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Digital Photo Pro September - October 2016

Digital Photo Pro is the serious digital photography enthusiast and professional’s guide to advanced technology and creativity. Each issue showcases the very best in photography, and helps readers navigate the sea of equipment, storage methods, electronics and more, so they can make better decisions and take better photos.

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My childhood was spent around photographic gadgets. My father, a commercial photographer , was also an obsessive collector, but where most collectors specialize on antiques or objects of historical value, mine focused on procuring new technology. With few exceptions—such as the dozen Leica M3 bodies he bought when they were discontinued in the late 1960s—he mostly purchased current technology. There were lots of Nikon F bodies with the FTN head, Hasselblad bodies with the latest finders and glass, Gossen Luna-Pro light meters, lots of strobe packs and heads and a set of dichromatic enlargers. Soon the F was replaced with the F2 and F3, strobes came and went, flash systems got better and better. By the time I entered college, the era of autofocus and motor drives was upon us, and that…

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first takes julien grondin

Julien Grondin (who goes by beboy on social media) is a French landscape photographer who has spent more than three years continually on the road to “capture the beauty of mother nature.” He’s visited country after country “with the main goal of showing how beautiful our planet Earth can be.” His favorite shots are backlit landscapes, though his portfolio, which you can find at beboyphoto.com or on 500px at 500px.com/beboyphotographies, is full of equally beautiful cityscapes and urban scenes.…

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dpp in focus

Hasselblad X1D Hasselblad describes the Hasselblad X1D as "the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera." The camera has a 50MP sensor and works with a new line of lenses specifically designed for the system, as well as all 12 lenses from the current H-series medium format cameras. Shutter speeds range from 1/2000th to 60 minutes, ISO is listed as being from 100-25,600 and the camera has built-in WiFi, GPS, USB 3.0 and an XGA viewfinder. The camera is sealed against weather and dust and can capture HD video. List Price: $8,995. Contact: Hasselblad, Hasselblad.com Pentax K-70 Ricoh’s latest compact camera is the Pentax K-70, a 24MP APS-C sensor DSLR. The new K-70 was designed with outdoor photographers in mind, and comes with dustproof and weather-resistant construction and t’s capable of withstanding temperatures down…

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DxO is best known for DxOMark.com, a website that publishes a vast database of quantitative measurements for thousands of lenses and cameras. That information is not gathered for consumer information but to power its image-editing software. The DxO suite of tools uses the analysis of the imaging characteristics of camera equipment to correct any inherent flaws in images generated by the sensor or lenses used. DxO OpticsPro 11 is the newest iteration of the company’s image-enhancing suite, and it comes packed with a variety of tools to correct problems found in more than 30,800 combinations of lenses and cameras and to perform detailed image editing. OpticsPro software has always been known for its noise reduction capabilities, which DxO calls PRIME (Probabilistic Raw IMage Enhancement). As the name implies, PRIME denoising is available…

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day in the life of tour photographer david bergman

I’m sure most working professional photographers will tell you that there isn’t any “typical” day. Each assignment brings its own unique challenges, but I’ll give you an idea of what a day on the Bon Jovi tour might look like. Gear: I’m using all Canon equipment and have upgraded some of my bodies from the 1DX to the newest EOS-1DX Mark II. I’ll travel with three of those, plus an EOS 5D Mark III for the times when I don’t need the speed of the X-series. My go-to “handheld” lenses (the ones I carry on bodies over my shoulders most of the time) are the 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8. I also like I’ve had the honor of traveling the world to cover music and sports events for over 25 years, and…

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natasha calzatti: getting the most out of your images

Photographer and post-production guru Natasha Calzatti teaches photographers how to get the most out of their digital captures through classes at Samy’s Camera and Santa Monica College in Southern California. In addition to efficient workflow and learning the tools available to us through state-of-the-art softwares, Calzatti emphasizes the importance of proper color management, being able to reproduce accurate and consistent color from capture to completion. Digital Photo Pro: Before we process an image made up of millions of light sensitive photosites – aka pixels - we first have to capture it. What would you suggest as camera settings for the highest possible output? Natasha Calzatti: Since you typically don’t know all the final output possibilities, why not try to capture all the possible information in your digital negative? You can always downsize.…