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THINGS ARE CHANGING. After Avengers: Endgame, a movie so massive that it’s easy to forget it had FLYING HORSES in it, superhero movies are inevitably scaling down a bit. But they’re also getting more interesting, with a host of intriguing, groundbreaking offerings en route. Leading the charge is Black Widow, a high-octane MCU espionage thriller/intimate character study (think Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with roundhouse kicks), which revives Scarlett Johansson’s iconic Avenger to answer some pressing questions. Such as: how did her ledger get so red? Who is behind the Taskmaster’s mask? And will there be a scene where Florence Pugh makes marmalade? Then there’s The New Mutants, which twists the X-Men series into full-on horror and is set to feature a prominent same-sex relationship, another first for the genre. This issue…

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MAGAZINE SHELF-ISOLATION Dear Empire, thank you for saving my sanity. I am in Suzhou, China, waiting for this whole coronavirus thing to blow over and you have provided the perfect way to help me through the tedium of quarantine: watching the films from ‘100 Greatest Movies Of The Century (So Far)’ that I had missed. It’s been a wild ride. Any recommendations to get me through the next three weeks ’til we go back to work? KATRIONA HOSKINS, SUZHOU, CHINA Thanks for your message, Katriona — we recommend you stay safe, dig into our ‘100 Greatest Films Of All Time’ list from 2017, and have this Picturehouse membership for the next time you’re in the UK. Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend! Valid for one year at 23…

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no./1 two mavericks reunite

IT’S BEEN 34 years since Tom Cruise and Now and again, their orbits would cross, producer Jerry Bruckheimer (plus director Tony and now and again, the notion of getting back Scott, and producer Don Simpson) first felt the together one more time for another high-need… the need for speed, and made Top Gun, altitude adventure would come up. But every the movie that propelled Cruise’s already-rising time that happened, Cruise would say no. star into the stratosphere. Where he’s remained “Everywhere I went, people would be like, ‘Do since. Thirty-four years, during which time they Top Gun,’ and I’m like, ‘Guys, I don’t know how to felt the need again… the need for speed again by do it,’” Cruise tells Empire. “I don’t know what the essentially remaking Top Gun…

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no./2 how florence pugh won instagram

THE ICE CREAM “I got given an ice cream maker for my birthday,” Pugh tells Empire. Her one million Instagram followers have witnessed the entire process. “I ended up being quite good at it. I made peanut butter, banana and rum, raspberry, orange and lemon ice cream. And they’re massive! You get so many scoops.” THE CACTUS Pugh’s cactus, which she named Barry, is a regular guest. “Last week I noticed that there was one whole half that was, like, black and rotting,” she recalls. She made a video, asking her followers for advice. “Everybody was telling me that I need to chop the rot out. The red bit kills the plant.” THE MARMALADE “We have a Seville orange tree in the garden,” Pugh explains. “I promised my Gran that I’d make her marmalade.” The…

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no./3 inside the mcquarrie method

CHRISTOPHER McQUARRIE ONCE told Empire that making a Mission: Impossible movie was like throwing yourself off a cliff, then trying to build a plane around you before you hit the ground. As he puts it: “You do what Mission wants.” Still, given that the director of the last two Missions, Rogue Nation and Fallout, is returning with parts 7 and 8, filmed back to back, he’s clearly at peace with it. “Peace is not the word,” he tells Empire. “It’s denial. There are days where, if you think about it, you will have the most outrageous panic attack imaginable.” Here’s his unconventional process for making massive Mission mega-blockbusters. BREAK IT INTO CHUNKS “We learned that every movement of a Mission: Impossible movie is 20 minutes long,” McQuarrie explains. “The Burj Khalifa [in…