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July 2021

FHM is a monthly publication that give guys what they want. Everything from the most beautiful woman in the world, cars, fitness, food, sport, fashion to tech, gadgets, travel and gaming. If you're a guy, we will have something of interest for you.

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3 min
elizabeth chevalier

Happy to have you featured on FHM! Tell us what are some of the things you did to prepare for this shoot? Happy to be back with you guys since my debut cover in August 2019! This shoot was insanely difficult with Covid and travel restrictions going on, but it turned out absolutely amazing! I prepared 2 months before with a strict workout plan and juiced a week before the shoot. You’ve got an amazing figure and beauty about you, we’re keen to know what you would say is your favorite physical feature about yourself and why? I would say my favorite physical feature about myself is my eyes! Being a glamorous model must have it’s perks, what are some of your most memorable experiences in your career? Yes, modeling does have…

3 min
maria nagai

Such an absolute honour to have you feature on FHM! What has your journey as a certified bombshell been like so far?→Thank you very much, I have been dreaming of being featured in FHM because there are so many women with great style from overseas. In order to have a curvy body line, I trained hard and managed my diet. We are blown away by your drive and professionalism, can you tell us what some of the things that motivate you to stay on top of your game are? The fans who support my work are the reason why I’m enjoying my current job so much, and I’m glad I’m doing it. I’d like to continue working to meet the expectations of my fans. Top 3 best moments of your career? 1.…

12 min
evolving energy

While the world has been dealing with the recent pandemic (that COVID-19 stuff!), there is an even greater threat to our existence heading our way…. our atmosphere failing us and in point, global warming! However, there is a way to fix things, or at least begin to, through renewable and clean energy. Teague Egan, who has been described as a younger, more built and even more blunt version of Elon Musk, is the founder and CEO of EnergyX, which is helping to change the planet. He is responsible for all aspects of building the company into the world leader in renewable energy technologies with his focus on commercializing the LiTAS technology for direct lithium extraction and the company's SoLiS solid-state battery electrolytes. What does it all mean? Well, FHM sat down with…

4 min
camille greene

Happy to have you featured on FHM! Tell us what are some of the things you did to prepare for this shoot? Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on FHM! Honestly, I prepared myself for the shoot by having the guts and confidence to be comfortable with how I look. I am not sure if they exist, but I haven’t seen any women featured on FHM that look like me. The kinky curly hair and muscular physique. Because of that, I knew if I wanted to have a great shoot that I would have to be confident with myself and just have an amazing time shooting. You’ve got an amazing figure and beauty about you, we’re keen to know what you would say is your favorite physical feature about…

9 min
the utter genius of stupidity

Maybe not at that moment since I was still embracing stupidity without any tangible benefits until much, much later into my life. For example, as a teenager inserting my middle name, Jeffrey, in the block marked ‘center name’ on all of my secondary school exam papers. Then there was the time when as a police officer protecting a night-time crime scene, I needed to take a piss and broke a rib in the process. In the flickering light of the torched stolen car, I retreated ever so slightly into the adjacent wooded area, unzipped, and promptly fell headfirst into a ditch lodging my aircraft aluminum baton firmly into my ribcage. But before I could really reach a satisfactory conclusion on the potential of stupidity as a route to latent genius…

11 min
darkfest 2021

Darkfest. The be-all and end-all of the Freeride mountain biking scene. Starting 5 years ago, in South Africa, the land of heat, dirt, hills, and yes you guessed it, big f*cking scary jumps. Enter the Hellsend compound, the host venue of Darkfest for the past 4 years. Situated outside of Cape Town, on the Helshoogte pass, Hellsend has quickly become the home of dirt jumps and big air of South Africa, nay the world! So, what is Darkfest? Well, picture a modestly sized mountain, nestled in the South African hinterland, not a million miles away from Cape Town. Now on that mountain put a 1km custom-made track by the Darkfest crew to provide lines, hips, berms and jumps – aided by the natural features of the hill but involving several thousand…