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food and family

As we prepared to put this issue together, our editorial team was wading through the muddy waters of COVID-19—and trying to accept (understand?) the new norm in the restaurant industry. With that being said, our diligent editors and designers still managed to produce a larger-than-life issue with tons of information on two of our favorite things: grilling and ice cream. What a dynamic duo for this time of year! We are excited to present our bi-annual food-themed issue. We love when this special issue comes around because, as you can imagine, we can’t get enough of the insatiable topic. This month we’ve gathered expert insights from culinary pros around town on their favorite summer treats, and as a result, worked feverishly behind-the-scenes to develop content that will satiate your taste buds.…

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beautiful bites

Want to be featured? Tag #denverlifemagazine in your photo. Do you follow @hgcomag on Instagram yet? Check out the latest from our favorite designers, interiors, and all things home and garden. Now available digitally on ZINIO and Amazon. denverlifemagazine.com/subscribe follow us on: @denverlifemagazine @denverlifemagazine @denverlifemag…

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passion to purpose

Once upon a time at Burning Man, James Abraham met Bridget Bagel. Sparks flew. But what became a long-distance relationship meant in-person dinner dates were rare. As a result, Bridget wanted to make the couple’s “dinner dates over FaceTime” special. So, she began sending frozen, homemade meals to Jim so they could enjoy them together. Then, an idea: Why not cater to travelers and ski-tourists who could use a pick-me-up more substantial in quality and flavor than fast-food? Today, Jim and Bridget are happily married. Based in Dumont, CO, and with Jim’s engineering skills and Bridget’s background in gastronomy, they’ve created a bright-red trailer named Postcard Foods that serves ready-to-heat, globally inspired meals in plant-fiber, compostable packaging—all of which Bridget cooks herself. Postcard Foods originated as a one-stop-shop off I-70,…

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food, forging, and fulfillment

For more than two decades, Denver’s witnessed Chef Duy Pham become one of the most versatile individuals in the local food world. Pham is a culinary operations director and executive concept chef at For[a]ged and Parker Garage and a culinary advisor and partner with Intueat, an app pairing chefs with clients seeking in-home, private food experiences. When he’s not curating one-of-a-kind dining events, the bladesmith makes custom knives for chefs across the globe. Where does your passion come from? “I haven’t always loved cooking, but I’ve always loved art. I saw how beautiful [my first mentor chef’s] dishes were when I realized what he was doing was art. This was the moment I discovered I wanted to express myself and be successful through this artform. Food was always a necessity as opposed…

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smart superfoods

Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring. You just have to know what to eat and when. As Denver’s Fitness Dietitian, Monica Salafia helps people reach their individual fitness goals with food. She does this by incorporating evidence-based practices and ample experience to educate clients on how to make food fun. From powerlifter to nutrition aficionado, Salafia’s ultimate goal is to spread awareness about the importance of eating clean across the city—especially when she’s consulting for the Denver Nuggets. EATING THE GOOD STUFF Superfoods can give your diet a healthy boost while reducing your risk of heart disease, memory loss, and other health problems. “There are six essential nutrients—essential meaning we cannot make, therefore we must eat. Carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water,” she says. “Some foods pack a ton of…

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monica’s healthy smoked oyster tacos

INGREDIENTS 2 corn tortillas2 leaves of iceberg lettuceUnmeasured Pepita Salsa (available at any Trader Joe’s)1 3-oz. pack of Crown Prince Smoked Oysters packed in olive oil1 30g-packet of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts (manitobaharvest.com)1 Roma tomato DIRECTIONS: 1. Spray a skillet with cooking spray of choice and put on low heat2. Add smoked oysters to skillet to warm3. Heat up corn tortillas in microwave for 30 seconds4. Layer on the corn tortillas: lettuce, salsa, then oysters5. Pour out excess oil from skillet, then add hemp hearts to toast6. While hemp hearts toast for 1-2 minutes, chop up the Roma tomato7. Add hemp hearts and tomatoes to the tacos Enjoy!…