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Issue 99 Oct/Nov 2021

Dish is an award-winning bi-monthly magazine for people who enjoy cooking and reading about good food. It contains inspiring seasonal recipes and stories about food producers, issues and trends around food in New Zealand and overseas. The recipes are beautifully presented and simple to follow and offer inspiration for both accomplished cooks and those keen to try something new.

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time to de-stress… let’s keep things simple!

This is without question one of the weirdest editor’s letters I have ever written… sitting here at home in Auckland in level 4 lockdown, looking over the digital files of this issue, not knowing quite where we’ll be when the magazine goes on sale. I’m unbelievably proud of the dish team for pulling together and working remotely to get this magazine into your hands – and incredibly grateful that we finished shooting just before lockdown began. So here we are, as a country, dealing with the anxiety that comes with uncertainty and the threat of the Delta variant. It’s at times like this that I think we could all do with sitting back a little, reflecting on the important people in our lives and taking the opportunity to make every day…

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Claire Aldous Food Editor @clairealdous Claire is the mastermind behind recipes enjoyed by thousands of readers for more than 15 years, having been with dish since the very first issue. With a vast knowledge of ingredients and techniques, her constant innovation and imagination are an invaluable source of inspiration. Always generous and welcoming, she focuses on creating recipes that are neither fussy nor overly fancy, producing delicious dishes that delight her guests and fill the kitchen with gorgeous aromas. “My favourite night of the week? Sunday. Having family and friends over for a casual, delicious dinner, usually followed by an indulgent dessert, encapsulates everything I love about cooking.” Josh Griggs Much like the best recipes, Josh is endlessly versatile. Originally trained in graphic design, he has skilfully turned his lens on everything from coconut farmers…

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in season: olive oil

New Zealand’s olive oil industry consists of 350,000 olive trees studding valleys, slopes and ridges, hugging coastlines and skirting mountains, rivers and lakes – stretching from the far north of Northland all the way down to Central Otago. The trees produced around 2,000 tonnes of olives this year equating to approximately 270,000 litres of oil. We’re a small producer: our neighbours across the Tasman harvested 8,800 tonnes in 2020, producing approximately 9.6 million litres, but that was a light year. In 2019, the harvest was 19,736 tonnes, yielding 21.5 million litres of oil. Meanwhile, to estimate the production of Spain, the world’s largest producer by far, you need to multiply that amount by 100. Our production is a mere drop in a bucket you could say. But what a drop! Our…

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what we’re eating and drinking

Sarah Tuck, editor Annabel’s, Auckland: This is more of a drinking location suggestion rather than a dining one – despite the food being utterly delicious. Annabel’s is everything you want in a neighbourhood bar, and, to my mind, perfect for any outing. In the last few weeks before Level 4 lockdown, I popped in on three occasions – for a catch up with a girlfriend, a drinks date and to celebrate my eldest son’s birthday. Each time there was a deliciously disparate mix of customers – singles, families, friends and couples enjoying a night out (young and old). Drawn together by the low-key, sophisticated yet casual vibe, punters can choose from a small but interesting selection of wine and classic cocktails (the Negronis are always mightily delectable) and a pared-back snacks…

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what you’re loving online

Facebook: Gingerbread Walnut Pudding with Caramel Sauce Take one look at this Gingerbread Walnut Pudding and it’s not hard to see why our Facebook fans were keen to dig in. What really caught their eye, in my opinion, was the pool of caramel sauce trickling into the bottom of the dish. Your mind is instantly flooded with thoughts of rich, silky-smooth sauce hitting your tastebuds! Instagram: Braised Aromatic Beef Short Rib Rendang They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but our Braised Aromatic Beef Short Rib Rendang screams two words in particular – EAT ME! The dotting of red and green chillies on top of the gorgeous cuts of meat and slathering of spicy sauce work together in such a way that they really do create a feast for the eyes. EDM:…

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umami bomb

Delectably salty and packed with flavour, Lorea anchovies make an irresistible addition to almost any meal. Anchovy fillets are delicious melted into rich sauces for pasta and meat dishes, leaving behind a piquant taste with no fishiness. Alternatively, keep them whole and let them be the star. We asked dish readers for their favourite anchovy recipes – and in this moreish, garlicky bean dish from Papamoa’s Catherine Sipson, they serve as both the flavour base and a gorgeous accompaniment. Ways to use anchovies • Include chopped anchovies when heating cream and garlic to pour over sliced potatoes to make a classic potato gratin.• Make a quick yoghurt flatbread and top with a thin layer of caramelised onions, anchovies and pitted black olives before baking.• Warm olive oil, chilli flakes, capers and chopped…