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Crime Scene is a 148-page quarterly magazine delving into the world of water-cooler crime drama on TV, film and in fiction. Covering the hottest crime drama, like Sherlock, True Detective, Fargo and The Bridge, and the latest novels from best-selling crime authors like Ian Rankin and James Ellroy. Crime Scene is packed with previews, interviews and features, on set-reports, reviews and series overviews. It brings the expertise, access and craft of Total Film and SFX to focus on the biggest and most popular genre of TV drama and of fiction: Crime.

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This issue of Crime Scene we’re celebrating the coolest shows coming your way. From maverick cops and smooth criminals to Scandi noirs and Belgian clans we’ve rounded up the sharpest, edgiest crime drama, kicking off with the icy class of PEAKY BLINDERS. Read on for an exclusive first look at season three of the Birmingham-set gangster show starring the Hollywood A-list. Elsewhere in the issue we’ve gone behind the scenes of Welsh drama HINTERLAND, ventured on set of RIPPER STREET SERIES 4, chatted to MARK BILLINGHAM and HARLAN COBEN and put TV phenomenon MAKING A MURDERER on trial, UK-style. This month the team and I have chosen our favourite cool detective to represent us – I’ve gone with Jessica Jones (more on her next issue) for her sharp tongue, super-strength…

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NEIL WHITE Neil White is the author of nine novels, published by HarperCollins and then Sphere. These include the number one ebook bestseller, Cold Kill, and the Parker brother series. As well as writing novels, Neil is a criminal lawyer, starting out as a defence lawyer before switching sides to the prosecution, where he was a Senior Crown Prosecutor for 17 years. Now Neil writes full time, but still works as a freelance criminal lawyer. STEVE CAVANAGH Steve Cavanagh was born and raised in Belfast and is a practicing lawyer and holds a certificate in Advanced Advocacy. He is married with two young children. The Defence was longlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, and shortlisted for two Dead Good Readers Awards. Steve writes fast-paced legal thrillers set in New…

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american crime story: the people v. o.j. simpson

“There was one day after filming I couldn’t stop crying; I never considered the loss for the families” CREATED BY: SCOTT ALEXANDER AND LARRY KARASZEWSKI STARRING: CUBA GOODING JR, SARAH PAULSON, JOHN TRAVOLTA, DAVID SCHWIMMER (BBC2) 2016 Utter the name “O.J. Simpson” and you’re guaranteed an extreme response, particularly at a social event. “You’re like, ‘Oh, I’m writing this show about the O.J. Simpson trial,’ and the entire party shuts down,” laughs Scott Alexander, whose new series American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson recreates the media frenzy engulfing the 1994 trial of sportsman and Hollywood actor O.J. Simpson. Then famed for his NFL career, plus roles in Naked Gun and Capricorn One, Simpson stood accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her lover Ronald Goldman. In the US alone, over 100 million…

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french bean

“An intriguing character, at work in Paris during a fascinating period” We may be be forced to wait till 2017 for our next fix of Sherlock, but now another legendary literary detective played by the cream of UK talent is set to grace our screens. In two standalone two-hour films, Blackadder and Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson will play Jules Maigret. Created by George Simenon and star of 75 novels (the first was in 1931), Maigret is an incisive and insightful Commissaire, and the two films will be set in Paris in the 1950s. The first part, Maigret Sets A Trap, sees the detective on the tail of a serial killer, while in Maigret’s Dead Man a mysterious corpse draws him into the criminal underworld. Shooting was completed at the end of…

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emma kavanagh police psychologist

“When somebody is pointing a gun at you, what does that make your brain do?” THE REALITY For eight years I worked as a consultant providing training to police forces on the psychology of critical incidents. I’d go into mainly specialist units – firearms, body recovery, that sort of thing – and provide training on how your brain reacts when you’re in a very dangerous situation. When somebody is pointing a gun at you, what does that make your brain do? What you see is that the bloodflow in your brain changes. Rather than the areas that can do rational thought, our bloodflow directs to a lower part of the brain where we rely on instinct, which is why we tend to see lots of fight or flight behaviour. One of the…

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one-shot wonder

“If the actors had messed up in minute 120, that would have been horrible” Halfway through our interview with German director Sebastian Schipper, Crime Scene’ recording device runs out of juice. It is, frankly, a journo’s worst nightmare, though nothing compared to what would have happened had the director’s own equipment conked out while filming Victoria. A Berlin-based thriller about an ill-starred bank job and its bloodily chaotic consequences, witnessed and participated in by its titular heroine-cum-getaway driver (Spain’s Laia Costa), the film was shot, on 27 April 2014, in a single uninterrupted two-hour-plus take. So tell us, Sebastian: just how galling would it have been if the hand-held camera so expertly wielded by DoP Sturla Branth Grovlen threw a wobbly? “I don’t want to think about it,” shudders Schipper, an actor-turned-filmmaker…