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Finweek - English 5/28/2021

Finweek is South Africa’s leading financial weekly magazine focusing on investment. With its brisk, creative and authoritative analysis of business and investment issues, it’s an essential business tool in the daily battle for competitive advantage. Today's business decision-makers have to cope with increased pressure on their time and are expected, more than ever before, to succeed in the face of stiffer competition. Finweek provides relevant information in quick bytes, along with award-winning investment advice.

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from the editor

the Post Office’s recent attempt to drag itself out of obscurity back into being relative, will dumbfound even its die-hard supporters. To recap: The Post Office (where you wait up to three weeks for a letter to arrive in Johannesburg from Cape Town) sued Postnet and the industry organisation representing couriers. The Post Office, in its quixotic self-conviction, wants to enforce one or other outdated and anti-competitive law giving it the sole right to deliver parcels weighing less than 1kg. Thus, if this piece of legislative antiquity is enforced, we will in a hypothetical environment be waiting months (if you take increased volumes through postal distribution centres into account) for the delivery of anything from urgent legal documentation to our takeaway orders. This line of reasoning by the Post Office is…

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the future of books

i love books. My mother was a librarian, my father a teacher, and I was fortunate to grow up in a house of books. But the book is threatened – or so some say. Only a decade ago, the end of the book was predicted to be imminent, threatened by the arrival of the Kindle and other e-readers. Yet here we are, in the third decade of the 21st century, still mostly consuming books very much like those that Johannes Gutenberg first printed more than five centuries ago. Why, I ask Jeremy Boraine, publishing director of Jonathan Ball Publishers, has e-books not displaced printed ones yet? And is that likely to change in the next decade or two? “I guess there are two reasons why books have not disappeared. Readers still like…

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ncora, an example of what farming in sa could look like

deep in the rural Eastern Cape, on the banks of the Tsomo River, lies the town of Ncora, home to one of many irrigation schemes in the province that has suffered from years of under-investment after the fall of apartheid in 1994. Ncora’s land is so fertile and blessed with vast water resources that it could easily be South Africa’s breadbasket. However, the area is unlikely to become one of our country’s main sources of food unless a serious effort is made to attract private investors to steer it towards its full potential. In the ongoing debate about land reform, places like Ncora rarely feature in the discussion despite possessing the ability to bring poor rural communities into the mainstream of agricultural production. These places represent a wasted opportunity akin to the…

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in brief

“THE RISKS TO THE ECONOMY OF REPEATING PAST MISTAKES ARE NOW CLEAR AND WELL KNOWN.”– Busi Mavuso, CEO of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA), warned against hard curfews and shutdowns amid a looming third wave of Covid-19 infections in the country. In a weekly newsletter, she lamented how certain segments of the economy (especially the tourism, hospitality, alcohol and tobacco industries) have suffered unbearable costs, running into billions of rand, because of stringent restrictions. She called for “sense to prevail as we consider policies to limit the impact of the third wave” and said businesses have invested to be able to operate safely. “Market sell-offs are a good time for people to buy into tech.”– Salman Baig, multi-asset investment manager at Swiss fund manager Unigestion, told The Wall Street Journal that…

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double take

THE GOOD In a bid to support the government in its race to conclude SA’s last phase of its vaccine rollout by February 2022, listed pharmacy retailer Dis-Chem has been allocated the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine because it can keep the doses at the required ultra-low temperatures, according to the health ministry. Clicks announced that it had received approval from the health ministry to offer vaccinations at 47 sites nationally, with a further 520 sites awaiting approval for registration, at the time of publication. The administrative cost of the vaccine at the pharmacies has been set at R70 a shot. THE BAD The SA Post Office has launched a court action against PostNet and the SA Express Parcel Association over the right to be the only operator that can deliver packages weighing 1kg and less.…

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when local governments fail mining companies

prieska is a small town of 20 000 people on the banks of the Orange River in the Northern Cape province. Iscor, the former steelmaker, used to operate there, but mining was last seriously seen in the place more than a generation ago. Today, it is agriculture that helps sustain the local economy. Lately, however, Prieska has become a hotspot – literally, it would seem – for several privately-backed solar energy projects and some high profile ones by French energy firm, Total, as well as Australian firm, Orion Minerals as part of its plans to breathe new life into the old Iscor copper-and-zinc mine, which is exciting investors again. The fresh interest, however, has brought frustration to people in Prieska. According to Orion CEO Errol Smart, the Prieska community has become accustomed…