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Digital Photo Pro May/June 2017

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editor’s note

When my wife and I got married in the late 1990s, the typical wedding photographer was still mostly capturing formal poses—the bride and the bride’s family over here by this flowering tree, turn your shoulders toward me, closer, that’s nice—and much of the flow of the reception was based around these portrait requirements. As a photographer, though, I knew that we wanted something different, something that would capture the real spirit of the event, not just static poses of those in attendance. I asked for recommendations for photographers from fellow shooters, and soon was looking at the portfolio of a photographer who didn’t even do weddings. With a combination of formal clients, magazines and agency work, his book was filled with “reportage” work from various news agencies, and it really clicked…

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new products

Ricoh Pentax KP The new Ricoh Pentax KP is the follow-up to the Pentax K-3 and includes many of that premium compact’s advanced features while incorporating many new ones as part of the camera’s internal re-design. The Pentax KP APS-C DSLR has a new 24-megapixel CMOS sensor, plus five-axis Shake Reduction II—the first Pentax APS-C body to include the feature—which compensates for camera shake by up to five stops. The slim and compact KP is weatherproof and portable, with a huge ISO sensitivity to 819,200 and an electronic shutter that enables live view for high-speed photography up to 1/24,000 sec. It also features a vertical-tilt LCD monitor for high- and low-angle photography, an AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator and Full HD movie recording. Price: $1,099. Website: us.ricoh-imaging.com Canon EOS M6 Canon has continued its expansion…

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monolights cut the cord

Monolights are the unsung heroes of the studio photography world. While they’re compact and transportable, they’re less powerful than pack-based studio gear, and many studio photographers consider them to be a second-tier lighting solution because of the complexity of setting them up and triggering them. New battery-powered monolights and wireless triggering, though, make monolights much more powerful, and should be a serious first choice for the wedding, event and location photographer. Much of the negative opinion about monolights is outdated and has to do with limitations of previous generations of the lighting tools. Studio lights have the advantage of being able to be powered via a single electrical connection—connect the pack to an AC outlet, and the pack then powers each individual light. The same wire providing electrical power to the individual…

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throw the book at them

The key thing that most people don’t understand when they embark on a career in wedding photography is that the photography is only one part of the business. I’m not referring to the pounds of paperwork and the endless self-promotion that occupy the bulk of a wedding photographer’s day, but instead to the tangible final product. While a number of wedding photographers make their money when they turn their shoots over to their clients after the Big Day, most photographers make their money by selling wedding output services such as books and framed prints. Wedding photographs are a cherished keepsake, and they’re also the signature product of the photographer. There’s as much motivation for a photographer to help a client create a beautiful book as there is for a couple to…

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brand recognition

Brands are turning to Instagram to find influencers, and we asked Sean Estes, the global PR manager of Specialized, a bicycle manufacturer, about the process. Specialized was looking for someone to represent adventure in the sport with a unique viewpoint and found that in Ultra Romance, an Instagrammer with a sizable audience. While photographers usually agonize over the process of trying to get found, they rarely know what the ad buyer is looking for. Estes gives some insight into the process of finding and working with an Instagram influencer. DPP: What are brands and art directors looking for when they’re searching social for talent? Sean Estes: I can’t speak for other brands, but we generally look for people who are really living the lifestyle that we feel embodies certain products and experiences.…

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hands on: zeiss batis 2.8/18

The Zeiss Batis lens, designed for Sony’s E-mount cameras, is a bit of a departure for the optics company. Best known for their legendary, high-end manual-focus lenses, Zeiss has carved out a customer base of photographers looking for excellent image quality and a sturdy build but not looking for autofocus because, as the company’s website puts it, “manual focusing promotes creativity in the design of the image.” The Batis line, however, seems to have sprung forth from the company’s two-decade-long partnership with Sony—Zeiss lenses can be found on everything from their cameras to camcorders—a modern implementation of the Zeiss optical heritage. Designed from the ground up for the Sony system, the lenses feature autofocus and a more modern design than their manual lens siblings, albeit with a slightly less “hefty” feel. In…