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Bilingual magazine Italian/English. The most complete compendium on modern sportswear and streetwear. Research fashion labels, trend setting brands, the most innovative designers. From street to international catwalks, passing through trade exhibitions, a three monthly which gathers together and previews all the sector trends. 4 issues per year. Il più completo compendio dello sport e dello streetwear contemporanei. Le fashion label di ricerca, i marchi che fanno scuola, i designer più innovativi. Dalle strade alle passerelle internazionali, passando per i saloni specializzati, un trimestrale in grado di raccogliere e anticipare tutte le tendenze del settore. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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editor's letter in/out

In or Out? When my team and I choose the In/Out title for this issue, entirely focused on the most interesting and original Autumn/Winter 2018 collections from across the globe, we were most certainly not referring to the dreaded and dreadful What’s In and What’s Out lists. We were rather thinking alongside the lines of indoors and outdoors, hence the strong focus on outerwear in all photo shoots, with garments captured either in indoor and outdoor environments. We were indeed thinking more alongside the in and out of consciousness state, the mindfulness that is reachable through meditation. Perhaps because engaged in a process of cleansing from the barrage of impurities within the contemporary fashion scene and from the overload of information, data and content in contemporary life? Perhaps in search…

2 min
each one teach one

DAI BABY BOOMER AI MILLENNIAL, UN TRASCENDENTALE SIMBOLISMO RIVOLUZIONARIO A reflection on the powerful voice of an entire generation that became a revolutionary movement. The Autumn/Winter 2018 collection by 3.Paradis is a structured reference to the symbolism of shapes, details and finishes strongly influenced by the 1968 youth counterculture. Revolutionary ideas of the past and of the present interact in a cathartic emotional vortex, capable to transcend notions of time and space. Thanks to a poetic mix of different fabrics and materials, the mind moves through and is projected into contexts of violence, oppression, freedom, power, unity, peace and love. Alongside the current social situation of the millennials generation, the footprints left behind by the baby boomers generation, almost in anticipation of a future and imminent social revolution. Revisiting the 1948…

1 min
guerrilla group: sci-fi innovation

UNA SURREALISTICA ESPRESSIONE CREATIVA DAL PASSATO A combination of past history and futuristic science fiction takes over the latest collection by Guerrilla Group. Surrealistic creative expressions are built around the “Tilkhurst”, an imaginary spaceship inspired by the clipper where the British writer Joseph Conrad served in 1885. The garments are thought as space uniforms whose technicality is emphasised by the use of innovative futuristic materials such as Dyneema® and Apparent, the transparent and translucent leather invented by ECCO®. Il confine tra reale trascorso storico ed avventuristica fantascienza prende il sopravvento nella collezione di Guerrilla Group. La surrealistica espressione creativa del brand si erige attorno all’immaginaria astronave “Tilkhurst”, ispirata alla nave dove lo scrittore britannico Joseph Conrad prestò servizio nel 1885. I capi si concretizzano in uniformi spaziali enfatizzate nella loro tecnicità dall’utilizzo…

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cool urban armours

NILMANCE VESTE I NUOVI GUERRIERI METROPOLITANI Founded in London in 2015 by Mike Yeung, Nilmance offers clothes that celebrate the combination between function and beauty and the interaction between the garments and the movements of the body. Inspired by everyday life, the brand creates unique “sartorially anatomical” pieces with a perfect combination of technology and fashion as well as an attention to details, which become decorative and at the same time functional elements. Among the developments in the latest collection, the laminated water repellent material created to forge new prototypes of urban armours. Per Nilmance, brand fondato a Londra nel 2015 da Mike Yeung, ogni capo celebra un connubio tra funzione e bellezza: ispirato dalla quotidianità, dall’interazione tra gli indumenti e i movimenti del corpo, origina opere “sartorialmente anatomiche” uniche nel loro…

1 min
prim and proper

ALLA SCOPERTA DELL’ULTIMA COLLEZIONE FIRMATA SHUSHU/TONG Unveiled at the latest edition of Shanghai Fashion Week, ‘Quirky Aspirational Writer’, the latest collection by Shushu/Tong, is inspired by all those young girls who aspire to be writers. And who perhaps grow up to be modern day versions of Jane Austen or Chiung Yao or of fictional characters like Margot in ‘The Royal Tenenbaum’ by Wes Anderson or Peggy in the ‘Mad Men’ TV series. Established in 2015 in Shanghai by Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang, Shushu/Tong is a womenswear brand that successfully manages to combine “unabashedly feminine details deflated of primness by a cool relaxed attitude”. Presentata all’ultima edizione della Shanghai Fashion Week, la collezione ‘Quirky Aspirational Writer’ è ispirata a tutte quelle ragazze che aspirano a diventare scrittrici. E che magari crescono diventando…

1 min
a telematic generational thread

L’IRONICO SIMBOLISMO DI BRICKTOWN A telematic cable leads directly to the beating heart of the 1990’s, where iconic TV images recreate an era in which the pixels of an image could be counted with the naked eye. Humor and adolescent memories take shape in the latest collection by Bricktown through high quality ironic embroideries that aim at making us smile a languid smile in memory of beloved 8-bit video games. Each piece is defined by the designer Samuel David Benainous as a “conversation starter” capable of igniting an instinctive sense of belonging by leveraging symbols common to entire generations. Il telematico cavo conduttore di Bricktown conduce direttamente al cuore pulsante degli anni ’90, in cui rivivono iconiche immagini televisive di un’epoca in cui i pixel di un’immagine potevano essere contati a vista.…