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This holiday-theme decorating magazine is packed with warm, inviting, personal houses that evoke the feeling of “home” on every page. In addition to these inspiring spaces, it delivers ideas for pretty garlands to make, festive wreaths to create, and other projects that make this magazine a practical guide to the season.

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merry christmas

Authentic farmhouse style lends itself to simple delights as we celebrate this festive time of the year. On these pages you’ll find homes, crafts, and ideas that will inspire the heartwarming comfort we all crave. The owners of our featured homes deck their halls with fresh greens cut from their own backyards, vintage collections beautifully displayed, and a variety of personal touches. No matter the farmhouse decorating approach, each embodies simple Christmas joy. We hope you’ll find cheer in our handmade gift wrap ideas (page 70), dried orange slice garlands (page 20), and gifts to give from the garden (page 54)—all projects easy to achieve. Turn the page to find simple inspiration for every room in your farmhouse and embrace the spirit of the season!…

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joyful, joyful

IT’S THE MORNING AFTER CHRISTMAS AND ANNETTE THURMON IS WRAPPED UP in the monogrammed bathrobe her mother-in-law gave her the day before. But she’s not tucked into a chair by the fireplace—she’s out in her chicken coop feeding her flock. December is a relatively restful time on Azure Farm, the 5 acres one hour north of Atlanta where Annette and her husband, Jared, raise alpacas, miniature horses, chickens, ducks, geese, and their daughter, Ava, 2½. “A lot of our focus gets to be inside our home this time of year,” Annette says. “And I’m excited because Ava is bigger and will be able to be a little more a part of it.” At the start of the season, the Thurmons tromp around the farm gathering evergreen branches destined for vases and…

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holly jolly treasure hunting

WHAT Bottle-brush trees, a midcentury Christmas decorating must-have, are one of today’s popular collectibles—as both vintage and new. “There are a few things to look for when trying to determine if one is actually old,” collector Emily Baker says—fading color on bristles, rust and dust where the center wire meets the base, and bent, tattered, or missing bristles. Trees come in a variety of sizes and colors, and some even have tiny decorations. “Most, if not all, of my decorated trees are missing a piece or two,” Emily says. “I feel that it just adds to the charm.” DISPLAY IDEAS “The great thing about trees,” Emily says, “is you can put them anywhere to add a little spark of Christmas.” Create a forest on its own, or place trees in your putz village. COST “Depending…

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handmade for the holidays

Forget visions of sugarplums, lords a-leaping, and store-bought tinsel. For Jenni Yolo, the holidays are synonymous with made-with-care ornaments, a surf-and-turf menu, and toddler-friendly karaoke. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based DIY maven has made it her business to build a huge following—223,000 strong on Instagram @ispydiy—with her pretty-yet-practical take on home renovation, so it’s little surprise that she also brings plenty of creativity and a certain can-do spirit to holiday decor. Almost the minute the Thanksgiving plates have been cleared, she grabs her list—checks it twice—and heads to the tree farm with husband David and their almost 2-year-old daughter in search of the right Christmas tree. “I run around trying to pick out the perfect specimen as my husband pulls our kid around in a wagon. It is stressful,” Jenni says. After the family…

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christmas from the heart

WHEN JESS WASSERMAN’S SON DISCOVERED A LOVE FOR LOCAL CORN ON THE COB AFTER YEARS of an anti-veggie diet, she gave Reid a blown-glass ear-of-corn Christmas ornament. And when her daughter, who loves to pick berries, learned to make jam, Harper received a strawberry ornament. Giving each member of her family a memorial ornament each Christmas is one of Jess’ favorite holiday traditions. Second favorite: handing out each family member’s box full of those annual ornaments when they decorate the large tree in the living room. “Everyone takes their box and unwraps the ornaments,” Jess says. “It is exciting to see them all again and talk about the memories.” While the living room tree holds the memorial ornaments, Jess and her husband, Tyler, make a concerted effort to create and display…

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the magic of the holiday mantel

SPARKLE & SHINE Silver sings with holiday spirit, whether it’s tarnished after years of good use or polished to its shiniest glory. Don’t feel pressure to buy candlesticks in pairs. Collect them in all heights and finishes, then top with matching candles for a refined look that wows. Christmas Whisper Christmas palettes don’t have to be overt. Interior decoration can take a pause on the bolds and brights while still maintaining the festive spirit during the season that offers plenty of stimulation through light shows, baked goods, and caroling neighbors. Saturated red takes a pause for a more subdued version, woven into the vignette on a tassel-sporting striped blanket that’s at the ready in a wire basket with a couple of pillows for extra comfort around the fire. But the color surprise comes from…