral patterns. Because of Sibling patterned denim and super gorgeous knits. Because of James Long jeanswear, knitwear and outerwear. Because of the courageous mix&match at Coach. Because of the oversize volumes for trousers and round shoulder for tops and jackets at Christopher Shannon. Because of Katie Eary gradient tones. Because of Craig Green martial art references.…

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blue is the new black

UN’OTTIMA SELEZIONE DI PRODOTTI ORIGINALI ALL’ULTIMA EDIZIONE DI JACKET REQUIRED A devoré technique for a pale blue chambray shirt at Libertine-Libertine. Brushstroke camouflage patterns at Chatman and Garbstore. Pale pink denim at Wåven. A return to the authentic roots of jeanswear at Blue Collar Worker and Made By Scrub. An entirely black and white story at Junk De Luxe, Han Kjøbenhavn, Alpha Lab, Volcom, Enter Accessories. Childlike embroideries at Hymn. Bags in army green waterproof materials at Millican, Porter Yoshida, Wood Wood. Streamlined classic and basic footwear styles at Product Of New York, Ten Points and even at Mark McNairy. Blue as the dominant colour, as denim effects abound on fabrics and on knitwear, but also berry tones, for example at Kommon Universe and Wood Wood, and lots of pastel, sorbet,…