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First for Women November 18, 2019

First for Women is a women's interest magazine that gives its readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel great, look beautiful and love every dimension of their life. Published every three weeks, First delivers positive information on everything from health and nutrition, to beauty and fitness, to home and family.

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7 things making us happy

Bliss in every sip Fall sangria mmm “Our Thanksgiving feast wouldn’t be complete without a batch of my go-to sangria,” says Charles Grayauskie, FIRST associate food editor. “To make: Simmer ¼ cup of sugar, ¼ cup of water, 4 chopped fresh figs and a sprig of rosemary until flavors blend. Discard the rosemary, then puree and strain the syrup. In a large pitcher, stir 1 bottle of red wine, 1 cup of brandy, ½ cup of cranberry juice, 2 sliced apples, 3 cinnamon sticks and the syrup; chill for 4 hours. Mix 2 Tbs. of sugar and 2 tsp. of grated orange zest. Dip the rims of 6 glasses in water, then sugar mixture; add ice and top with sangria. It’s a sweet sip that wins raves!” Crafting up smiles Sweet apple circlet “After last…

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smart you solutions

READER TIP Use those last few mascara swipes! “I didn’t realize my favorite mascara had dried out until my anniversary dinner was an hour away! With no time to run to the store, I called my makeup-artist niece for some advice. She told me that since heat loosens up the formula inside, I should hold a blow-dryer a few inches away from the tube and blast hot air onto it for 30 seconds while spinning it around. It worked!” —Joyce Swift, Dayton, OH QUICK POLL How do you break in new jeans? Ready to wear your new denim but not ready for the stiff fabric? FIRST readers share how to make them comfortable: 53% ♥ this idea! While wearing jeans, lightly mist with warm water then do 10 lunges, says Jean Ng. It helps loosen stiff fibers. 47%…

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autumn boots 3 style secrets

✓ Lengthens the legs Chunky booties with busy details "cut" legs awkwardlyso they look short and squat. But a sleek pair with a seam down the center moves the eye vertically to “stretch” legs. Pairing with skinny jeans enhances the elongating effect. ✗ Adds bulk Slouchy boots that hit above the knee tend to bunch and droop, optically thickening the knees and ankles for a heavier-looking lower body. ✓ Showcases shape Snug-fitting boots that rest below the knee hug legs, highlighting calf curves from knee to ankle so legs appear more toned. Bonus: A pointed toe directs focus out so legs look long and lean. ✓ Subtracts pounds A thick horizontal cuff of fur below the knee magnifies the calf at its widest area. The fix: Boots with a fitted shaft and a vertical panel of more…

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better with bangs!


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what a difference the right bra makes!

PROBLEM “Finding a bra that checks off all my boxes: pretty, comfortable and doesn’t get weighed down by my bust? Impossible” SOLUTION Support a large chest with full-molded cups For years, those of us with larger busts have been chasing the elusive bra unicorn: It shapes, supports and lifts, but isn’t the constricting contraption grandma used to wear. Well, it exists in the form of full-coverage molded cups, says bra expert Elisabeth Dale, founder of TheBreastLife.com. These cups rein in a big bust, and their preformed fabric shapes it while being strong enough to withstand the weight.” They also have side support, which helps bring the bust front and center, and they come in dainty, non-matronly designs. We worried the thicker fabric would add bul but it actually minimizes the bust, and the li trims…

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wake up to a great hair day

Volumize thin locks with coconut water + mint Nothing can steal confidence like hair that just falls flat. The fast fix to thicken it up? A coconut water and mint rinse, says beauty expert Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty for All Seasons. “Coconut water’s lauric acid hydrates to ‘plump’ strands,” she says, “and mint’s menthol tightens hair at the root, ‘lifting’ locks off the scalp.” To do:Mix ¼ cup of coconut water and 6 drops of peppermint essential oil. Pour over damp hair, then cover with a shower cap and rinse in the morning. Moisturize dry hair with olive oil + honey Our hair and scalp produce less natural oils over time, leaving strands super parched. For a double dose of hydration, Cox points to an olive oil and honey hair mask. “Honey brings…