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modern love

When it came to the merging of sound and vision, David Bowie was in a league of his own. His dynamic style was a form of self-expression through which he became a symbol of selfinvention (and reinvention), and thus cemented his place in pop culture history. He redefined gender norms, shattered stereotypes and pushed the boundaries of fashion with an influence that can still be seen some 50 years after his career began. And so it was, just four weeks before FQ’s music issue went to print that news broke of Bowie’s passing. We had already planned to honour Ziggy, Aladdin and The Duke within our pages but the star’s death made this issue all the more poignant for me and my team. Our Golden Years shoot (page 112) and…

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access all areas

When Grammy-nominated soulsinger Leon Bridges came to town we got an interview and an eight page editorial spread. For his troubles, Leon walked away with a one-of-a-kind smoking jacket by New Zealand’s premium tailors, Crane Brothers, and as it turns out, this was a coup for both parties. “When I’m on the road I don’t have time to shop, and I don’t have anybody offering to send me anything,” Leon had said earlier in the day, explaining that the two Sandro Paris suits he’d been wearing throughout his tour were just collateral from a photoshoot. What followed wasn’t calculated – Leon’s comments hadn’t left the couch where the interview had taken place – but Murray Crane’s sixth sense prompted him to gift Leon his favourite jacket from our shoot. When the curtain…

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layer by layer

UNDER WRAPS It’s that feeling of layering up in soft, luxurious fabrics that gives this look so much autumn appeal. Opt for quality fibres of cashmere, cotton and merino that work beautifully together without the bulk. A jumper tied around the waist adds effortless dimension to any ensemble. Softly spoken Contrasting textures let you layer without looking overdone, and similar hues create cohesion. Pair a chunky oatmeal knit with a sheer white silk skirt and anchor the ensemble with a solid shoe for balance. The effect is effortless and laid-back. STYLISTS TYLA MCKENZIE & MARCEL GULL. PHOTOGRAPHY TOM HOLLOW. HAIR & MAKEUP STACY LEE GHIN. MODEL KATIE BRAADVET FROM CLYNE…

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Fashion is a fickle thing. Take the silk slip – the it-dress of the 90s, popularised by Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston and then relegated back to the bedroom, only to be seen two decades later on the likes of Nicole Richie and Rihanna. It sounds very arbitrary. In many ways, it is. But as sure as the sun will rise, so too do trends come full circle. In the case of the slip, let’s just say morning has broken (again) and this is your wake-up call. Boudoir chic returned a few seasons ago, when pyjama-inspired separates, camisoles and robes became runway, red-carpet and street-style staples. It peaked in 2015 with the rise of the bralette – a bra by any other name. Still, as former Victoria’s Secret Angel and…

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i’m with the band

TEE OFF The following is a cautionary tale about a girl named Kendall Jenner. In 2013, Kendall tweeted to her 15 million Twitter followers “I don’t know how anyone can listen to heavy metal.” In 2014, Kendall attended the MuchMusic Video Awards wearing a T-shirt that paid homage to the metal band, Slayer. The incongruity of these events was not lost on the online community; memes were generated, Kendall was ridiculed. Then in 2015, Slayer guitarist Gary Holt took to the stage in a T-shirt that read “Kill the Kardashians”. Further memes were generated, Kendall was ridiculed some more. All of this ridicule might have been entirely misplaced. It’s possible that between the ages of 17 and 18, Kendall’s tastes simply evolved. But assuming that this wasn’t the case, you could say…

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best-dressed fest

Peasant dresses and flower crowns have been requisite festival attire since 1967’s Summer of Love, and that’s fine, we love boho-chic as much as the next daydream believer. But if you think it has been done to death – and you are within your rights to say so – ditch the poncho and grab your passport because we’re taking a tour of the world’s most fashion-forward festivals. (We’re #sorrynotsorry that we’re stopping over at some boho haunts on the way – because as long as it’s still cool with Gigi and Kendall, it’s still cool with us.) COACHELLA When: 15-24 April, 2016 Where: California, USA Vibe: The USA’s biggest cross-genre festival is as famous for its music as it is for being a celebrity and fashion Mecca Who’s headlining: LCD Soundsystem, Ellie Goulding, Guns n’…