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Digital Photo Pro September/October 2018

Digital Photo Pro is the serious digital photography enthusiast and professional’s guide to advanced technology and creativity. Each issue showcases the very best in photography, and helps readers navigate the sea of equipment, storage methods, electronics and more, so they can make better decisions and take better photos.

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editor’s note

For three years, I've had the pleasure of being the Editor-In-Chief of Digital Photo Pro and our sister publication, Digital Photo. During this time, we've brought you amazing profiles, technique articles, reviews and business insight. Along the way, we've made some big changes plus countless little tweaks under the hood, and the result, I think, is a magazine that's an essential resource for the professional photographer and videographer, as well as those who aspire to be pros. After three years, I'll be saying goodbye to you, our reader, as I move on to the next adventure. I'll be leaving this publication in great hands, and I look forward to enjoying this magazine as a paid subscriber and seeing the next evolution in its journey. My heartfelt thanks to you for being a reader…

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new tools of the trade

Fujifilm X-T100 The new compact interchangeable lens camera is the latest in the roster of the highly successful X Series mirrorless cameras from Fujifilm. Along with its sleek design and eye-catching colors (Black, Dark Silver and Champagne Gold), the new X-T100 features a high-magnification electronic viewfinder, horizontal-tilting rear LCD screen, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and an extended battery life that can power up to 430 frames per charge. The Fujifilm X-T100 is built around a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, high-speed image processing engine and the Phase Detection Autofocus system created for flagship X Series cameras. Other noteworthy functionalities include 4K video recording at a top speed of up to 59.94 fps and an extended output sensitivity of ISO 100 – ISO 51200. Price: $700. Website: fujifilm-x.com Canon Updates EF L-Series Telephoto Zoom Lenses Canon has…

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benq sw271

There are few items in the digital photographic chain more important than the monitor, as it’s literally impossible to accurately evaluate and edit digital images without an accurate display. Monitors need to be sharp, color accurate and easily able to be brought into calibration so that the results are the same when images are shared with other calibrated displays. Despite the importance of the monitor, many photographers work daily with a display that falls far short, leaving them with only a guess as to what their images truly look like. The BenQ SW271 (or, more accurately, the BenQ SW271 27" 16:9 4K IPS Monitor) has a feature list that puts it on par with the best monitors available in a price that makes it inexcusable for a photographer to be without this…

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tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 di iii rxd for sony fe mount

With the release of Tamron’s new 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD for the Sony full-frame mirrorless camera, the company joins a very limited group of manufacturers making native autofocus lenses for Sony’s FE mount. Effectively doubling the number of members by joining this club, Tamron joins Zeiss in developing full-function lenses specifically for the Sony platform. Sigma has recently started to make its Art lenses available for the Sony platform, but these lenses are essentially Canon lenses adapted to Sony’s mount. Rokinon and Tokina make lenses for the Sony mount, but these are manual focus lenses. That means that currently, Tamron and Zeiss are the only sources for after-market AF lenses for the Sony FE mount (and Zeiss has a long-term relationship with Sony). The reason this is significant is that…

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a world without slrs

Revolutions are tricky things. Sometimes they spring up overnight, transforming a landscape in unpredictable ways. Other times, though, they creep up on people, providing plenty of advanced notice but not always a lot of forethought. The digital photography revolution happened suddenly, and it brought huge changes to the photographic landscape. Companies rose, companies fell (some of them to rise again), and in what felt like an instant, the long-established world of photography was changed forever. The mirrorless revolution hasn’t been as swift, but there’s a new epoch coming nonetheless. In the face of Sony’s rising market share numbers, Nikon and Canon have announced (officially/unofficially) that their own mirrorless systems are en route. With the question changing from “will all the major manufacturers offer mirrorless cameras?” to “when will all the major manufacturers…

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litepanels gemini 2x1 rgb-ww led panel

An Innovator In Lighting Litepanels has always been an innovative company. Ever since its formation in 2001, Litepanels has been a name synonymous with serious LED lighting used in all kinds of production. Today, the Litepanels Astra is the one of the most ubiquitous LED panels in the business. Over the past few years, though, the LED market has been changing and evolving at a breakneck pace. I called 2017 the year of the ever-changing LED because last year saw so many new LED lights introduced, both panels and Fresnels, that it was hard to even keep up. One complaint about LED technology has been that almost all LED lighting isn't capable of reproducing what many consider “true and accurate” color rendition across the entire color spectrum, in multiple color temperatures. Another…