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July/August 2021

Every month Esquire covers a diverse range of topics from music to politics, health to fashion, lifestyle tips to inspiring features and, of course, beautiful women. Esquire's heritage of top-class writing and quality journalism, combined with A-list celebrity coverage and great photography gives the readers an informing and entertaining package every month. Esquire is the sharper read for Men who Mean Business.

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17 min
a punt on sex

PATRICK MOYLETT, managing director of Harringtons of Fulham, a specialist used car dealership on the New King’s Road, is demure in sheepskin coat, cashmere V-neck and pressed blue jeans. He doesn’t really look like a pioneer of gay consumerism. In fact, he looks like what he is: a used car dealer, albeit one peddling his trade in the more refined quarters of west London. In common with all successful businessmen, Moylett’s career includes a litany of failed enterprises. Also in common with all successful businessmen, it features enough victories to keep him in fine woollens. The Moyletts are a large family of highachieving Dubliners: Patrick’s brother Johnnie Fingers was the original keyboardist in The Boomtown Rats, and his sister Regine is a successful music publicity agent and manager with clients including…

1 min

Was it cold, in the car park at Camber Sands? Yes, of course it was cold. Did the wind howl and the sky glower and the sea roil? We’re talking England in April: what do you reckon? Did it begin to rain just as the team broke for lunch? Obviously, it began to rain just as the team broke for lunch. Was Esquire’s cast and crew complaining, let loose in the wild after so many months cooped up in sterile, strictly policed, socially distanced, Covid-compliant studios? Hardly at all! They do like to be beside the seaside, fashion people, and this was their first opportunity since 2019. They made the most of it. In addition to a Ford Transit full of the finest summer menswear from the famous international designer brands,…

5 min
dim sum corner

OF ALL THE PREDICTIONS ON HOW LIFE will “never be the same again”, there has been little outcry or consideration for the buffet. The prognosis isn’t good for a system in which a gang of strangers throng around countless communal and uncovered food and drink bowls to serve themselves, often with their hands. Sure, things could be done, changes could be made, but let’s be honest with ourselves: no amount of hand gel or Perspex panelling will be enough to preserve its immediate future. And there are real concerns that it could be gone forever. This news will hit a section of people hard; myself included. Greedy people, sure. But there’s a lot more to buffet culture — as it has almost certainly never been called — than quantity. We need…

5 min

I HAVE KNOWN SERIOUS WINTERS for a lot of my life. Until I was 12 I lived in Michigan, and to be a child in Michigan in the 1970s was idyllic in many ways. It was hot in the summer, and my sister and I played outside all day long with kids from the neighbourhood, and then the autumn was magnificent with all the incredible trees and the changing colours of the leaves. Winter in Michigan was for real. It started snowing in October and after it stuck it was there until March. When my family left Michigan for Colorado, my best buddy Scott warned me about the “world out there”. It was around this time that I was realising — and unfortunately with horror — that I was gay and…

1 min
spirit of ’68

For its new all-in-one music player, Cambridge Audio has turned the dial back to 1968, the year of its first product, the P40 amplifier. The late 1960s and 1970s was an era of hi-fi as style statement: it had to both look good and sound good. In today’s age of mesh-and-plastic smart speakers, those criteria have rather fallen by the wayside. So Cambridge Audio has come up with Evo (as in “evolution”), a minimalist music streamer combining premium materials and classic industrial design. The 1970s vibe is represented by its walnut side panels (the P40 had similar) that complement its black anodised aluminium body. Streaming is managed through the company’s StreamMagic app, a remote control, or the whopping dual-centric rotary dial on the front. Next to that there’s a 6.8-inch LCD…

1 min
15 minutes

It’s touching to think that, even in this day and age, Polaroid is still considered “instant” photography. When images can be captured on a phone in a heartbeat — and for all we know if technology continues apace, by a heartbeat — the very idea of waiting 15 whole minutes to see your masterwork seems like the epitome of delayed gratification. Yet it turns out the artistically inclined are continuing to embrace the ingenious invention of Edwin H Land, who developed the polarizing technology in 1932 and, after experimenting with other essential uses for it (variable density train windows, glare-reducing goggles for dogs), eventually developed the iconic camera that continues to be cherished to this day. There were many famous fans of the Polaroid image and its iconic white-framed format in the…