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The Daily Voice is Cape Town's most read daily English newspaper. Independent Media SA's only tabloid title has a unique Cape Town cultural favour and covers news in the local communities’ language.

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kat is back

FANS of TV presenter Katlego Maboe went bos after he made a surprise return to Instagram after nine months. The 34-year-old faced public scrutiny last year after jolling and gender-based violence allegations were levelled against him by his ex-girlfriend Monique Muller. In a lengthy post, the disgraced star told his 141K followers: “It’s difficult at such a time to be thinking of a word such as gratitude. “The past year has taken so much away from all of us and for some of us, it has taken everything. “Be that as it may, I still firmly believe that there is so much to be grateful for, especially while facing daunting prospects.” In his post, Maboe says despite the chaos that erupted after the allegations emerged, resulting in him being suspended…

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‘skelm’ kry sy dag

Residents moer, tie up ou in failed robbery…

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deadly revenge

TWO alleged protection fee collectors were shot dead in Gugulethu in an apparent revenge attack by rivals. The victims, aged 33 and 34, were shot in the head and died at the scene. They are believed to have been involved in the extortion of Somali-owned shops in the area and the shooters are suspected to be their rivals. Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi explains: “The motive for the attack is revenge. “According to reports, two males driving in a Toyota Tazz were chased by three unknown suspects from NY 121 in a Toyota Avanza. “When they came near NY 125, the suspects dragged the victims out of their vehicle and shot them in the street. “The victims sustained gunshot wounds to their heads and were found lying in the…