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Finweek - English 9/24/2020

Finweek is South Africa’s leading financial weekly magazine focusing on investment. With its brisk, creative and authoritative analysis of business and investment issues, it’s an essential business tool in the daily battle for competitive advantage. Today's business decision-makers have to cope with increased pressure on their time and are expected, more than ever before, to succeed in the face of stiffer competition. Finweek provides relevant information in quick bytes, along with award-winning investment advice.

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from the editor

the passing of George Bizos gave much pause for reflection. Not only on his legacy and activism, but about the giants he stood with. Those who gave their lives and fought fearlessly to allow us to live in a free and fair society. While we boast one of the most progressive constitutions – crafted by those very giants – in our democracy it seems that the concept of public service has been all but lost. Politics has become self-serving and as a young South African, I am hard-pressed to find any political party or politician that I believe is worthy of the legacy of those that came before them. I am not just referring to the current ruling party. The DA has done anything but paint itself in glory and seems to have…

4 min.
how big data is changing investment

the world of investment is changing rapidly. A combination of Covid-19, lockdowns, fiscal stimulus packages, higher savings, and more leisure time has caused a surge in retail investing. Online investment platforms like eToro, Robinhood and Easy Equities now not only make it easier for ordinary people to invest in global stocks, but also allow amateur traders to build up an international reputation and following. Dave Portnoy, better known as Davey Day Trader, is at the vanguard of a movement to upset the ways of institutional investors – the ‘suits’. This democratisation of investment arguably threatens the livelihoods of investment companies and their asset managers. Asset managers are fighting back with better technology. In almost all sectors of the economy, better technology means greater efficiency; yet many new technologies in the investment…

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in brief

“WE WERE ON A ONE-WAY TICKET TO TOTAL DYSFUNCTION.” − President Cyril Ramaphosa told journalists in a media briefing that his administration is “not playing games” when it comes to eradicating corruption in the country. Ramaphosa acknowledged the depth of public frustration with the lack of progress government has made in tackling corruption and implementing growth-enhancing economic reforms since he took office in 2017. He explained that state structures had been “broken, piece by piece” during the previous administration and gave assurance that although it had taken time to put things right, “we have now reached a stage where the changes we all want to see will start to unfold”. (Also see story on p. 36). “THERE COMES A TIME IN THE LIFE OF EVERY PERSON WHEN YOU EITHER SUCCUMB OR YOU…

1 min.
double take

THE GOOD Unilever South Africa said it’s setting up a new diversity and inclusion assets committee, representative of their consumers, to ensure future advertising campaigns and publicity materials reflect their values. This comes after the company supplied images that portrayed black hair as inferior for the Clicks website, prompting public outrage. The company said it has begun reviewing all marketing campaigns and images in its SA portfolio to make sure they match their commitment to celebrating all beauty and promote diversity and inclusion. Unilever agreed with the EFF to remove TRESemmé products from shelves for ten days. THE BAD South African banking stocks are down 40% since the beginning of the year, already more than twice as deep a slump as in 2015, the sector’s previous worst year on record, reported Bloomberg. The…

4 min.
fighting hunger with digital solutions

in 2017, FoodForward SA (FFSA), a non-profit surplus food redistribution company, significantly increased operational efficiencies after launching a digital solution called FoodShare. The digital platform allows food donors – primarily wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers – to donate their edible surplus food to nearby beneficiary organisations in the FFSA network. The beneficiaries then use the food to cook meals for hungry people within their networks. Andy du Plessis, managing director of FFSA, explains that food donors upload notifications of food surpluses onto the platform, notifying member organisations of ad hoc or regular collection slots. A notification is sent automatically to three nearby beneficiary organisations, with the first to react to the notification receiving the slot. Distribution data is also updated in real time when the beneficiaries collect the food. Du Plessis says that having…

5 min.
a platinum renaissance?

arebrand in recent years of platinum companies into platinum group metals (PGMs) producers was to acknowledge the increasing role played by palladium, and more recently rhodium, in the performance of the sector. For instance, the two metals comprised half of Impala Platinum’s (Implats’) revenue in its 2020 financial year, even though the company is predominantly a platinum producer. Yet, there’s growing evidence that the much-ignored platinum is finally back on investors’ radars. “A lot of interest that we’ve seen in platinum, whether it’s through futures positioning or whether it’s through ETF (exchange-traded funds) holdings has been very much based on the fact platinum continues to be undervalued,” said Suki Cooper, executive director of precious metals research at Standard Chartered Bank in New York at the Joburg Indaba PGM conference earlier this…