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Digital Photo Pro December 2016

Digital Photo Pro is the serious digital photography enthusiast and professional’s guide to advanced technology and creativity. Each issue showcases the very best in photography, and helps readers navigate the sea of equipment, storage methods, electronics and more, so they can make better decisions and take better photos.

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editor’s note

Even though I went to art school, I don’t have tremendous patience for most art museums. While there are always key pieces—Picasso, Hopper, Seurat, etc.—that are immediately recognizable, I don’t have a lot of context for the significance of the work. Why are these collected pieces of William Congdon so important? What makes the strokes and splatters of a Jackson Pollock piece so special? Why is Giovanni Bellini’s color palate considered so lush and expansive? Without the context of being an artist working in oils or watercolor, I feel like an outsider. But when I walk into a photography exhibit, everything changes. Even if I don’t know the photographer, I can tell right away what went into the final product. I know how difficult it is to make a glass plate…

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dpp in focus

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is an impressive upgrade to the long-running Canon 5D series, but the changes are hard to see from the outside. The 5D Mark IV’s 30.4MP sensor is redesigned and integrates Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF system for video and the same incredibly fast AF system found in the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II. The 5D Mark IV can shoot 4K at 30p, Full HD video up to 60p and can capture still images at 7 fps. List Price: $3,499 Contact: Canon, usa.canon.com Fujifilm GFX 50S Fujifilm’s GFX 50S camera isn’t the world’s first medium-format mirrorless, but it might be the first affordable 50MP one. The GFX 50S features a 50MP sensor with a sensor that’s 1.7x the size of a 35mm one.…

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canon 5d mark iv

Canon’s 5D series is one of the company’s longest and most successful products lines. It's a digital camera series that’s affordable enough to be within the reach of the pro-sumer but powerful enough to be a primary choice of the professional. When it arrived in 2005, the Canon EOS 5D was heralded for the amount of power that it packed into the relatively small chassis. It quickly became the body of choice for countless photographers and was particularly well received In 2008, the company released the Canon 5D Mark II, which had the ability to shoot full, professional HD video. Countless photographers and videographers purchased the camera, and it became the darling of shooters looking to expand into video and cinematographers who wanted a motion-picture-quality system in the smallest possible package.…

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apple ’ s wide color

The representation and display of color is at the heart of everything a photographer does, yet the devices we use to capture and view that color are inherently flawed. Monitors have a limited range of what they can display and they operate on a different system of color reproduction entirely from photo printers and offset presses. There have been several milestones in the quest to display and print the visible spectrum with a level of vibrancy that approaches what the human eye can perceive, and to reproduce that with any fidelity on devices like monitors or printers. And another milestone is upon us. Apple has recently announced deployment of what the company calls Wide Color, its hardware and software implementation of a new color standard originally designed for digital projectors at movie…

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elegance in action

I first met Dave Black when I attended a Sports Illustrated- sponsored photography workshop 25 years ago. Black’s work stood out even then. As an editorial sports photographer, his striking images were notable even among his S.I.colleagues for their elegant simplicity. They were then, as they are now, minimal, graphic, iconic images of athletes at the peak of their game. They aren’t just pictures of specific athletes, they’re archetypes, iconic photos. It was obvious Dave Black was a master 25 years ago, but now we make it official. “I think I’m pretty simple in my approach,” Black says. “I just think there’s really one thing people want to see, especially when it comes to sports. I boil it down, and I’m very fond of the basics. I like seeing a picture…

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ron haviv

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the photo agency VII, with New York-based Ron Haviv among its esteemed original seven founding members. While the agency has expanded and some of its stable of photographers has changed, the goal remains the same, to supply the world with powerful images and dynamic photo essays. Haviv’s own coverage has focused on conflict and humanitarian crises ranging from the fighting in the Balkans and Afghanistan to earthquake recovery in Haiti and malnutrition in Bangladesh and Darfur. Haviv is one of the foremost photojournalists of our era. Digital Photo Pro: What was the catalyst for creating VII? Ron Haviv: VII came about around the time when Bill Gates with Corbis and Mark Getty at Getty were trying to solidify a hold on image content, realizing that imagery…