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WHEN WE STARTED work on this issue, the world was normal. Or as normal as a world that produces a Sonic The Hedgehog movie can be. But by the time we were halfway through, the world had come to a sudden, unexpected stop. The coronavirus has wreaked havoc everywhere, including Hollywood, the rest of the global film industry, all of your lives, and of course us here at Empire too. Big blockbusters have been delayed indefinitely. A-list stars have hunkered down, just like the rest of us. Cinemas have been temporarily shuttered. This issue, meanwhile, was completed remotely, through a string of videoconferences that made us all feel like Matt Damon in The Martian. These are dark times, no doubt about it. But it’s important to remember — as Edgar Wright…

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KEEPING THE BRITISH END UP You swines! In an age of Contagion, the May edition of Empire was a breath of (Covid-19-free) fresh air! Quint’s son, the return of Jesus (Quintana, that is), and the great bear that was Bart. Some nice segues into movies and boxsets to catch up on whilst in isolation. And then, the sucker punch: we conclude with It’s A Wonderful Life as Classic Scene. Not a dry eye in the house! PHIL REDHEAD, VIA EMAIL Thanks Phil. We hope you enjoy this issue too, which we put together in our personal quarantine quarters, sometimes wearing face-masks, but often forsaking our trousers. Meanwhile, we hope you can use your Picturehouse membership soon. Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend! Valid for one year at 23…

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no./1 cinemas have gone dark — but the light will return

ONE OF MY favourite things to do is sit in the dark watching a movie. Whether I am with loved ones, a group of friends or just all on my lonesome (but with the tasty company of some Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons), going to the cinema has been the closest thing I have to a religion in my life. Sometimes people use the word escapism as a negative term, but there is real pleasure in being transported when the lights go down. The ongoing pandemic on this planet has made that experience a little darker than I care for, as silver-screen projector lights the world over are being switched off. Before this crisis I could, like many, appreciate the convenience of watching movies at home, but deep down for me,…

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no./2 social distancing, hollywood style

SETH ROGEN: GOT STONED AND WATCHED CATS “WHAT IS JELLICLE?!,!?”, a high Seth Rogen asked of his Twitter followers during his running commentary, which also saw him baffled by Jason Derulo’s feet and Judi Dench’s jacket. He later gave up and watched 90 Day FiancŽ instead. KAT DENNINGS: PUT MAKE-UP ON A CAN OF COCONUT MILK Nothing if not resourceful, the Thor star spent her hours of isolation applying make-up to a can of organic coconut milk. By the end of this oddly mesmerising tutorial, the can had received full lashes and red, bee-stung lips. SHARON STONE: TRIED HER HAND AT PAINT-BY-NUMBERS One small upside to self-isolation was that the world got a peek into what the Hollywood elite might do for downtime. For Sharon Stone, this was a spot of arts-and-crafts. No need for…

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no./3 the virus that changed the way we watch films

IN THE SPACE of 24 hours, the movie landscape became unrecognisable. Last month, one day after Boris Johnson advised people to avoid public spaces, every major cinema chain in the UK announced their venues would close indefinitely. Cinemagoing, at least for a little while, would have to take place outside of an actual cinema. For the studios, the response to this crisis has been simple: delay their films’ releases until all of this blows over. But some have taken the near-unprecedented step of making high-profile movies available to download, weeks or even days after their theatrical releases. Onward, Birds Of Prey, The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Bloodshot moved their digital release dates forward. Meanwhile, Easter holiday family fare Trolls World Tour just abandoned its theatrical release, moving, remarkably, to digital-only. Industry…

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no./4 artemis fowl

WHERE? Longcross Studios, Surrey WHEN? 12 April, 2018 WHY? Because Kenneth Branagh is adapting Eoin Colfer’s tooled-up fantasy novel into a spared-no-expense Disney blockbuster. Think Harry Potter, if Harry Potter were a cunning, Irish criminal mastermind who kidnapped a fairy to extort its gold. So, not actually much like Harry Potter. WHAT DID YOU SEE? A whacking great mansion — Fowl Manor has been built in its entirety, inside and out. Empire pores over the shelves of Fowl Library, stocked with 12,000 books (from Simone de Beauvoir to Nick Hornby), peeps into the master suite (gold bedsheets, pure luxury), walks the portrait gallery decked with paintings of Fowls past, and wanders around Artemis’ bedroom. 3D printer? Check. LEGO Death Star? Check. Raspberry Pi computer? Check. it’s the ultimate geek-kid haven. Outside is Josh…