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the sampler

A A Welcome from the Editor This makeover-filled issue should probably come with some sort of warning. Side effects may include: Dizziness from wrapping a rope around a concrete tube (pg. 18), lighthead-edness upon seeing incredible fixer-uppers for sale (pg. 32), and insomnia as your mind spins with questions like, “What color will I paint my front door this weekend?” (pg. 60) and “Does my garden need willow edging?” (pg. 38). Still, there’s just something about the chirpy optimism of spring that beckons us to do better—to feather our nests and cure what ails us, decoratively speaking. On the following pages, you’ll find easy spruce-ups for every space. (Psst: If you’re in the market for a new mattress, check out our new collection at!) I’m feeling especially chuffed to add some…

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turn this scene into a room

HUE FINDER What better than nature to steer you toward a fresh color combo? FIELD NOTES Wondrous Weeds Save for wish-making, the humble dandelion has a relatively bad rap as a pesky weed, but it’s actually quite useful. Considered herbs by some botanists, all of its parts are edible and many have medicinal properties (dandelion tea helps reduce inflammation). Their yellow flowers are among the first to bloom for bees in the spring, and they even predict the weather, as their petals close up like an umbrella to preserve pollen if rain is on the way. Wild for… Teal A perfect balance between green and blue, this trending hue provides a sophisticated sort of serene. perfect pairing! TEAL+TERRA-COTTA The color of the moment pairs particularly well with warm, earthy hues like terra-cotta, clay, and rusty reds, as shown in…

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where there’s a teal, there’s a way

TRANQUIL WORK SPACE Designer Sheila Bridges looked to the watery hue of her Swedish desk’s interior for the backdrop to her collection of Hudson River School paintings. AWASH IN BLUE A wrap of teal-hued cabinetry atop rust-colored brick flooring (see “Perfect Pairing,” pg. 10) makes for a rustic-meets-refined kitchen. TONE-ON-TONE ENTRYWAY Architect Steven Gambrel painted these walls and trim the same shade but in different finishes, then chose a darker hue to add depth and off set the door. BEACHSIDE DINING Patterned wallpaper (“Knit Large;”, teal trim, and rattan accents lend coastal vibes to a Jersey Shore home designed by Colleen Bashaw. FIELD NOTES How Antiques Lovers Do Teal If you gravitate toward all things blue-green, you may also be familiar with verdigris [vur-de-grees], the similarly hued patina that forms when copper, brass, or bronze is exposed to the…

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add a little…

BEDROOM BATHROOM KITCHEN EXTERIOR …Or a Lot! Coat a whole room with one of these six foolproof, editor-chosen shades within the seafoam-esque spectrum.…

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a pastoral picnic

“ANYTHING CAN BE A THEME FOR ME, even just the color blue,” says fashion designer Lela Rose (, who finds ample inspiration throwing down a blanket and taking in the aerial aesthetic outside her New York barn. That, combined with a collection of old blue textiles and a love of French pottery (the stacked china in the photo above consists of vintage pieces secured with hot-glue) sets a perfect picnic palette. Even the menu hits a few blue notes, with indigo-hued potatoes topped with caviar and a blueberry beverage featuring berries shipped from Maine ( “They’re perfectly sized, like a pearl,” she says. Here’s how to create your own stylishly serene blue-and-white scene. Menu Drink Blueberry Spritzer Recipe, pg. 84 Snacks Purple Potatoes with Caviar & Crumbled Blue Cheese Assorted Cheeses, Dried Fruit & Nuts DIY FABRIC…

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12 ideas with rope

No 1 Hanging Shelves Cut a one-by-six-inch board into two shelves; paint edges. Drill two holes in ends of each board, ⅓ inch from edge. Thread a length of jute rope through holes on one side of one board, gather rope at top, and hot-glue together. Wrap ends with thinner rope, holding in place with glue. Repeat with remaining holes. Paint a two-inch dowel, and thread rope over dowel. Hang with curtain rod brackets. No 2 Mason Jar Light Hot-glue manila rope to top three-fourths of a regular-mouth mason jar. Wrap the wire of a mason jar pendant light kit ($24; with cotton rope, and hold in place with glue. Thread light kit onto jar, and hang. No 3 Canisters Hot-glue jute or sisal rope to empty soup cans (you can use a can opener that won’t…