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Crime Scene is a 148-page quarterly magazine delving into the world of water-cooler crime drama on TV, film and in fiction. Covering the hottest crime drama, like Sherlock, True Detective, Fargo and The Bridge, and the latest novels from best-selling crime authors like Ian Rankin and James Ellroy. Crime Scene is packed with previews, interviews and features, on set-reports, reviews and series overviews. It brings the expertise, access and craft of Total Film and SFX to focus on the biggest and most popular genre of TV drama and of fiction: Crime.

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Future Publishing Ltd
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Well, who else did you expect to see on the cover? Benedict Cumberbatch is set to return in SHERLOCK this New Year’s Day. During the filming of the fourth series, Crime Scene got to go behind the scenes with the fabulous Baker Street boy. Read on for an extensive (and spoiler-free) report featuring the cast and crew, who seem just as giddy about the show’s return as the rest of us. That’s just one of several huge series to invite us on set, including DEATH IN PARADISE, SILENT WITNESS, STAN LEE’S LUCKY MAN, MODUS (the big new Nordic Noir) and NO OFFENCE. This issue, Crime Scene also celebrates 20 years of JONATHAN CREEK, although he’s still got a way to go to match Holmes for longevity. So this month the team…

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“Fortitude is at the edge of civilisation and of rescue. It’s history is hidden under ice…” CREATED BY: SIMON DONALD STARRING: SOFIE GRABOL, DENNIS QUAID, PARMINDER NAGRA, SIENNA GUILLORY, KEN STOTT, LUKE TREADAWAY (SKY ATLANTIC) 2017 When the creepy Arctic thriller Fortitude launched in 2015, it was reportedly one of the most expensive British dramas ever, costing a reputed £25 million. Featuring Christopher Eccleston, Sofie Grabol, Stanley Tucci and Michael Gambon amid epic frozen landscapes, it seemed like money well spent. The only problem was that, when it came to filming in the Icelandic town of Reydarfjordur, which doubles as Norway, the production had to buy in fake snow. But not for Series 2… “The weather was much more helpful,” creator, writer and executive producer Simon Donald says. “But they got stormed off on a…

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every episode ever

OPENING CREDITS MAX’S VOICEOVER: This is Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire. He’s quite a guy, but his acting consists primarily of wandering around looking concerned. And this is Mrs. H. – bloody phwoooar, eh? By the way, my name is Max, a kind of butler-cum-mafia hood they take on all their expensive holidays, because when they met, it was moidoir… BOATYARD, EXOTIC CARIBBEAN LOCATION, NIGHT Handsome Businessman meets a Handsome Younger Businessman With A Secret. HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN: Is our plot involving shady dealings in the yachting industry nearing completion? HANDSOME YOUNGER BUSINESSMAN: It certainly is. Here is either a pivotal item that’s key to its success or a very valuable jewel, which I shall hide inside this hollowed-out, ordinary artefact. HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN: That should make sure absolutely nothing goes wrong, unless a couple of bumbling millionaires stumble into events. YACHT, DAY Mr.…

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life of bryan

For fans of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston’s new autobiography, A Life In Parts, provides a revealing insight into how the co-star of family favourite Malcolm In The Middle transformed himself into a crystal meth kingpin. Not to mention how, along with ’Bad creator Vince Gilligan, he inadvertently changed how people actually watch TV. “When Vince told me he was going to take the central character from good to bad, to be honest I wondered whether audiences would go for it,” he writes. “In the end, they didn’t just go for it. They were addicted.” When it first aired in 2008, the show was a critical but not a ratings success, yet interest soon snowballed and it became a major box-set bingeing experience. It’s now one of the most eagerly devoured series on…

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on the case

“The people of interest this time around are kind of pillars of society” The new series of ITV’s hit cold-case drama, Unforgotten, begins with a grim discovery: a body in a suitcase that’s been sitting at the bottom of a river. When DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DS Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) attend the scene, at a picnic spot by the River Lea in North East London, it becomes clear that the corpse, which has been partly preserved by the silt, could have been there for decades. “It was really disturbing,” Nicola Walker (River, Spooks) tells Crime Scene. “Everybody around [during filming] seemed to think it was completely ordinary to be looking at this fat-covered skeleton. I’m not queasy about things like that, but that body was very unsettling.” The investigative…

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10 of the best

1. DISSOLUTION BY C.J. SANSOM The Shardlake series is set during the reign of Henry VIII. When Thomas Cromwell’s Commissioner is found dead, lawyer Matthew Shardlake is sent to investigate. Fascinating historical detail, a gripping plot and believable characters make for a thrilling read. 2. THE AXEMAN’S JAZZ BY RAY CELESTIN A gripping thriller set against the backdrop of jazz-filled, mob-ruled New Orleans in 1919. A serial killer is stalking the city and an unlikely trio set out to catch him: cop Michael Talbot, ex-detective Luca d’Andrea and Ida, a secretary at the Pinkerton Agency. 3. THE STRANGLER VINE BY M.J. CARTER If you’re a fan of Ripper Street, then this pulse-racing novel is for you. You’ll be totally captivated as you accompany Carter’s detective duo on their investigation – enthralled by Blake’s fascinating character and lured in…