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IN STEPHEN KING’S The Stand, an apocalyptic thriller which I’m currently reading for a bit of light relief, it’s mentioned that the last film released in movie theatres before they go dark is a Nightmare On Elm Street sequel. In the book, of course, those pandemic-hit theatres never re-open. Fortunately, we don’t live inside Stephen King’s head, and a throng of exciting movies is looming large. That’s right, the answer to the question, “What was the last thing you saw on the big screen?” need no longer be, “Vin Diesel in Bloodshot.” Inside this issue, we catch up with a whole host of Hollywood stars and directors, finding out what they have in store for us when their creations finally arrive. And it’s an electric mix. There are rollercoaster-ride blockbusters. There…

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THIRTEEN REASONS WHY It’s taken me three years to realise this but Empire now publishes 13 issues each year instead of 12. Thanks for the extra value. And for managing to entertain us, despite there being no cinema releases at the moment. I’ve always found your most fascinating articles to be about films, personalities or events that have no connection with what’s going on at the moment, your recent Edith Head article being a great example. DAVID THOMPSON, MANCHESTER Thank you for your kind words, David. Please have this Picturehouse membership in gratitude — it’s good for one year. Or as we like to call it around here, ‘13 issues’. TALK TO US Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend! Valid for one year at 23 Picturehouse Cinemas across the…

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no./1 black lives matter: what happens next?

LAST YEAR’S ACCLAIMED romantic drama Queen & Slim, which dealt head-on with police brutality and racism, has taken on profound relevance in the wake of worldwide protests following the killing of unarmed African American George Floyd. Its searing and thoughtful take on race and intersectionality is typical of its screenwriter Lena Waithe; since she first emerged a decade ago, she’s been both a groundbreaking writer (as well as Queen & Slim, she won an Emmy for her work on comedy-drama Master Of None) and in-demand actor (with roles in Ready Player One and Westworld). Empire caught up with her to discuss her reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping the globe, and how she hopes it could lead to real change in Hollywood. How have you personally been dealing with…

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no./2 how to stage a rodeo (without getting stomped)

SET IN SUBURBAN Houston, Annie Silverstein’s gentle drama Bull focuses on a paternal relationship between 14-year-old Kris (a brilliant Amber Havard, making her debut) and troubled rodeo rider Abe (a just-as-brilliant Rob Morgan). Having won acclaim for her 2014 short Skunk, Silverstein initially set out to expand it — but was drawn to the world of Black rodeos. Here she tells Empire how she brought a unique world to the screen. FIND THE STORY “I had met a man while location-scouting for Skunk who came from a well-known Black rodeo family. I didn’t realise there was this culture of African-American cowboys that dates back to slavery. They were doing the ranch work. When slavery was over, they weren’t allowed to participate in white rodeos, so they started holding their own. Meeting this…

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no./3 the alien queen is not dead yet

ALIEN: BACK INTO THE RIDLEYVERSE Development on the next prequel has been halted, but not abandoned. “I’m in tune with where ‘Covenant 2’ would go,” Ridley Scott maintained in 2017. ‘Alien: Awakening’ was to refocus on the Engineers still at large, inventing planets like giant, bald Ridley Scotts. Engineers Vs. Fassbender would ensue; Scott’s new direction will likely bring The Company, aka Weyland-Yutani, centre stage. Less as Peter Weyland’s megalomaniac plaything than a corporation of Burkes running a biological-warfare division. ALIEN: RESET Disney, which is now in possession of the franchise, might equally see this as a chance to go back to basics, back to the B-movie DNA that sustained Alien and Aliens. Which was the intention of Neill Blomkamp — to literally hit the reset button in the wake of Aliens, with…

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charlize theron

Hi, Charlize. How’s life been treating you in lockdown? Are you binge-watching anything at the moment? No, I am home schooling. And I’ve just been told that the computer isn’t working right now, so that’s great [laughs]. If I didn’t have to do this part of quarantine I think I’d be okay with it, but the home schooling is just... Yeah. Do you have kids? No, I don’t. Hence my lockdown experience being very binge-watch-heavy. Oh my God, I hate you right now [laughs]. Honestly, I thought making action movies was hard. But this… How often do you watch your own movies? If I catch one on television I’ll watch a bit of it. But I’m never like: “Okay, tonight I’m going to sit down and watch myself!” What about films you’ve produced with your production…