Fashion Quarterly Winter 2021

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If you’re anything like me—a confessed surf-and-sun seeker who’s fond of a floral print or two—the moment that first cold snap of winter arrives, the colourful garb gets flung into hibernation (aka the back of the wardrobe) until summer rolls around once again. However, this winter has been a little different for me, thanks to the bump I’m currently sporting. Much to my delight, I’ve been able to extend the life of my warm weather wardrobe: it turns out growing a tiny human keeps you pretty toasty. And there’s been one particular purchase—an online impulse buy of a sunshine yellow dress—that’s made me reflect on the powerful impact that colour, and what we wear, can have on how we feel. I purchased the dress before finding out I was pregnant and…

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Sarah Murray JOURNALIST Happiness to me is a sense of contentment in my life. I think it’s impossible to feel completely happy 100 per cent of the time but things that will always make me feel the most content are sleeping babies; toddler snuggles; the drum of little feet running on hardwood floors in the morning; date nights with my husband; date nights with my friends; eating my mum’s famous meatballs; the thrill of an online purchase for myself; sitting in my armchair with a good book. Ironically, the things that bring me the most joy in my life are the things that (at times) make me want to tear my hair out—writing… and my three children! Danielle Clausen JOURNALIST AND STYLIST Happiness to me is quality time with my loved ones, as well as…

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the future looks bright

Model: Juliette Perkins from Red11. Hair and make-up: Leisa Welch. Photography assistant: Jenna Smith.…