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Country Life 08-Jul-2020

Published by TI Media Limited Country Life, the quintessential English magazine, is undoubtedly one of the biggest and instantly recognisable brands in the UK today. It has a unique core mix of contemporary country-related editorial and top end property advertising. Editorially, the magazine comments in-depth on a wide variety of subjects, such as architecture, the arts, gardens and gardening, travel, the countryside, field-sports and wildlife. With renowned columnists and superb photography Country Life delivers the very best of British life every week.

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it’s a load of rubbish

WHO really cares and understands about Nature and who is going to make the green recovery happen? Is it the uninformed masses, a radical minority of campaigners or those who already understand and do their best to care for the countryside? Since Covid-19 raised its ugly head, we’ve heard how wildlife has returned—emboldened by less human activity—and how we’ve become more at one with Nature, as life has slowed down. Unfortunately, some of these caring folk have been torching moorland, trashing national parks, polluting beaches and being rude to volunteers and wardens. There are so many contradictions flying about that it’s difficult to see who or what is going to bring any sense to the discussion about how the countryside—and its economy —should be restored. Our statutory bodies say they want to…

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we must seize the day

THE Government has missed an opportunity for a ‘Green New Deal’, say leading organisations such as the National Trust. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a £5 billion stimulus package to restart the economy last week, vowing to ‘build, build, build’, and to ‘build back greener’, but this promise has been met with dismay by environmentalists and other organisations. Mr Johnson’s statement on the ‘newt-counting delays in our [planning] system’ drew particular ire. Leading rural organisations, such as CPRE, the Countryside Charity and The Wildlife Trusts, have been calling for a greener recovery plan. Craig Bennett, The Wildlife Trusts CEO, says: ‘An economic recovery that puts investment in Nature first would reap big dividends in tackling the climate crisis… as well as tackling health inequalities and providing more jobs, skills and opportunities…

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by harold, he’s got it

AFTER 30 years researching the work and life of the great Edwardian garden designer Harold Peto (1854–1933), gardener and garden historian Graeme Moore seems to have finally struck gold. It was back in 1983 that he first saw Peto’s notebook, a handsome blue folio album with Garden Designs embossed on the spine. The book is kept at Dumbarton Oaks Library and Research Centre in Washington DC, US, where Moore was doing a summer fellowship. He pored over this treasure trove of more than 270 photographs and postcards of gardens, garden architecture, statues and ornaments with cuttings from journals—including plenty from COUNTRY LIFE —wonderful pen-and-ink sketch studies and designs on scraps of paper that he either pasted in or left loose. All were eventually linked to specific sites, but the places shown…

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good week for

Country Life A stellar night at the PPA Awards (the magazine Oscars) saw COUNTRY LIFE remotely walk away with 3rd place in the Magazine of the Year category (to be fair, they couldn't let us win two years in a row) and 2nd place in the Cover of the Year category (with the entry pictured) Fans of the apocalypse Those used to watching films about the collapse of civilisation, whether at the hands of aliens, zombies or anything in between, are more suited to lockdown life, say psychologists at the University of Chicago Rosy starlings The gorgeous rosy starling has been seen in all four countries of the UK this year, says the RSPB. The birds, named for their pink ‘vests' on their front and back, rarely travel this far west; the RSPB believes the…

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bad week for

Puppies The formula of seven years for a dog per one year for a human is wrong, say scientists, and your one-year-old puppy is actually 30. By analysing the genes of labrador puppies, scientists discovered that dogs age at different speeds during their lives; a one-year-old dog is about 30 in human years, but by the age of 14, dogs are in their seventies in human years. The new formula is very simple: it's Human Age = 16ln(Dog_Age) + 31 Hipster sparrows What started off as a song sung by a few white-throated sparrows in Canada has spread to become immensely popular in the population. The phenomenon offers insight into how birds learn; the song grew too quickly to be taught by parents, so it must have been ‘catchy'…

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worthy of old father time

Town & Country TIME is of the essence, as we all know, and two upcoming sales from Sotheby’s and Bonhams show that a decent watch or clock is, well, timeless. On July 14, Sotheby’s is to offer what curators say might be the first Tourbillon watch ever sold by Abraham-Louis Breguet, ‘the man who made time portable’. The watch (below right) was discreetly sold by Breguet to George III in 1808, during the Napoleonic Wars, and is ‘testament to the King’s fervent support of the sciences and horology,’ says Sotheby’s. ‘Abraham Louis-Breguet watches were the theory of everything in the early 19th century, incorporating all the scientific discoveries of the past centuries, the philosophy of the Enlightenment and the great vision of a man who revolutionised watchmaking and placed time and precision at…