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First for Women July 15, 2019

First for Women is a women's interest magazine that gives its readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel great, look beautiful and love every dimension of their life. Published every three weeks, First delivers positive information on everything from health and nutrition, to beauty and fitness, to home and family.

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detox your body - every day!

Each day, our liver is working hard to remove waste products and toxins from processed foods, unclean air, water and even our own body. But as we get exposed to increasingly more toxins, the liver struggles to remove them all and can start storing them in our body fat. We quickly may notice the results in our energy levels, in our lack of youthful appearance – and surprisingly, on our waistlines. UNJUNKING YOUR BODY A detox, like a water or juice fast, is an excellent way to rid the body of stored toxins, but it is often difficult to abide by, and involves days or even weeks of feeling tired and sick. However, there are other ways. DETOX WITH ONE TABLET A DAY Active LiverTM is a dietary supplement that helps promote a healthy…

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7 things making us happy

Bliss in every bite Fruit salad twist “My go-to dessert during the peak summer months is a fresh fruit salad with a sweet twist—it’s an easy way to refresh everyone,” says Charles Grayauskie, FIRST associate food editor. “And my tasty tropical version is a family fave! I start by making homemade vanilla syrup. I simmer ¼ cup of water with ¼ cup of sugar and 1 split vanilla bean for 5 minutes, then chill. Next, I add 4 cups of assorted sliced fruit, such as papaya, watermelon, star fruit and kiwi to a large bowl. To finish, I pour the syrup over the fruit and refrigerate for a half hour before serving. With all the fresh juicy flavors, my loved ones always feel whisked away to an island paradise.” Crafting up smiles Cute party…

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smart you solutions

READER TIP Painlessly dislodge a splinter with this “On Saturday, we had a family party at a park, and I managed to get a splinter lodged in my finger when I sat down at a wooden table. I had no tweezers on hand to pull it out, so my sister-in-law suggested I spread honey on the splinter and cover it with a bandage. I let it sit for an hour, then removed the bandage. The honey had softened my skin so I was able to slide the splinter right out! —Sue Duarte, Omaha, NE QUICK POLL What’s the best fall-asleep-fast trick? When worry keeps you from drifting off, try one of these FIRST readers’ tips. You’ll be in dreamland in seconds! 59% ❤ this idea! Picture a candle flame that flickers when worry creeps in, says Leah Fox.…

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summer whites 3 style secrets

Pants Avoid pleats Magnifies the middle Baggy pleat-front pants bunch awkwardly around the middle, creating the illusion of lower-belly bulge. But the sleek look of tapered flat-front trousers direct the eye up and down, elongating the torso for belly-flattening slim. Shirtdress Add a contrast belt Packs on 10 pounds A belt can carve out curves in a flowy frock, but one in the same color as the dress ends up disappearing into the fabric, losing its figure-flattering flair. Highlights an hourglass The contrast between a dark belt and a light dress creates instant waist-cinching definition. Plus, a dress with a more structured skirt skims easily over hips to trim optical inches. Jumpsuit Opt for cropped Looks long and lean A billowy one-piece that pools at the floor overwhelms the body, shortening the frame. The fix: A jumpsuit with a ballerina hem showcases the…

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wow with fruit-kissed lips

Fair skin? Try watermelon Pink pigments in a watermelon-hued lip-color bring out the rosy undertones in fair skin for a youthful-looking flush. Tip: A formula infused with moisturizers like she a butter and jojoba oil conditions lips for added luster. FIRST pick: Demi-Matte Lip Crayon Color in Melon, $13, HonestBeauty.com Olive skin? Go for cherry The fruit’s deep red hue complements an olive complexion, so it looks more golden than green. Even better? One in a creamy matte formula imparts stay-put color without the heavy feel. FIRST pick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow, $5, Target.com Dark skin? Pick persimmon A bright orange lip gloss pops against the deeper tones of dark skin, making a bold statement without overwhelming. Bonus: The summer’s crop of lightweight glosses leave lips with a sparkling—not sticky—shine. FIRST pick: CoverGirl…

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be unstoppable this summer

FEEL MORE RESTED WITH A SUN BREAK According to the Journal of Sleep Research, spending 15 minutes in strong sunlight each day (between 11 am – 1 pm) helps you snooze 35% more soundly. The blast of midday sunshine doubles your brain’s production of sleep-inducing melatonin at night, helping you get more restful Zzzs to take on the day ahead. BUILD A SUMMER WISH LIST Think of some things that you’d like to accomplish before the end of the summer and write them down. It can be a new hobby, spending a special day with your husband or going on a road trip with your kids, as long as it brings you joy. Refer to your list to stay motivated and document the fun so you’ll have memories for a lifetime! PREPARE A SUMMER…