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Crime Scene is a 148-page quarterly magazine delving into the world of water-cooler crime drama on TV, film and in fiction. Covering the hottest crime drama, like Sherlock, True Detective, Fargo and The Bridge, and the latest novels from best-selling crime authors like Ian Rankin and James Ellroy. Crime Scene is packed with previews, interviews and features, on set-reports, reviews and series overviews. It brings the expertise, access and craft of Total Film and SFX to focus on the biggest and most popular genre of TV drama and of fiction: Crime.

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Welcome to the very first issue of new quarterly magazine Crime Scene. Inside these pages you’ll find a celebration of crime drama in TV, books and film. Our front section, Case Notes, is packed with interviews, previews and regulars – it’s your need to know for everything new in the world of crime drama. Post Mortem is our reviews section, filled with in-depth analysis of books and whole seasons of shows, while our features section delves deeper, behind the scenes. This issue is dedicated to Sherlock. We look forward to the Christmas special and Season 4 and revisit the previous three, then investigate the wider world of Conan Doyle’s fascinating hero. We also talk to author Jeff Lindsay about his creation, Dexter, and to director Brian Helgeland about directing two Tom…

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ANTHONY HOROWITZ Anthony Horowitz OBE is a novelist and screenwriter. His young-adult novels include The Diamond Brothers series, the Alex Rider series and The Power Of Five series, while his adult novels include Sherlock Holmes stories The House Of Silk and Moriarty. His latest novel, Trigger Mortis, the most recent in the James Bond series, is out now. GARRICK WEBSTER From Encyclopedia Brown to Dudley Brown, the Canadian journalist has devoured crime fiction since he first learned to read. He set up the website crimefictionlover.com in 2011, which is now a leading online resource. Current favourites include Jo Nesbø, Arnaldur Indridason and Adrian McKinty. EMMA DIBDIN A film and TV journalist with over seven years’ experience writing for publications including Total Film, Digital Spy and Heat. Her Sherlock Holmes obsession was fostered from a young…

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city of ghosts

Created & Written by: Abi Morgan Starring: Stellan Skarsgård, Lesley Manville, Eddie Marsan, Nicola Walker, Adeel Akhtar (BBC One) autumn Writing a cop show is really hard!” smiles Abi Morgan, the award-winning scribe behind films including Shame and The Iron Lady. “But then that wasn’t the motivation. To start with, it was really about the characters. On one level, yes, it is a cop show and that is the vehicle and the engine of it, but it is really an interrogation of grief and madness in its purest sense.” Meet John River, played by imposing Swede Stellan Skarsgård (best known for his movie work, from Good Will Hunting, to Marvel’s Thor and Avengers Assemble to his long-term working relationship with Lars von Trier), a troubled-but-brilliant cop dealing with a very fresh tragedy. Sound familiar?…

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i do this for a living the truth behind jobs in crime kieran crowley investigative journalist

THE REALITY “I always wanted to be a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper! When I was growing up and reading Clark Kent Superman stories and later seeing [Watergate investigators] Woodward and Bernstein and all the good they did, that’s what I thought I was going to be doing. I spent 36 years going to crime scenes and trials, working the neighbourhoods, talking to cops and interviewing killers. “My hobby was finding evidence that the NYPD missed. I actually located blood-stained clothing, and of course a lot of ‘fallen brass’: bullets and shells. I found a murder weapon once! I used to start at 6am, which is why my blog is called Murder Before Breakfast (kierancrowley.com/blog). I would go to the murder du jour – this one was in Queens. By…

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It looked like LONGMIRE had ridden off into the sunset last year when A&E cancelled the series, based on the novels by Craig Johnson. The modern-day sheriff stories were attracting audiences (averaging 5.6m) but not advertisers. That’s not an issue for Netflix, who rode in like the cavalry and picked up the series for a fourth season. The 10 episodes kick off immediately after Season 3’s cliffhanger, and are now available on Netflix US. Season 2 of GOTHAM, the cop show set in the city famous from the Batman stories, will be subtitled ‘The Rise Of The Villains’ says executive producer Bruno ‘The Mentalist’ Heller, and will give young Commissioner-to-be Gordon “more grand-scale and theatrical” crimes to solve. It airs on Channel 5 in the UK later this year; in the…

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saul good, man

By the end of the first season of Breaking Bad, Walter White was already bald, adopting the Heisenberg alter ego and making his presence felt amongst the underworld of Albuquerque. By comparison, 10 episodes in to prequel spin-off Better Call Saul and Saul’s still not Saul, rather he’s small fry operating out of the back of a nail salon, having a meltdown while hosting OAP bingo. All of which is a good thing. Co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould not only know the overall ending for the Netflix series, they teased open the pilot with it: Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) working in a concession in Nebraska, less enamoured of himself than terrified of his own shadow. Having rewound the narrative to seven years before the events of Breaking Bad…